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30 Unexpected Adult Jokes In Kids Movies Reveal Why We’re All A Little Messed Up Now

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Kids’ movies are full of joy, powerful stories, and unusual characters. Moreover, these movies have some great teachable moments that help children go through life smoothly. However, just some of them have some major secrets. Those secrets often include hidden symbols, hidden word games, and various jokes that aren’t meant for kids. The truth is that they can be a bit rough because they are meant to keep the adults entertained as well.

That’s why most of these inappropriate lines from kids’ movies and tv shows went right over our heads when we were young. For example, we seriously had no idea that the globally popular film The Lion King was so misbehaved. These hidden jokes are guaranteed to make you question everything you thought you knew about your favorite children’s shows and movies.

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30. A Hook With Killer Legs

Ah, the lovely Toy Story and colorful adventures of home-based toys… Just how much joy this cartoon brought to kids’ life… However, there is one toy character that is 100% adult. Do you remember those strange toys at Sid’s house? If so, you know that they are unique.

These toys were designed to scare, awaken horror, and be different. All of this Pixar took to another level, with one toy. No one still knows what the spider-baby-head or the duck with a human body is supposed to be, but it was clear that legs with a hook is a street worker.

29. Do You Know What a Lemon Party Is?

Most of us remember Cars 2 as a fun and adventurous cartoon that kids adore. However, some people could never forgive the studio for placing a lemon party in the kids’ movie.

In Cars 2, there is a group of evil cars that call themselves the Lemons, and at one moment, they have a lemon party. You can see lemons all over the table. You might think – what’s the big fuzz about, it’s just some citrus, right? Well, Google lemon party when you are not at work to see what’s the real issue. You will be shocked.

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28. I Solemnly Swear Those Two Are Up To No Good

Adult jokes aren’t exclusively reserved for cartoons only. Even famous franchise Harry Potter had its fair share of unclean jokes. The Marauder’s Map shows the location of everyone in Hogwarts, which help Harry and his gang to move around the schools freely. However, there was a huge secret showing on the map.

Only true HP fans can notice something unusual in the corner of the map. The end credits of the third HP movie reveal something shocking happening. However, we still don’t know which two would be hiding in the corner.

27. The Ancient Greeks Knew How To Mess You Up

Disney loves its characters but loves more to place them in complex situations with weird jokes. We aren’t sure that kids can understand this famous Oedipus line slipped into Hercules.

For the grown-ups who happened to study classics, they know Hercules is talking about the play where a man Oedipus kills his father to marry his mother. That is a little messed up.

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26. Grandpa, What Happened At Woodstock?

Yes, a famous flower decade brought so much to the world. The legendary 1960s were full of flower power, hippies, and folk music. That’s at least how kids imagine it. In most cases, they don’t realize that Woodstock and the famous Summer of Love were a bit too free and outlawed.

Still, Hey Arnold! didn’t hold back with this Woodstock reference. A Grandpa’s memory is a little foggy, probably with a reason. This is an ultimate adult reference. Still, kids can Google Woodstock and see the truth.

25. Rocko’s Just Working Hard For The Money

Working in a call center is a common profession, even in cartoons. You help people solve problems and get their products, right? Unless the job is similar to Rocko’s.

In one episode, Rocko gest a job as a phone operator of a specific type. How do we know that? Just check the rules on the wall. This animated Australian wombats show was so filled with unclean jokes that it often got censored.

24. There Is Something Blue

The Zootopia was such a refreshment in the animated world. The entire movie is filled with pop-culture references, but some of them aren’t so age-appropriate. One of the most colorful characters is a sheep with superb skills of discovering illegal substances.

The sheep is working with a famous blue drug that is linked with another creation, called Breaking Bad. No one knows what this a real pill or what. Maybe Wooleter and Jesse would know? They were knocking on the door in this scene.

23. The Professor Caught In Action?

The Powerpuff Girls are still one of the global sensations. Team of girls with super skills are always ready to save the day supported b their beloved Professor. Still, there was one episode that made everyone feel awkward.

When Robin was first introduced, the Professor’s pants were on his knees. He was definitely caught in bed moment. Maybe he had a company, or perhaps he was just running from his toilet to open the door? Or perhaps he was simply changing his clothes.

22. Flush, Don’t Touch Yourself

Ed, Edd, n Eddy was an awkward show, but this note in Ed’s bathroom is even weirder. In general, notes serve as a general reminder to do stuff—this one note about something forbidden.

