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30 Surprising Kroger Secrets You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

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The grocery business is a fast-changing industry. Still, some brands are here for decades, and they are planning to bring the best foods for years to come. One of them is a famous Kroger. So far, Kroger has around 3,000 stores in dozens of states, and they are mostly based in the American Midwest or South.

Did you know that Kroger is actually the second-largest general retailer behind Walmart and the 18th largest company in the country? Have you ever made time to think about this company’s history, and how they evolved to be so colossal today? There’s a lot you didn’t know about this traditional supermarket. Here are the top 30 facts on Kroger that will make you look at this brand differently.

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30. Kroger Was Founded In 1883

Bernard Henry Kroger was an American businessman who created the Kroger chain of supermarkets starting in 1883. The company was initially named The Great Western Tea Co., just to renamed later on to Kroger Grocery and Baking Co.

The very first Kroger store was opened for only $372, and it was located at 66 Pearl Street in downtown Cincinnati. Today, this massive chain has annual sales of more than $109.8 billion.

29. Kroger Is America’s Favorite Grocery Store

In 2017, extensive research was conducted among 200,000 grocery shoppers. The goal was to determine the favorite grocery brand in the States. Kroger took first place.

People listed Kroger as the most favorite grocery store. Precisely 53% of shoppers listed Kroger as their preferred brand, and they were asked about a variety of companies across 11 different industries.

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28. Kroger Loves Hiring Veterans

Kroger loves to point out how much they are the center of the community. As such, they love giving back and supporting the community as much as they can.

As a result, Kroger loved helping veterans. So far, Kroger has given 35,000 vets jobs over the last five years. Just last December, the company hired 4,000 veterans during a one-day hiring event. Talking about efficiency!

27. Kroger Invented the Parking Lot

Well, the parking lot is probably as old as a wheel. Still, Kroger was the first one to present the parking lot as part of customer service. And Kroger loves customers.

Having a parking lot surrounding all sides of the show was just one of many Kroger’s innovations. Once they implement this option in their business, others started following. Thank you, Kroger!

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26. Kroger Owns Other Supermarkets

Kroger knows how to run business; otherwise, they wouldn’t last for so long. Kroger is not only expanding Kroger grocery stores, but they are also linked with other significant groceries and superstores.

Simply said, Kroger owns a wide variety of other stores, supermarkets, and jewelry stores, including Dillons, Kwik Shop, Fox’s, Littman, and even a convenient care clinic chain called The Little Clinic.

25. They Have Disney-branded Products

In 2006, Kroger offered an exclusive line called Disney Magic Selections, through a partnership with The Walt Disney Company. Teaming up with Disney is pretty impressive, you must admit.

Many of the products were the same ones that had been on its shelves with private-label branding previously and were simply given new Disney-branded packaging and an increased price.

24. Kroger Has It’s Own Gas Stations

Kroger knows how to expand to various industries. It was just a matter of time when this famous brand would jump into the gas industry. Nowadays, you can see Kroger stations across the country.

Kroger constructed its first gas station on the grounds of one of its supermarkets in far 1998. Today, there are more than 1,000 supermarket fuel centers across the country.

23. Kroger Offers Financial Services

In far 2007, Kroger introduced Kroger Personal Finance in 2007, a result of a partnership with Visa. It offers store-branded credit cards, mortgages, home equity loans, insurance, and identity theft protection.

Moreover, Kroger also offers i-wireless sign up at more than 2,000 Kroger stores in 31 states. Customers can also get free minutes by using their shopper’s card.

22. There Is a Kroger Restaurant

Kitchen 1883n is the first restaurant opened by Kroger. The restaurant is named after the year the first Kroger store opened. People loved this establishment, and in no time, it has become one of Kroger’s most favorite places.

Kitchen 1883, serves comfort foods such as burgers, chicken, waffles, and barbecue short rib sliders. There are also handcrafted cocktails. So far, Kitchen 1883 is a huge success.

21. At Kroger’s, You Can Find Best Cheese Shops

Kroger is known for holding some of America’s most popular products. Still, what people love the most about Kroger’s offer is their cheese menu. And Americans do love cheese.

