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Job Search Connections In Surprising Places

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The best things in life usually happen when you least expect them. The same goes for networking. You never know where or how you’re going to meet someone. You can find someone to help you when you least expect it.

Moreover, you can find a connection to help you with your next career step where you never expected it. It can happen while you’re looking for a job, while you are just thinking about changing the job, or when you’re stuck in daily life obligations and don’t have the time to search for the job.

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Consequently, it’s a good idea to always keep your job search radar on, even if you’re not actively searching for a new position. Your best friend might hear about a job that would be perfect for you. Even a friends friend could know about the opening that’s not public yet. If you are eager to know where to find connections to land your next job follow these 5 steps.

1. Use Your Connections To Get Hired

Getting a job through a connection is one of the fastest ways to find a job. Employers are crazy about referrals because the applicant will have insight into the company before they apply, so they will already know everything about the rules and salary. If you are looking for a solid referral you can get it through two types of connections:

  1. Professional connections – these are people that you’ he worked with, vendors, peers, colleagues, and clients, within your industry.
  2. Personal connections – here we talk about friends, family, neighbors, and even random people you end up chatting for just a few minutes about your career.

Think about other connection as well, alumni from your university for example. Basically, any contact that you have in your life can help you get hired.

2. Create Personal Connections

Your connections can provide you a ton of job opportunities. Moreover, those opportunities for personal connections are all around you.

You never know – maybe your mom was chatting today with someone and she overheard about a perfect position that had just opened up.

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After all, you can’t know who might help until you ask. You would be surprised at some of the places where you can hear about a job opening. Just think about places:

  • Co-working spaces
  • Cafes
  • Gyms
  • Dog parks
  • Airports
  • Bars
  • Clubs
  • Volunteer organizations
  • Parties

Also, think social. Don’t forget to check your news feed and join job-hunting Facebook groups. Unless you’re out at work, don’t reply directly to post, but do it via private message.

3. Network In Person

Meeting new people is for some more difficult than for others, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it. Make sure that you step outside of your comfort zone and meet new people. This can be uncomfortable if you’re not an outgoing person, but it will be easier the more you do it.

Be chatty. Say ‘hi’ to everyone that you know and to those you are not sure that you know. For those that you don’t know, smile.

Make it always about them. Don’t make a beginners mistake and talk about you. Each conversation should be about them. Find your mutual point and take it from there. Make memorable and unique approach. Remember, more personal the story better memory. Maybe your talker has a dog, and you can connect if you’re thinking about getting a dog.

4. Nurture Your Professional Connections

Your network is not limited to your closest relations. Your professional connections are also part of your connections and circles close to you. Maintaining professional connections should be always on your agenda, even when you are not working and hunting the jobs.

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It’s so easy to stay connected nowadays with LinkedIn and email. Those methods work, and you can stay in touch and schedule a coffee meeting for in future period. Being connected online is still networking. However, you shouldn’t stay only on networking. You need to network with professional connection live as well.

Schedule a coffee meeting here and there, ask for business advice, offer your assistance. After all, people are always more ready to help someone who has helped them. Therefore, they will be more likely to remember you if a promising job comes across their desk.

5. Visit Events

With so many hub’s and startups nowadays you can find business-oriented and relevant events every single day. Moreover, there are probably events in your desired niche. Therefore, you can expect to find people who are looking for employees in events such as those.

These events are interesting, so you can be sure that you will hear something new, maybe there is next-big-thing. This is also a great way to meet new people from various industries. Maybe you will even cross your path with a company representative that you’ve never heard about. Just maybe that is your next working place. Keep an open mind.

Great jobs are in the great surrounding so make sure that you are seen and heard. It may be a little difficult at the beginning, but you will go beyond the fear and you’ll find your next job.

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