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Ways To Make A Long Flight Comfortable

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Vacations are a wonderful experience to have, provided everything goes almost exactly according to plan. It’s the method of travel one might choose that leads to future headaches and aggravations that stick with them for the rest of their stay. Flying in an airplane in particular stresses out many travelers.

No matter how many flights you’ve been on, something is guaranteed to get under your skin. But if you’re looking for some way to make that 15+hour flight, here are a couple of tips to make things a little more bearable:

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1. Wear Comfortable Clothes

The biggest problem everyone agrees on when it comes to airplanes in their general lack of space. Tight spaces and uncomfortable clothes might lead to constant shifting in your seat and could spell problems if the wrong person is struck with sudden paranoia.

There’s no need to wear a sharp suit or dress, even if it is a business trip. If you have them, wear some loose-fitting jeans and shirts, a hoodie, and tennis shoes (though, I’d go with slip-on for convenience sake.

It’s a little-known fact that Lady Gaga took a flight in clothing that hugged a little too much, leading to unintended swelling.

2. Escape From the Noise

An airplane does not have much internal room, and therefore passengers are subject to the noises made by anyone else sitting in the same section of the plane. When everyone gets the green light to operate their electronics, pull out your noise-cancelling headphones if you have them.

There’s no need to shell out more than $100 to buy a pair. Plenty of stores sell noise-cancelling headphones at affordable prices.

3. Evade the Light

Sleeping is probably one of the hardest things to do on the plane, especially when you know there will be lights on throughout the flight. The best way to plan for this is to bring a sleeping mask with you if you want to block out the terribly annoying lights.

Putting on your headphones and mask as you take off can get you ‘psyched up’ for sleep. (Yes, that’s a thing).

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4. Drink Enough Water

If you are not allergic to water, it is extremely important that you take in a proper amount to stay hydrated. Do not entertain the thought of drinking alcohol or soda, as both beverages are known to rob the body of hydration. To save yourself the trouble of staying thirsty, grab yourself a bottle of water after the security checkpoint and drink it down during the trip.

5. Hydrate Your Skin

According to dermatological experts, the air quality in a plane’s cabin can be arid enough to dry out one’s skin if not moisturized. Before you even set foot out the door, pack up your go-to skin lotion and apply a fair amount either just before or during your flight.

Think about where you’d put lotion on if you were going out during the winter, and apply lotion to those respective areas.

6. Fuel Up in the Airport with a Green Juice

These days most airports have their fair share of Jamba Juices or some other equivalent. If you are looking for a definitive boost in all-around energy and memory, hit up a juice bar and grab yourself a veggie-based smoothie.

Those of us who belong to the more health-conscious crowd likely know the best types of drink for specific amounts of time one may be flying.

7. Use Your Time Wisely

One of the biggest mistakes people make when deciding to travel is what to do with the actual travel between departure and destination. Some of us might get nauseous, but veteran fliers would likely tell us that keeping busy will not help it go away.

If you’re looking to distract yourself, lower your stress by doing some light reading if none of the in-flight movies have tickled your fancy.

8. Get a Good Seat

You can always check where your seat will be located before you ever set foot near the airport. If you are looking for the optimal location inside the cabin, checking where you’ll be before boarding can help quite a bit.

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If you are stuck in the aisle and wish to be near the window, taking a second look at the seat before boarding can help you get the best place possible.

9. Bring Socks

Nobody wants to wear shoes for more than 12 hours if they don’t have to. If you want to let your feet breathe, bring some colorful song along for the ride so your feet can stay warm and comfortable.

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