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7 Jobs For Retirees Who Still Feel Like Working

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When a person retires, they’re often left with a sense of longing for the jobs they had done for so long. If you were the employee of the month for a couple of months or even the manager for just a year, you may have gotten so into the groove that life without it just feels wrong.

If you’re at retirement age and looking to get back into the workforce, here are a couple of jobs that can ease you back in:

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1. Consultant/Freelancer

As a consultant/freelancer the only person setting your working hours is you. That’s right, if you want to work 50 hours a week, the right job will give you exactly the hours you desire.

If you are looking to get into writing, there are plenty of online publications looking for people to update their blogs. And many companies outsource their job openings for things like a virtual assistant or social media manager to websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and Guru.

When you have the chance to, brush up on your current skills and learn new ones through online courses. Then you’ll be able to charge a little more for what you did before.

2. Driver

Does working in an office feel a little too cramped for you? Would you rather take in the view that comes with traveling for work? If you love meeting new people and sharing the experience with others, why not try your hand at driving?

Feel free to drive for agencies like Uber or Lyft, who allow you to set your own hours, capping them at 10 per day. If you have great people skills, you can also look into driving limos for celebrations and the occasional upper-class guest.

In my own area, many people take up jobs as drivers for medical patients. There’s nothing like driving a patient to an appointment in Monterrey, CA and stopping for seafood on your way out of town.

3. Event Staff

If you are a die-hard fan of the concert-centric lifestyle or you love theater, these events provide multiple opportunities for work. While the ‘talent’ does their work, you can watch the performances while enjoying the fact that you are also making money.

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Getting paid not enough to entice you? Working at the right venue can get you perks like tickets to your favorite artist’s next show.

If you’re still a kid at heart and into comic books, this is a great way to see in-person the people from your favorite shows.

4. Hotel Concierge

The Hotel Concierge is often the first person people talk to when checking into a hotel. And since they are the first, it is often they who are asked what there is to do and where to do it.

If you’ve spent a lifetime traveling anyway, this is a laid back job that gives you very flexible hours. Your life experiences will help others remember the things they do for years to come.

5. Pet Sitter

Are you crazy about animals? Have you always had a pet by your side? As a pet sitter, you can help keep a person’s animals company while they are away. Whether you are a dog or a cat person, one of your neighbors, friends, or family members may have a pet that needs some human interaction while they’re gone.

If you have a mind for business, you can start a company that hires out dog walkers, cat sitters, and other similar workers.

Make sure to also looking into volunteering at animal shelters.

6. Retail

The best part about retail is that they are always looking for people to work. Sure, you can apply for a full-time job, but why commit yourself to that? Look into seasonal positions to give allow yourself to enjoy the freedom of retirement when it strikes you.

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Around the traditional holiday season, delivery companies like FedEx, Amazon Prime, and UPS are looking for hundreds of drivers.

7. Work at a Resort

If you feel like you deserve a relaxing experience working, consider working at one of the many resorts along the coastlines. Many places maintain a year-round operating policy, giving you plenty of chances for full or part-time hours.

There are many benefits to working at a resort, such as the use of the luxuries once you’re off the clock. Perks may also be including a free stay at your place of work.

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