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Loggers Cut Down One Tree That Held a Surprising Discovery

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You may adore your work, but let’s face it – after some time, everything starts looking the same. The working routine is the same; colleagues are the same; jokes are the same… Today resembled yesterday, and somehow you know what will happen tomorrow. So, when something unplanned happens, you can feel your blood running and adrenaline jumping to fix the problem.

This is precisely how a group of lumberjacks felt one day. What started as a regular day, ended up with the biggest surprise in their lives. What happened to them on this specific day will haunt them for life. Furthermore, after their shocking discovery, the world stood in silence. Here is what they have discovered that sunny day.

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30. Not An Ordinary Day

When everything is in order, loggers have a rigorous routine. They saw throughout the day to fulfill the builder’s construction requirements. Of course, they should also pick one healthy tree and care about their safety.

However, one day this team had no idea that they are about to experience a rather unusual workday. What happened actually made them stop their entire operation.

29. Unusual Day

What seemed to be an ordinary day, started rather simple for woodcutters of Georgia Kraft Co. They gathered, made a plan, and started their working day.

This day would go as planned if something hasn’t jumped into their day. Even today, loggers can’t believe that they had an opportunity to experience this rare occasion.

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28. Nothing Odd

The truth is that only a few are excited about working inside the logging prosecution. After all, it’s a highly physically demanding job. Moreover, you must care about your safety all the time.

Further, people tend to ignore the logging profession because it’s pretty straightforward because of the nature of their work. Some people even think that the logging profession is brutal because they are cutting down all the trees. However, in this city, the logging profession is much tolerated.

27. Jasper City

Jasper City has a long history with the logging industry. Each family in this small city is somehow linked dot the logging industry, either directly or indirectly.

Jasper City is located in Pickens County, Georgia, and next to vastly spread mountains like Big Canoe, Bent Tree, and the Sharp Mountain Preserve. It’s often known as “the first mountain city.” Thanks to the team of loggers, this town is about to become known for more ting.

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26. Not Your Average Good Wood

Jasper city is blessed with a large mass of American Chestnut trees. Since wood from these trees is highly used and valued for commercial purposes, it means that this tree brings Jasper city a nice income.

The great thing about Chestnut trees is that it grows far faster than oak trees do. However, history remembers when there was a time when American species almost wholly disappeared from the Earth’s face.

25. Natural Disaster

In the early 20th century, American Chestnut trees across the States were in massive danger. A fungal infection appeared and had threatened to wipe out the American species for good.

Somehow, it’s not yet clear how American species survived. As a result, they have spread across eastern North American regions, such as Nova Scotia, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia. Therefore, they are located around Jasper city, and its residents are well-aware of its characteristics. Still, they had no idea about this well-preserved characteristic.

24. Lunchbreak

In far 1980, about 7-8 Georgia Kraft Co. workers left their homes for work just after 10 AM. The day started like any other. They all sat in am empty truck and headed toward their location for the day.

They knew that a busy day is in front of them. There was so much to do by the end of the day. As soon as they arrived at the site, they started working. After a few hours, it was break time for lunch. At that time they noticed something strange bout one of the trees.

23. The Unusual Tree

The day started good, and loggers were right on schedule, as they had chopped down most of the chestnut trees they were supposed to. Only a few of them remained, including the unusual tree.

At first glance, they were sure that this specific tree would be the easiest one to conquer. However, there was something really unusual about this tree on the second look. So, they decided to deal with this tree after their lunch break.

22. Something Was Definitely Strange About This Tree

As soon as the lunch break was done, loggers started working on an unusual tree. As soon as the tree trunk had fallen on its side, the loggers began to cut it into smaller sizes for easier transportation.

What started as a regular procedure, turned out to be the most unusual experience ever. It appeared that the tree was simply hollow, but they were partly right.

21. A Big Black Hole

While loggers next the tree thought what was wrong with this tree, loggers from a distance had something to say. They told their pears that there something black inside the tree, something black. A black hole?

Everyone from a distance looked at that black hole with admiration and curiosity. What was that black hole? First, they tough that it might be a stem growing inside a tree. However, it looked much weirder than that. So, what was it?

20. Only One Solution

While everyone was starring in that dark space, the next step had to be decided. It was clear what has to be done. They only had to agree upon who going to go inside and check out what was blocking the light from the inside?

At the moment, no one was ready to volunteer. They all agreed that it was dangerous, but it was something that had to be done. Still, a general hesitation was present. Then it all changed.

19. Check-It-Out

The time was passing by, and a decision had to be made. One of them suddenly volunteered to take a closer look and solve the mystery. Others salute him, and a volunteer started working.

The brave volunteer bend forward and stuck half of his body inside to try to see whatćs inside. Only a few seconds later, he jumped back and others saw fear on his face.

18. Could It Be A Forest Beast?

The logger looked so petrified that others felt chill as well. He barely caught his breath. Others were expecting a long story of what happened, but the brave volunteer just stood there, in shock and silence.

Others waited a few more minutes, but even their curiosity reached boiling levels. When the logger finally finds enough strength to speak, he said: I saw a beast.

17. A Beast!?

Others were so in shock that they didn’t know how to react. They didn’t expect to hear anything about any beast. But their colleague looks so scared as if he has really seen a beast.

So, others decided to make a move as well. Other loggers peeked for a quick look, and each one of them has a confusing look on their faces. What was it? Was it alive?

