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Pack Your Bags! Here Are The Top 25 Cities Where You Can Find A Well-Paid Job In No Time

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Finding a new job can be difficult, especially if the global circumstances aren’t making it easier. For anyone looking for a fresh start, finding the best job possible can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and stressful. After all, when starting something you want it to be good, and better than the previous experience. Luckily, there are always some areas, cities, and neighborhoods developing, no matter how dark everything seems.

Are you searching for a job in tech? Or teaching? Or education? Fear not, because there is a perfect job waiting for you! That’s right, some cities can’t wait to welcome you and give you a nice salary for choosing them. Here are cities that have something for everyone. Jobless doesn’t exist in their dictionary. Check out this list, because your next job may be among this popular 25 cities hiring now.

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25. Birmingham, AL – 21,208 Job Openings

Birmingham is also known as ‘The Magic City.’ People called it magic due to amazing economic growth in the 1900s. Now, that magic is coming back. Birmingham is one of the most important financial and business centers of the South East.

Birmingham is definitely a multicultural city with international vibes. Its business-friendly environment attracts international corporations constantly. Even companies such as Lockheed Martin are there to further develop a ground-breaking hypersonic technology. Mazda Toyota Manufacturing operates there as well.

24. Memphis, TN – 23,268 Job Openings

The city of Memphis is known as the home of Elvis Persley, primarily. Although the musical heritage is strogn here, the city evolved over time to a wide range of new industries.

Today, Memphis is proud to be home to economic growth in the construction of new homes and hotels. Plus, fast renovations to the city’s airport and convention center, promise to bring more money to the city. On top of that, companies such as FedEx employ over 30,000 residents.

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23. Oklahoma City, OK – 23,970 Job Openings

Not that long ago, Oklahoma City was focused on farming. However, today, the city expanded from farming to strong investment in the aviation and aerospace industry. Thanks to only 250 aerospace firms, Oklahoma city hires almost 40,000.

Oklahoma City attracts private companies like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and others. The city is still one of the most important livestock markets globally. On top of that Oklahoma City is a hot spot for the natural and oil industry. High-tech startups and similar industries have created a wide range of back-office jobs for various companies, including Hobby Lobby and American Fidelity.

22. Louisville, KY – 25,553 Job Openings

Once upon a time, Louisville was known for their famous bourbon and globally-popular Southern charm. Today, Louisville is known for its charm, bourbon, and major international companies investing in this famous Kentucky area.

Louisville is all of this today as well, and much more. Louisville is a thriving city, with a low cost of living. High incomes and low city life keep this destination fun and popular. Plus, since 2014 the city has received over $15 billion in investments.

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21. Richmond, VA – 28,164 Job Openings

Richmond is packed with a rich history and historical architecture. Lately, Richmond is known as an economic powerhouse as it embraces high-tech and financial technology.

Plus, Richmond is home to a branch of the Federal Reserve, and as such attracted well-known banks such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Suntrust Bank, and Capital One. Plus, CarMax and Costar are Richmond-based, and Facebook should open a large hub in the city. Some of the most demanding jobs in Richmond include data engineers, registered nurses, and customer success managers.

20. Hartford, CT – 28,842 Job Openings

Thanks to New York and Boston, rent prices only go up, so Hartford seems like a logical choice. Therefore, Hartford, Connecticut is the number one destination for many, especially for those who think about starting their own business.

At the moment, the city is called the “insurance capital of the world,” thanks to a wide number of prominent insurance companies that are based in Hartford. These companies, such as Aetna, are bringing billions of dollars and a wide range of job opportunities.

19. Milwaukee, WI – 32,040 Job Openings

Milwaukee is known for cheese and beer production primarily. However, in the past few years, this city showed that it has to offer much more than only food products.

Today, this city is an attractive location for large international corporations. Foxconn ad Amazon are present here and offer 1,000 new jobs. On top of that, Milwaukee has an affordable cost of living and a great cultural experience.