In February 2017, Kroger purchased Murray’s Cheese, a legendary New York-based cheese shop that’s widely regarded as one of America’s best. From that moment on, the famous chain has opened Murray’s counters in several Kroger’s locations since then. This was an instant success.

20. Barney Kroger Played A Crucial Role In Americas Economy

In far 1928, Kroger’s founder Barney Kroger invested in the creation of Provident Bank by selling his holdings in the company in 1928. And there is more.

Barney Kroger has a massive role in helping to avert a bank crisis in 1933 when a local branch was threatened with a bank run, Kroger withdrew $13 million of his own savings in cash and displayed it at the bank, quelling any fears.

19. They Have More Than One In-House Brand

If you even once visited any Kroger’s store, you must have noticed the famous Kroger label. That’s the company’s core in-house brand that offers good quality at budget-friendly prices.

If you choose to buy their label, you will save a significant amount of money. Not only that, but you would get great products at a reasonable price. So, it’s a win-win situation.

18. They Have Great Digital Sales

Kroger knows that customers love digital coupons. So, every weekend, plus Friday, Kroger presents digital coupons that can be used up to five times in one transaction. Moreover, these coupons can bring a significant discount.

Digital coupons are easily found on the Kroger app or on their website once you log into your account. Once you register, you will get information about the best offers and discounts.

17. There Is Even a Jewelry Division

Ok, this may sound unusual for a grocery chain, but did you know that Kroger actually has a great jewelry division? Their division is made out of 323 jewelry stores in 30 states.

Their jewelry stores are run under the banners of Fred Meyer Jewelers and Littman Jewelers. You can see their locations on Kroger’s website. You can find them inside malls and food stores. Look for them at select Kroger Marketplace, Dillons Marketplace, Fry’s Marketplace, Smith’s Marketplace, and King Soopers Marketplace stores around the country.

16. Kroger Values Sustainability

Any more prominent company knows just how important sustainability is, and Kroger is no exception. Moreover, the company decided to step powerfully into the world of sustainability and do whatever is possible to be fully sustainable. So, they have created their goals.

Kroger decided to expand its 100% sustainable seafood commitment, achieve the EPS’a’ zero waste’ threshold of 90% in all facilities, and even optimize 100% of corporate brand packaging. Next to this, Kroger is currently transitioning toward a 100% cage-free egg supply chain.

15. They Have So Many Milk To Choose From

Are you on a special diet? Or you can only fat-free milk? Worry not, because Kroger’s has got you covered. This is one of the biggest stores with the wealthiest dairy program offers. No matter what your dietary needs are, the Kroger has milk that you can drink.

You can choose fat-free, lactose-free, whole milk, chocolate milk, and much more. Moreover, you can buy a half-gallon of regular milk for only $2.99. Furthermore, in Kroger’s Simple Truth Organic Line, there’s a wide variety of organic dairy.

14. Find Woohoo! Stickers For Discounts

If you love discounts (who doesn’t?!) you should always search for Woohoo! stickers, because they will guide you to items on sale. If the product is going out of stock, the sticker will be there.

Sometimes these items are nestled in the shelves, and sometimes there simply clustered in designated spots. Those items can sometimes be on a discount for even 50%.

13. It’s The Best Place To Stock Your Spice Cabinet

Kroger holds a vast amount of kitchen spices, dried herbs, and extracts. SO, if you are looking for a place to stock up your kitchen cabinets, you should go to Kroger.

Spices can be pricy, but at Kroger’s, you can find some fantastic deals. For example, you find a substantial 18.8-ounce container for only $13.89. So, next time check spices for some great deals.

12. You Can Build Your Own Frozen Meals

Kroger loves to innovate, and they took an extra step with their offer of frozen meals. At Kroger’s, you can build your own frozen meals and at any size.

Kroger has self-serve freezer cases where you can select your own combination of entrees and sides to cook up later. Once you choose, you can pick them in about 10 to 20 minutes, and you will pay around $7.99.

11. In Some Areas, Kroger Chains Don’t Exist At All

Kroger might be the favorite grocery chain, but it doesn’t mean that it exists in every state. In some countries, Kroger has no store or has never operated. This means only one thing for Kroger – expansion!

