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Who Are the Largest Shareholders of Apple? (AAPL)

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Apple is one of the most successful companies in the United States, but not only… It is also the first one to achieve a market valuation of astonishing $1 trillion on August 2nd, 2018. This historic market capitalization was maintained until the November of 2018, when the tech giant shed around $130 billion from their all-time peak. The “fall” was due to the slowing iPhone sales.

Apple reported $62.9 billion in revenues for the last quarter of 2018, which showed a increase of 20% from $52.6 billion of the same period last year. Having earned so much, company announced that they are planning to build a 133-acre headquarters in Austin, Texas. The enormous campus would be $1 billion worth. It would bring additional 15,000 engineering, sales, and customer support jobs to Austin. The headquarters in Austin would make Apple the largest private employer of the city.

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Logically, Apple’s domestic and international growth has made the tech company one of the most popular stocks on the market. In fact, it has an average of almost 21 million shares daily. So, it doesn’t come as surprise that a lot of current and former Apple are also one of the biggest shareholders of Apple, Inc.

Let’s discover top 5 biggest shareholders of Apple, Inc.

1. Arthur Levinson, Chairman of the Board

Arthur D. Levinson is an American businessman that is $100 million net worth. He’s the chairman of the board of Apple and the current CEO of Calico. Being at such a high position it’s no wonder that he’s the single-largest individual shareholder with 1.1 million shares (August 3rd, 2018).

Levinson has been at the Apple’s board of directors since 2000, and he also serves on the board of the Broad Institute, a biomedical research center that works closely with MIT and Harvard. His work at Calico is now focused on combating aging and age-related illnesses.

2. Tim Cook, Chief Executive Officer

The current chief executive officer (CEO) of Apple, Tim Cook is the company’s second-largest individual shareholder with having 878,425 shares (August 24th, 2018). Before getting the CEO position, Cook worked as Apple’s chief operating officer and coordinated the company’s international sales and operations.

Before coming to Apple, Cook worked as Vice President for Corporate Materials for Compaq, a computer distributor.

3. Craig Federighi, Senior VP of Software Engineering

The third-largest individual shareholder of Apple is Craig Federighi, the company’s senior vice president of software engineering. He holds 412,571 shares (August 9, 2018). He’s monitors the development of iOS, OS X, and Apple’s operating system. Federighi works closely with a team of engineers that are responsible for different things that are authentic to Apple’s product lines starting from user interface to application programming.

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He worked under Steve Jobs at Next, and joined Apple when it acquired NeXT in 1996.

4. Jeffrey Williams, Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Williams, the Apple’s Chief operating officer, hold 108,085 shares of the company (October 3rd, 2018), which makes him the fourth-largest individual shareholder of the company. He started working in Apple as the head of worldwide procurement in 1998, and was named Vice president of operations in 2004.

Williams has worked on the team that helped launch the iPhone into the global cellphone market in 2007. Practically, he’s pretty responsible for iPods and iPhones reaching people worldwide.

5. Bruce Sewell, Senior VP of Legal and Global Security

Bruce Sewell stands as the fifth-largest shareholder with 108,085 shares as of October 3rd, 2018. He is a former Apple’s General Counsel and a former Senior Vice President of Legal and Global Security.

Sewell was held responsible for monitoring global security and privacy as well as other legal matters such as intellectual property and corporate governance. Before Apple, he worked for Intel Corporation where he led legal, corporate affairs. In 2017, he decided to retire from Apple and became a member of the non-profit Village Enterprise in April 2018.

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