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Make Your Coworker’s Retirement More Memorable With Some Of These Ideas

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There’s nothing like finally retiring from the job you’ve held for so many years. It’s especially disheartening if you loved the job and the people you worked with. But retirement is simply the closure of one chapter in life and the beginning of another. When you have a co-worker who is retiring, you want to make their departure something the entire crew will remember.

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Here are ten ways you can give your co-worker the best going away party possible:

1. Plan a Party For Your Coworker’s Retirement

It’s always good to bust out the ribbons and birthday candles for a nice going away party. But it is also best to ask your co-worker if they’d like a going away party and if there were any special requests. You don’t want to surprise them, especially if it isn’t their thing.

Something as simple as going out to the local Sizzler or Applebee’s may suffice. If this is someone you’ve spent quite a bit of time with during your time at work, then you will have a pretty good idea of what should and shouldn’t be done.

2. Give a Retirement Card Signed by Everyone in the Office

If you are still doubting yourself and what you should get, why not get a funny or heartwarming card from the local drug store. Don’t worry if you’ve got a large team either. You can find hilarious extra large cards that everyone can sign and allows even people who just met them to say their farewells.

3. Plan a Retirement Gift

There may be a discussion among the crew about whether or not to buy the departing person a gift. If more than one person is going to be part of the gift giving, discussing what everyone is getting will help avoid doubles of anything. Having everyone pitch in for a single gift is an option as well.

Anything to do with their favorite hobbies, some work memorabilia such as a coffee mug, travel tote, or sweater can work. Get informed about where your direction your coworker plans to go in life so that your gift is genuinely appreciated.

4. Personalize a Retirement Gift

Once everyone’s pitched in or gotten a gift for the retiring coworker, consider a scrapbook with snapshots from all their years at the job. In addition to putting in photos, you can write funny things you remember about each situation.

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A memory book is great if where they’re retiring from is the last place they plan on working.

5. Plan a Retirement Event for Their Closest Coworkers

It’s nice to have a going away party with the full crew, but if you and anyone else are close to the coworker or employee, plan a more personal lunch. Talk about your own retirement plans with your coworker, share your fondest memories of them at work, and reminisce about the best days you all had together.

6. Present an Official Company Thank You and Service Award

If your company doesn’t do so, start your own custom of giving a farewell with an official gift. Mantle clocks or engraved plaques are commonly given to companies that adopt the tradition. Ensure the award reminds them of their line of work or the company they were a part of. Present the award at a spontaneous ceremony with a few drinks on hand.

7. Prepare a Brief Presentation About the Employee’s Career Highlights

This is something that can be done as the award is presented to the retiring party. Share with the group the individual’s many achievements throughout their time with the company, any funny stories you may have, and how they inspired you. If the employee is a good sport, you may be able to structure your presentation as a “retirement roast.”

8. Film a Retirement Video

Even if you don’t have a camera on hand, whip out your smartphone and record all the festivities. If you happen to host the party at someone’s house, you’ll have the opportunity to record everything with a larger-memory camera.

9. Produce a Company Memory

A great way to produce a company memory is to hire a professional photographer to capture the whole team standing together. Whatever it is that the team chooses, choices are limited by what your coworker wants. If they’re into everything, then the sky’s the limit.

10. Hold a Retirement Transition Meeting with HR Staff

If the employee retiring has a 401(k) established with the company, it is important to discuss their benefits with them. Talk to your coworker about what type of retirement plan they have and what else they need to do to access it. This may prompt them to speak with management about it.

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