There are no Kroger stores in New York, Pennsylvania, Chicago, Des Moines, Milwaukee, Tulsa City, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, and El Paso. There is only one Kroger store in Florida.

10. You Can Use Store’s Rewards Program

If you want to use most of Kroger stores, you should sign up for Kroger Plus Card. You can get one at the store, but you will still have to register online and set up an account.

This way, you will get exclusive deals, coupons, and bets offer will be sent directly to your inbox. Moreover, you will be even able to shop online. If you decide to buy in-store, you can get a discount on the spot.

9. You Can Shop the Recipe

Once again, Kroger has shown just how much they appreciate innovation, by teaming up with Tasty. To bring customers a collection of various recipes, Kroger has partnered with the world’s largest social food network, Tasty.

If you don’t know what to cook, they will do it for you. At any time, you can get an easy-to-follow recipe video, a written recipe, and on top of that, you can shot the ingredients necessary online for same-day delivery.

8. You Can Shop Meal Kits

Kroger introduced Home Chef meal kits, back in 2018, and began carrying Home Chef meal kits in stores in October 2018. Ever since the kit was introduced, it spread to 700 stores.

The price per kit is $8.50 per serving. One meal serves two people. Choices are fresh every week, and will never include meals that take more than 15 minutes to be prepared and served.

7. They Have Mega Sales

Mega-events are usually listed as buy 4, save $4.00, and so. They are typically organized when the grocery store requires that you purchase a certain number of items to get them on a lower sale price.

On mega sales, you will always see yellow and red papers, with prices. Mega Sales occasionally happen, not every week. So, subscribe to discover when Mega Sales occur so you can save money.

6. Check Blogs For Extra Discounts

You must admit that due to the busy lifestyle, we don’t get a chance to often slowdown and check discounts. Moreover, only a few have enough time to check for coupons daily.

That’s why it can be handy to check blogs such as Kroger Krazy, and iheart Kroger for the latest news. This way you will see all discounts in one place, and you will be better prepared for shopping and savings.

5. Always Check For Checkout Coupons

You may want to leave the store as soon as possible, but you should walk slower at the checkout points. Did you know that at check out you can actually earn checkout coupons, also known as “catalinas”?

Always look for a red tag underneath a yellow and red sale price, which will clearly indicate that purchasing items will bring Catalinas. You can also find all the Catalina Deals rounded up on iheartkroger.com.

4. Hunt For Markdowns On Meat And Bakery Items

Kroger will give you more when it comes to meat and bakery items. Moreover, if you are planning to shop for meat that you’re planning to use today, be on the lookout for unique tags.

Search for stickers “Woohoo” or “Manager’s Special.” Products with these tags will save you money. This way, you will easily find what’s almost out of date and nearing their prime.

3. Kroger Pioneered The On-Site Bakery

Sure, nowadays, you can find a lot of on-site bakeries that offer various baking wonders. However, that wasn’t always the case. Did you know that Kroger was the first brand that started practicing this?

A long time ago, the only way to have bread in your store was to buy at a local bakery and resell it. With time Krioger realized that they need their own bakery, which would cut down the expenses and allow them to sell baked goods for a lower price. That’s how the grocery store baking industry begun.

2. Kroger Was The First To Sell Fresh Meat With Groceries

Modern consumers are used to entering the store and find everything there, from baked goods to meat products. However, they don’t know that this is a relatively new concept. Not that long ago, the meat would be purchased from a butcher, bread from a baker, and groceries from a grocer.

One day, Kroger changed all of that. Kroger implemented on-site meat counters, which was revolutionary at the time and made the chain famous. With this move, Kroger has become the first in the country to sell meat and groceries under the same roof.

1. The Founder Received Death Threats Because Of His Low Prices

Kroger’s prices were so low that other business owners were threatened by him. This becomes even more common whet the chain introduced their own bread. Bakery chains were afraid that Kroger would put hem out of business.

So, death threats become an everyday thing. One of the notes delivered to his home read, “If you don’t raise the price of bread at once, you will be killed or shot. However, Kroger wasn’t intimidated; he simply continued running his business and expanding his bakeries.

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