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7 Lucky Charms To Attracts More Money

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Many people believe that next to hard work and dedication you also need a pinch of luck in order to achieve greatness. Therefore, you can find numerous forms of lucky charms used daily by many.

Also, different cultures believe in different types of lucky charms, but when it comes to attracting money, these ‘money attractors’ are shifting from culture to culture. Simply said, every lucky charm is welcome. Let’s check the seven most common lucky charms that will bring you more money.

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1. Money Frog

According to different believers, if you want to attract wealth in your business and your home, you should have a little green frog around you. Many believe that having this small statue around you will bring money and money only.

You can use frogs both in porcelain or in gold. However, you will need a specific frog: a frog sitting on coins or a from with a coin in his mouth. Moreover, this frog should be placed in a specific place, near the entrance and facing inward.

You should never place money frog facing outward. If you do so, you will work opposite your luck, and money will escape from you. Also, according to many Feng shui experts, the Money Frog is a universal symbol of prosperity.

2. Bamboo Tree

You would think that money doesn’t grow on trees, right? Well, you should think again. According to lucky charm experts, having bamboo in your place or office will help attract more money.

Bamboo tree is not bamboo at all technically, but a relative plant to Plant Dracaena. In general, it’s a long-lived and hard plant. The more stalks a bamboo has, the more money and luck it should bring. Next to money, bamboo should bring longevity and happiness to the owners.

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3. Wealthy Pig Charm

In many cultures, pigs are a famous symbol of abundance, wealth, and prosperity. Moreover, having a pig charm means that you will have good luck for many reasons. Having a Wealthy Pig Charm means that you are ready to accept the wealth that the universe has stored for you. Your pig charm should be placed on cabinets and shelves.

According to Feng shui, pig charm for business should be placed in the store, near the wealthiest area (such as case register) or anywhere near the center of a space.

4. Incense Sticks

According to Feng shui experts, we should constantly work on attracting good energy and wealth in any form. At the same, actions toward wealth and good energy should drive away evil spirits and negative energy.

So, if you wish for wealth you should work on that on a daily level, and you can use incense sticks to help you get the money that you want. There are many different types of incense depending on what you’re wishing for, so you should always check with the seller what are the ones that you need actually. But, if you want more money in your life, or you want to grow your business you should use red incense sticks.

5. Mirrors

This may come as a surprise, but mirrors are according to Feng shui wealth magnet. Mirrors bring the energy of the water, joy, and light into any space, regardless of the size and location of the space. But, for mirrors to work you need to connect with them and believe in their magic. Moreover, you should connect with mirrors emotionally and mentally.

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If you truly want money in your life and you choose mirrors to help you to get it, make sure that you pick mirrors with golden framing.

6. Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha is one of the most popular lucky charms since ever. Moreover, Laughing Buddha is a must if you are into Feng shui, or if you are just trying to attract more money. This Buddha is also called, Buddha of Happiness. He is a symbol of almost everything nice in life, including well being, happiness, health, joy, and of course wealth.

You need to be careful where you place your Laughing Buddha. Avoid toilet and bathroom. The best area for Laughing Buddha, in order to work, is your living room. Your living room is considered to be your money area. You can also place it in the main foyer – this will create a positive vibe in your main entrance and attract only good things.

7. Lucky Fortune Cat

For centuries, these cars were used to help you bring money and overall wealth in your life. They can easily be used, both for the home area and business area to attract money. For some reason, they are most effective in retail stores, according to the users.

Lucky fortune cat always comes with a left or right raised paw. They also come in different colors, but it doesn’t affect their power.

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