This one note on the wall tells Ed not to experiment with individual needs. Awkward much? Well, the reality is probably what happens when you are writing a show about three adolescent boys dealing with puberty.

21. Oh Anna, So Naive

From premiere, Frozen become an instant hit. It’s all about childhood, true values, and innocent… or maybe not, when you think about one Ana’s line. There is a scene when Kristoff interrogates Anna about how much she knows about Hans, and she had a memorable line.

During this interrogation, Kristoff slips cheeky questions about foot size and reminds him that it doesn’t matter. Is Anna not that innocent? Or writers simply decided to have fun? Regardless of the real reason, some unclean jokes are more than welcome for parents who are forced to watch cartoons over and over again.

20. RIP To The Three Little Pigs’ Dad

Disney writers always had a thing for jokes. Moreover, an old-school Disney had a special pick on morbid jokes. One scene from the Three Little Pigs animated short film that premiered in 1933 will shock you.

In this photo, you can see three little pgs, singing and enjoying the moment. If you look more carefully, you can see their father as well. There is a photo of sausages that suggest that pig’s father died in horrible suffering, by becoming a food. Maybe he would survive if more people were vegetarians?

19. Inside Out Tells A Bear Joke

The Pixar hit Inside Out is one of the most successful movies in this decade. You can be mesmerized by amazing colors, witty dialogues, and crazy action steps, that as a kid, you might miss some excellent jokes.

“There are no bears in San Francisco” was a quick joke focused on the jolly community in the city famous for its merry culture. This is an excellent reminder that big brands aren’t scared to push the boundaries and that they are more than ready to provide jokes for adults. Nice played Pixar.

18. Flashing Lightning McQueen

Cars hero Lightning McQueen is the best driver in the world and has just won his last big race. There is also a groud of car admirers who want access to the world’s fastest car.

As the females sit in the background of the shot, they start to “flash” him. Many claim that this flashing is the main reason why a car’s eyes were on its windshield instead of their headlights. Makes a sense, no?

17. The “Sexy” Minions? Could It Be?

The Minions are loveable troublemakers, and that’s something that no one argues. Are they sensual? This is something that many can argue about for hours. Why do people even argue about Minion’s level of provocativeness? Because of this one scene.

There’s a scene in the movie where our little yellow friends are denied access to the Tower of London and decide to dress up like a normal-sized lady to sneak their way in. One of the Frenchmen is caught staring at the fake women’s chests, which leads to a moment of bizarre eye contact. Is this passionate moment or animators simply wanted to address something that is otherwise a common practice?

16. The ProfanityOf Madagascar’s Marty

Marty the Zebra swears in the movie Madagascar. In a unique way, at least. Do you remember that scene when he is being chased by Alex the Lion, and he screams out a random set of words? This was an attempt by the movie’s animators to spell out a bad word by merely using the first letters of each word.

Marty screams Sugar Honey Iced Tea. No explanation needed at this point. Once you understand the purpose of his random chant, it all makes a lot more sense.

15. Save It For The Honeymoon

Okay, okay, this might not be the hidden joke, but it can be missed if you are not observing. Among young viewers, this goes by as merely a weird line.

When the Earth starts to shake in “Alladin,” the genie, voiced by the fantastic Robin Williams, mutters, “I thought the Earth wasn’t supposed to move until the honeymoon.” That’s quite the line to deliver in a children’s movie produced by Disney

14. Bunnies Are Good At What?

Zootopia is adorable, fun, and excellent family comedy – for the most part. There is one amusing scene in which bunnies and their extra-curricular activities are hinted at.

When officer Judy Hopps attempts to intimidate the deuteragonist Nick Wilde, she calls him out on his tax evasion. Wilde says he can believe her because bunnies “are good at multiplying.” A nice little math joke.

13. A Drunken Advance?

A Bug’s Life is initially a bit dark, but it seems that the audience got used to it quickly. Still, there is one scene that was described by many as a bit of too much.

Two intoxicated flies are visiting P.T. Flea’s Circus, and Francis the ladybug, is asked, “Hey cutie! Want to pollinate with a real bug?” This was wrong on so many different disturbing levels.

12. Muppet’s Treasure Island Went Too Far

When Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog were taking one of their famous sabbaticals from each other’s love life, she apparently spent her time with Tim Curry’s Long John Silver. There was at least one thing Miss Piggy really loved about his character.

However, there was one crucial scene from the 1996 film, when Miss Piggy sees Curry’s character and says, “Hello, Looooong John…” The meaning of this remains unrevealed.