16. What Was This Thing?

Loggers knew that they were not going to be able to use the tree. They also knew that it would cost them their work. On top of that, they knew that whatever was inside was essential and valuable.

So, they decided to do the most obvious thing that they could do – they called their manager. However, the manager advised them to focus on completing the planned work. Loggers still wanted to know what the beast was inside the tree.

15. The Teeth

From a casual look, it was clear that whatever was inside, had teeth. Healthy, white, and sharp teeth. Moreover, it looked like a monster trying to jump out. That’s at least what one group of loggers saw.

Others claimed that it looks like a demonish canine, growling. Every other theory was crazier than the previous one. Still, they all could agree on one thing, whatever was inside – it was a living being.

14. Frozen Being In Time

It was obvious that the creature was stuck. The way the creature was stuck, indicated that it might have been trying forward but then got forgotten and frozen in time. Everyone wanted to know what happened to this poor creature.

After taking a closer look at a second and third look, loggers still couldn’t tell what the creature really was. Then they something that was pretty obvious, that solved their mystery.

13. Could It Be?

The creature had sharp teeth and long paws. They were visible because it had been close to the trunk’s top. Then after some time, loggers actually realized that the poor creature was a dog.

At least, the creature has been a living dog at some point in time. But how did this pooch end up here? Was he mummified? People began asking questions, and everyone wanted answers.

12. Mummified Dog?

People were confused, so they started making assumptions. They wanted to know if this dog was really mummified, and if not, he did he end up like this. It looked almost as if a dog got a command – Freeze in time.

Loggers were fascinated by their discovery. They wanted to know what happened to this poor animal. Was the dog trying to hide from something or someone?

11. Research

To get their answers, loggers decided to leave the trunk, even if it will cost them. This decision would reveal so much more about human lives that could even imagine.

They decided to take the trunk to the scientists so that they could get their answers. At the time, they had no idea that they would have to wait for more than a year to get their answers.

10. In the Year 1981

One year after their discovery, loggers finally got their answers. The mystery was finally solved. A significant role to this discovery goes to a museum called The Southern Forest World.

The Southern Forest World Museum is located in Waycross, Georgia, and if features a vast collection of wood production from colonial America mostly. That’s where the poor pooch ended up.

9. The Southern Forest

When the loggers took the tree trunk to Southern Forest World, the authorities were yet to inaugurate the museum. A great success was expected, but the museum still needed a background story of the dog.

Because the museum wanted a real story, they called in an expert, a biological anthropologist, Kristina Killgrove, who come to the bottom of this mystery.

8. Bottom Of The Mystery

Kristina did her best to examine the canine thoroughly and provide the right information and advice afterward. She initially said that the dog might have been mummified. However, after examination, she had a different conclusion.

She said that mummification was impossible. However, she had another theory and medical explanation. She said that the tree actually preserved the dog’s body. Microbes eat the tissues after death. So, they grow, they reproduce, and they start taking over the body.

7. Keeping It Alive

As it turned out, Chestnut trees contained tannin and desiccant, an organic substance that can absorb moisture. Kristine explained that this was the main factor that helped to preserve the dog’s body. Moreover, the lack of humidity stopped the microbes from eating up the body tissue.

Since there were no active microbes, there was no smell to lure fresh eaters. Even if there was a smell at one point, it was blown upward through the hollow trunk, again keeping it away from potential scavengers.

6. The Final Chase

It turns out that the poor dog was a hunting dog and that he must have been chasing something in tree. The dog died in 1960, and he was only four years old when he died.

Canine spend his final hours probably chasing a squirrel of a raccoon, entering through any hole, and followed in inside the trunk. The poor dog probably never noticed that the trunk was narrower towards the top, so he got stuck.

5. Too High

The dog was so much in the chase that he never gave up. Until he reached 28 feet high level. Unfortunately, he was never able to extract himself from the chestnut tree, and he eventually died there.

Now, when everyone discovered what had happened to the poor dogs, other tasks began. People wanted a dog to have a name. Until 2002, the mystery dog didn’t have a name.

4. The Dog’s Name

In 2002 the time came for this famous dog to get a name. After all, all good dogs have a name, right? In the meantime, the dog stands as an ambassador of the museum.

For years, this dog was known as the “Mummified Dog,” until he as finally given the name Stuckie. A naming contest was held, and among various name prepositions, Stuckie was the best received. Other name options were “Stuckie,” “Chipper,” and “Dogwood.”

3. What’s The Dog’s Future?

Whenever people hear the sad story about this energetic dog, it looks like they can relate. Or simply they know that dogs are such spirits that you would ignore any danger to catch their prey or a toy.

Sadly, this dog lost his life doing so. Therefore, many are worried about the dog’s future and what it holds. According to Brandy Stevenson, Forest World’s manager, the museum gets a lot of questions about the dog’s body.

2. A Funeral?

According to Brandy, many think that the dog should be buried and given a decent burial. Moreover, people are wondering if it’s moral to have a dog’s body displayed to visitors, or it should be resting in peace.

But Stuckie had been stuck inside the hollow chestnut tree for years, and his body was somewhat intact. Plus, from day one, Stuckie is a big attraction of the museum. Therefore, getting Stuckie out was really never an option.

1. A Forever Home

So far, Stuckie will remain in the museum where people take care of this body. Every day new people learn about this fantastic dog, who sadly had a short life.

So far, nothing is known about the dog’s owner, a dog’s real name, or if the dog had an owner, or simply was a stray dog. Therefore, he is going to stay put where he has been for the past few decades now.

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