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Top 5 Effective Ways To Live Better With Less Today

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There is a saying that goes, ‘less is more’ that is famously used but hardly implemented in real life. But in the grand scheme of things, less is definitely more.

In the recent past, the concentration on grandiosity has slowly shifted to people wanting to live less crowded lives. More and more people are choosing to live lives that seem smaller than the ‘American dream’ version.

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In the recent past, more people have become minimalists, choosing to own fewer things and possessions that matter to them. Owning a lot is exhausting because every item requires time, money, and attention.

Living with less means of living more purposefully as you only keep what you need.

Living with less is beneficial in so many ways.

It has been proven to make people happier in all sectors of their lives including relationships, friendships as well as at the workplace.

You are able to be more content and enjoy more financial freedom and have increased productivity. You will enjoy overall wellness, sleep better and even be more environmentally conscious. If you’re wondering how to kickstart your journey to living with less, here are a few tips.


Friends take up a lot of our time and headspace so it is important to choose friends that are good for your soul. Having many friends doesn’t necessarily translate to a happy life.

If anything, you might be more stressed and your life filled with drama. It is important to remember to select quality friends with many friends.

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A person with a friends circle of two to three friends is usually happier than the one with hundreds.

Declutter Your Space

Chances are that if you own a lot of things, you don’t use half of them. The self-storage industry is an example of how costly it can be to own too many possessions.

The average monthly cost of a storage unit per person in 2018 was a little more than $91, which adds up to more than $1,000 annually. The first step to decluttering is to create a list of the things that you absolutely need and the ones you don’t.

The trick is to be aggressively honest with yourself. Half the things in your garage are probably never going to be used again despite the memories they hold for you.

Resist the urge to be a hoarder and instead, sell-off and donate the things you don’t use. This will create more physical space and in turn make you more at peace.


Quality Over Quantity

It is important to change the way you think about your possessions and be more intentional with consumption.

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Just like with friends, when buying anything, it is important to stick to the notion, ‘quality over quantity’.

Being intentional with your purchases can reduce stress, save money, and bring more freedom.

Buy One, Give Two

When you go shopping for a new item, the idea is that you should give two od items away. For example in the case of clothes. We all love to go shopping for the latest trends while putting our old clothes on the side.

So, according to this, whenever you purchase a new dress, you should sell two of the old ones.

Media Detox

Social media, as well as mainstream media that are tasked with informing people on what is happening around the world, can fill people’s heads with a lot of unnecessary information.

Logging into social media is not only addictive but gives people unnecessary pressure and feelings of inferiority when they compare themselves to their friends and celebrities who seemingly have it all together.

This can fill your brain with a lot of junk and many have become depressed because of it. It is important to constantly take some time off from social media and detoxify to gain perspective and mindfulness.



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