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Dressing For Job Interviews: What To Wear For Success

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Choosing what to wear for a job interview is one of the most critical decisions a job hunter ever has to make.

This is because what you wear says a lot about you even before you open your mouth. It gives interviewers their first impression of you.

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When going in for a job interview, you have to ensure that your outfit is clean, well pressed and presentable in the office space.

In order to choose the right outfit, it is recommended that you find out what the office culture is

This you can do by:

  • checking out their website online
  • or simply calling HR to get insights

 While professional or business smart is usually the way to go, some offices allow for a casual smart look. So, it is important to find out before going in for an interview.

Professional Or Bussiness Attire

A professional or business attire for men usually consists of a full suit with a tie and jacket to match.

When going for a suit, always choose dull-colored suits like navy blue or black.

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They scream you mean business to interviewers. You can pair them with either happy socks or socks that match the shoes. It is also recommended to wear a leather belt that matches the shoes.

Men should always ensure that the suit fits their body well and isn’t too big. The outfit should also not show the underwear you’re wearing.

For women, professional attire consists of a variety of options including a statement dress, a plain blouse with official pants or a skirt.

It doesn’t have to be boring as there are new trends that are both appealing and professional.

These include wearing palazzo and culotte pants. When it comes to skirts, you can choose between an A-line skirt or a pencil skirt.

Casual Smart

Casual smart outfits are outfits between casual and professional.

Here you can get away with a slightly laid back look where you don’t wear the jacket from a suit. You can replace the jacket with a well-fitting sweater top.

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It’s important to remember not to go to casual on your outfit and avoid pants like jeans at all costs. For women, avoid wearing sundresses and sandals when choosing a casual fit.


When going for an interview, the colors of your outfit are key. Choose outfits that are dark and dull-colored as opposed to happy bright colors.

Some ideal colors that could work include greys, blacks, browns and navy blues.

Nude and neutral colours also work well for an interview outfit. The only thing bright colors do in an interview is distracting the hiring manager which is not good for you.

So, leave the yellows, oranges and bright pinks at home, unless it’s stated otherwise.


While it’s important to accessorize, don’t overdo it with shinny bling and statement jewelry.

It is important to always wear a simple elegant timepiece to interviews as this complements a look and shows interviewers that you are serious about timekeeping.

As for jewelry, the general rule is the least the better. Avoid wearing large hoops and heavy jewelry to interviews. This can be too distracting.


When dong your make-up on the morning of the interview, keep it as light and simple as possible. Avoid bright colors and the multiple contouring guides from Youtube.

Instead of a smoky eye, use light shades that don’t grab someone’s attention. Go for a natural look. This applies to lipstick as well. If possible, avoid lipstick altogether and just put a little gloss on.


Depending on the type of job applied, the best shoes to wear to an interview are the ones that will make you most comfortable.

Women should go for flat shoes or those with an inch less than three. Going into an interview with six-inch heels can be a bit awkward.

Men should avoid sports shoes and go for smart shoes. This rule applies only if you are taking an office interview and not a field practical one like some engineers.

One last thing, keep the perfume as undetectable as possible. Avoid overdoing it as it can cause irritation to your interviewer.

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