18. Cleveland, OH – 37,073 Job Openings

Have you heard of Cleveland Clinic? Many know Cleveland thanks to, Cleveland Clinic, the town’s health care provider. Cleveland has large health care and social assistance industry for years.

The health industry is a huge part of the city’s economy, while other industries continue to grow. Large corporations are based in this city, including Sherwin-Williams and American Greetings. Overall, the city offers a low cost of living, various jobs, and great city content.

17. Columbus, OH – 43,086 Job Openings

For many job seekers, Columbus (Ohio) doesn’t seem like the first choice. The reason for low interest lies in the fact that people don’t know about a variety of new job openings in Columbus.

Columbus has a strong reputation for being business-friendly, inviting many corporations to invest there and expand. Even Forbes called Columbus one of the tenth “Rising City for Startups”, and it was ranked the second U.S. city for corporate investment. Columbus is a great option for those seeking employment in the STEM fields.

16. Indianapolis, IN – 45,331 Job Openings

Are you searching for a new job? If so, head to Indianapolis. Today, Indianapolis is an important center for biomedicine and high-tech. Large pharmaceutical companies such as Lilly, have chosen Indianapolis to be their base.

Tech giant, Salesforce also moved in. Forbes ranked the city fifth in their list of cities for “Creating Most Tech Jobs”. So, if you are a job seeker with tech skills, head to Indianapolis.

15. Cincinnati, OH – 45,638 Job Openings

Cincinnati is one of the fastest-growing cities in the state of Ohio. The city has seen significant increases in financial services and manufacturing which increased employment.

Procter and Gamble, Macy’s, Cintas, and Kroger, made Cincinnati their home. Financial experts claim that Cincinnati so far has a $138 billion economy and increased number of job openings thanks to corporations that operate from there. Next to increased job opportunities, the city also offers a low cost of living.

14. Kansas City, MO – 46,644 Job Openings

Kansas City has one of the fastest-growing economies in the States. Today, Kansas City offers many job opportunities within many high tech companies and engineering firms.

Economists believe that Kansas City will benefit from future trends, and will continue to grow as it expands its international airport. New jobs are popping out in the fields of health care and high-tech. Overall, the city offers numeorus opportunities for the domestic and international market.

13. Pittsburgh, PA – 48,811 Job Openings

Pittsburgh is known as “The City of Bridges”, and one of the best destinations to move if searching for a new opportunity. “The City of Bridges” is a leader in the steel industry, but lately it’s known for its growing healthcare and high-tech industries.

Some of the biggest industries located in this city include energy, robotics, life science, healthcare, tech, and robotics. Pittsburg is fortunate to be surrounded by many colleges and universities, which means that talented employees are all over the city. Amazon and Facebook have also entered the city’s market.

12. Raleigh, NC – 52,412 Job Openings

Raleigh is one of the fastest-growing cities in the States when it comes to high-tech. The city is surrounded by three major universities: Duke University, North Carolina State University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

This is a unique spot for innovative companies and various research. Slowly, but surely the city is gaining a reputation as a tech-hub. Large tech companies as IBM, Cisco, and Citric are here present as well.

11. Austin, TX – 52,777 Job Openings

Austin used to be primarily known as the “live music capital of the world”, but the city’s business flow is changing that rapidly. Did you know that companies such as Facebook have their step in Austin? These companies offer more job openings in various areas, including UI developer positions.

Plus, auto giant Tesla has announced their presence in Texas. Moreover, Tesla announced that it would open a “Gigafactory” after a long bidding war with various U.S. cities. This single move should bring in more than 5,000 new jobs.

10. St. Louis, MO – 59,131 Job Openings

Founded by French fur traders, St. Louis is a cultural and economical metropolis. The city’s historical ties are closely linked with the financial industry, as St. Louis offers a wide range of financial services.