11. Buzz Lightyear’s Wings Stand At Attention

Buzz Lightyear likes Jessie in Toy Story, and it’s no secret. It was evident in multiple scenes. However, have you noticed just how often his wings “stand at attention” when she flies by?

It doesn’t matter how much Pixar or Disney gets caught in the act of telling dirty jokes; their animators continue to sneak in more little scenes in future children’s movies. It’s just what they do.

10. The Dirtiest Toy Story Joke Of All Time?

Every generation so loves toy Story. There is something for everyone. Still, there is one scene that stands above the rest as the most adult joke hidden in the series and perhaps in any animated children’s movie.

This scene involves Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, and it shines some light on their beloved and exciting relationship. When Lotso steals Mrs. Potato Head’s lips, her husband, in a fit of anger, proclaims, “No one takes my wife’s mouth but me!” No explanation needed.

9. Monsters Inc Has Some Questions For Uncle Roger

Monsters Inc. is probably one of the most family-friendly movies ever created by Pixar. Yet, this movie provided a drawing from a child that leaves us with a million questions.

When Sulley sticks his head out of the wardrobe in one scene, there is a photo to the right of Sulley that features a picture of “Uncle Roger” with the child’s “mommy.” Should this be in a kid’s movie?

8. Robot Procreation Is Still Fun?

In the 2005 family comedy “Robots,” there is a scene in which a new baby robot is delivered. Yes, robots are being delivered. Robot Herb Copperbottom is upset that he missed the “delivery” of his baby robot, but his wife has some encouraging words.

Realizing he’s sad about missing the baby’s delivery, she tells her husband that “making the baby is the fun part.” This is one of the rare cartoons that combined these words so well. Nicely played.

7. The Black Cauldron Gives Us A Cult Classic Joke

“The Black Cauldron” is a Disney movie that dates back to the 1980s. At the time, the movie was fun but hardly unforgettable. Still, this movie has created some memorable lines.

Moreover, this cartoon really has not-so-subtle adult humor. Fflewddur Fflam approaches a man and says, “You don’t mind if I pluck ya harp, do ya handsome?” Yes, the character really holds a harp, but less than hidden nuance is something that we can expect from Disney’s animation team.

6. The Incredibles Had A Peeping Tom

So far, you have realized that there is a particular pattern when it comes to animators and dirty jokes. They simply love to place them in not so obvious places, but they like the present. So, you can notice them in background photos and various scenes.

That’s exactly what happened in the superbly created animated film, “The Incredibles.” In the 2004 film, there is a headline that reads: “X-RAY VISION PEEPING TOM?” This is a weird headline and a real sneak into a beloved animated film.

5. The Lion King Came Under Fire For This Adult Humor

The Lion King is one of Disney’s most beloved movies. This is also the Disney movie with the highest controversy. When Simba, as an adult, lies down on the edge of a cliff, a bunch of dust is tossed up.

The dust that forms in the air creates the word “sex”, which most people missed in the feather. This is never confirmed, but the majority of people believe that this word is easily seen. Maybe animators were just bored with their day and decided to mess it up a bit, which made the final cut by accident.

4. Are Those Sand Dunes?

Yes, the famous movie The Lion King had more than one controversy. After the cliff scene, lions playing and more, another adult joke appeared. Instead of sand dunes, people started seeing something that looks like a pair of female chests.

Disney couldn’t deny this, because one look at the scene is pretty obvious. Fell free to discover more adult references int his movie – you will find a bunch of them.

3. Before the Premiere

As mentioned earlier, the famous movie The Lion Kind is full of grown-up references. Still, the most interesting grown-up reference was spotted before the movie even aired.

A close look reveals that Simba’s face features the image of a scantily clad female figure. Who knew the Lion King was such a dirty animated film.

2. Three Million Copies Of The Rescuers Featured Nudity

“The Rescuers” was released in 1977, but it took twenty years for people to realize some things. Actually, it took 20 years for someone to recognize that a woman without a top was featured in a very brief moment in the movie.

Unlike with other movies, Disney accepted the mistake. The result? Disney recalled three million copies of the film once the obvious adult moment was finally recognized.

1. Proof That Men Have No Idea About Women From A Young Age

Monster House isn’t a mainstream Disney film, but it has some great one-liners. The best one includes boy and girl having a dialogue. As you may guess, they are talking while inside the monster house.

The best is when the two main characters enter the demonic house, and the little boy thinks it’s a girl’s house because it has a uvula. Teenage boys are genuinely clueless.

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