Another growing industry in this city is the health care industry, which is one of the largest industries so far. This industry is followed by education and foodservice industries. The bioscience scene promises thousands of jobs.

9. Baltimore, MD – 68,967 Job Openings

Located in the center of the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, Baltimore is surely becoming a popular choice for employees seeking career opportunities. Great career opportunities are followed by low costs of living.

Known as ‘The Charm City,’ Baltimore is now charming its way into the hearts of business investors who are passionate about the city’s economical potential. Under Armor and Pandora Americas call Baltimore their home, and other large companies follow them as well, including Morgan Stanley. Plus, there are over 60 federal agencies and many research labs.

8. Detroit, MI – 71,137 Job Openings

Everyone knows that Detroit has a long history with the American automobile industry. It was even named the Motor City. After all, it’s number one in research and development within the automotive and mobility industry.

The car industry had its ups and downs, but it remains a giant within Detroit’s economy. Now, the city expanded its manufacturing lines producing aerospace equipment, medical devices, and automation. On top of that, major companies such as Google Microsoft, and Amazon have opened offices and hubs, leading to thousands of new jobs.

7. San José, CA – 72,669 Job Openings

The birthplace of Silicon Valley offers endless opportunities in the high-tech areas. Numbers are high when it comes to companies based in or have an office, in San Jose.

Jobs that are high in demand in this city include clinical nurses, systems engineers, and product managers. The area is home to more than 2,500 technology-related companies that create over 90,000 high-tech jobs. Countless times this city was named either the best place to live or the best city for talent.

6. Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN – 78,839 Job Openings

Twin Cities are the adjoining cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Today, this area is described as the Midwest’s biggest economic hubs and powerhouses.

Many compare this area to East Coast cities. One is for sure, this area offers culture, historical charm and affordable cost of living. Kodak Pharmaceuticals has based jobs in pharmaceutical positions, other jobs in demand are in human resources, and speech-language pathology.

5. Seattle, WA – 111,979 Job Openings

People usually associate Seattle with famous coffee chain Starbucks. This is the truth, but the Emerald City is now synonymous for high-tech. Companies like Amazon, Expedia, T-Mobile, and Microsoft found their place in this city and sky-rocketed the city’s economic growth.

Today Seattle is considered to be one of the region’s top destinations to land a job. Seattle needs talents who can work as civil engineers, strategy managers, and servers.

4. Dallas-Fort Worth, TX – 143,144 Job Openings

Dallas is popular nowadays among job seekers and life enthusiasts who are always willing to find a new destination to settle in. This famous Texas city is beyond the wild west and cowboys and is more into economical progress.

Thanks to the rise of high-tech and other industries, Dallas offers a nice pool of various jobs. On top of that Dallas’s large international airport is an attractive destination for international investors, and easily connects the city to the global economy.

3. Boston, MA – 143,505 Job Openings

Boston is a charming city packed with history and cultural content. One of few towns with such historical importance, Boston is home to Ivy League institutions of higher education and tech-oriented hubs.

Economists claim that Boston will flourish economically in years to come, so those who are tech-savvy can find a job here. High-tech industries such as cybersecurity, network architecture, and systems integration are always searching for talented workers.

2. Washington, DC – 179,071 Job Openings

As a nation’s capital, Washington is a great place for job seekers. You might expect to hear about jobs that are linked to politics, but in fact, there are many opportunities unrelated to politics.

Today, Washington is a center of high-tech innovation and business. Moreover, Washington is home to 15 Fortune 500 companies including Marriott. General Dynamics, the World Bank, and Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and the International Monetary Fund, are also located in Washington.

1. Chicago, IL – 192,966 Job Openings

Chicago has a long history of sweets, which is why it was named the ‘candy capital’ of the States. Chicago is also known as a windy city, and a major publisher on almost everything.

Chicago is also a major financial center with many banks being headquartered there. Major companies, such as Google, Amazon, and Uber expanded in Chicago as well, which lead to an increase in new job openings.

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