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Man Mocks Woman On Plane, Doesn’t Realize Who’s Behind Him

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Holding back tears in public isn’t easy. People are sensitive beings, and a harsh word can hurt so bad that you get to experience all of your youth traumas in a matter of seconds. This is exactly what has happened to her. She couldn’t hold back her tears.

It was too late for her to change anything. She quickly turned her head towards the window and tried to comfort herself. At that moment she heard him. Confused, scared, and sad, she lifted her head up and watched him confront her emotional abuser. At the time, she had no idea that a single stranger would change her life.

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25. The Hero In Plain Sight

Savannah Phillips was a proud woman. She was a wife and a mother, who had a lot to be proud and happy about. Still, no matter how blessed she was, there was some little voice that kept pushing her down.

For years, a small voice inside her head was telling her how she would never be good enough. This voice was even stronger when had to board on a plane each time. Every flight was like a nightmare for her – here is why.

24. Weighing In

Savannah had to deal with her weight for most of her life. Although she knew that everybody is beautiful and unique, the pressure for perfection was just too much.

Throughout her entire life, Savannah was a victim of what is today known as ‘body shamming.’ Moreover, she endured constant ridicule and awkward stares which negatively impacted her self-esteem. What happened this day, pushed her self-esteem even lower.

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23. Raising Problem

Obesity is a problem on the rise in the States. For years now, Americans have been fighting with extra weight. It’s not a common occurrence in adults and the elderly, but children as well.

With so high a number of obese people in the state, it comes as no surprise that people suffer so much from body shamming. As a general rule, body shaming can lead to all kinds of problems. This day Savannah was about to be reminded of.

22. Catching That Fatal Flight

Savannah was far from loving planes. She hated small spaces and tiny seating. Still, as a businesswoman, she knew that couldn’t avoid the need to travel.

So, she did the only thing that she could – she bit her lip and got on with it. She had no idea that this flight was about to change her life for good.

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21. Facing Her Fears

Savannah knew very well her own fears. Therefore, she did all that she could to keep her emotions under control. She found a way to manage her plane anxieties.

Her solution was to book isolated seats. This way, she could spare herself the discomfort of sitting next to somebody who was uncomfortable with her weight.

20. Beggars Can’t Be Choosers

Beggars can’t be choosers used to say that people who need something should be happy with what they get. This was something that Savannah knew too well. When she reached the counter of her gate, she double-checked with the check-in assistant that the plane was at full capacity. Anxiety started kicking in.

To avoid any future stress, she asked if they could give her an isolated seat. They denied her request. The plane was simply too full. She pleaded, but there was no use. Her heart started running like crazy – she was ready for the worst.

19. Mission Impossible

Savannah gave her best to get that isolated seat, but the airplane representatives couldn’t help her. Eventually, she joined the rest of the passengers on their plane. Being a plus-size person is never easy, especially when you are surrounded by people who are much smaller than you are. Add to that jammed and small seats – disaster just waiting to happen…

Savannah ignored looks as much as she could, but she knew that she couldn’t ignore them forever. So, she was trying to discreetly steal sideways glances at her. She was hoping for the best, but she was about to discover again how people can be cruel.

18. Something Was About To Happen

She couldn’t wait for the flight to end. “It will all be over soon,” she thinks. However, the feeling in her gut couldn’t let her be at ease.

She did her best to suppress her heart from pounding, but it looked like a mission impossible. She held her breath, wildly searching for her seat. The horror was about to begin.

17. A Tough Situation

Savannah held her breath, wildly searching for her seat. Her place was in the fact window seat and there was already someone sitting in another seat.

The passenger greeted her with contempt as he rose to let her into her window seat. As she squeezed past him, he let out a very loud passive-aggressive sigh. This was the beginning of a true emotional rollercoaster.

16. The Trouble

Sometimes people say more by not saying a word. She knew that her co-passenger isn’t pleased with her sharing space with him. Still, she was hoping that no drama would occur. However, she was wrong.

This elderly man with yellow sunglasses wasn’t a fan of overweight people and it was a disaster waiting to happen. Still, Savannah wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen.

15. All Eyes On Savanaah

As soon as Savannah took her seat, the man started typing on his phone. He looked angry and as if he was about to let his feelings be known. He even adjusted the settings of his screen by increasing the brightness and text size to as large as possible.

What was more shocking was the fact that he tilted the screen towards Savannah so that she could see exactly what he was doing. He was so focused on Savannah that he didn’t know that a pair of eyes behind him was monitoring his every action.

14. Blame The Elderly

Savannah thought he was trying to grab her attention, so she asked him what he was doing. At first, she felt a relief – maybe he wanted a start a polite conversation with her?

He said that he needs a larger typing area to help him see better, but that was a massive lie. He continued to send a message to his “friend”. Savannah was abotu to discover what he was really typing.

13. Tearing Up

At one moment, Savannah was able to make out what he had typed. She couldn’t hold back her tears. What she was looking at was more than she could bear.

She quickly turned her head towards the window, shielding her pain and tears. However, it was too late, because the man behind them saw everything.

12. The School Bully

Savannah now understood why he made an obvious effort to adjust his screen settings. He wanted her to see his message. After all, he did no attempt of concealing from her.

Savannah broke down after she read it, “Sitting next to a smelly fatty”. For Savannah, this was like being in school again. It was like the man next to her was the new class bully, and she could defend herself. Then her savior stepped in.

11. A Savior By Her Side

The old man received a sudden, far from a gentle, tap on his shoulder. He turned and the person behind him told him: “I need to speak to you. NOW.”

Surprised, he followed the young gentleman down the aisle. The man told the elderly guy, “we’re switching seats NOW.” The older man agreed, thinking about who this man was and his relation with Savannah. The man was Chase Irwin and this is what he did next.

10. Helping Savannah

Chase joined Savannah and immediately spoke to her. He had no idea that at that moment he really became a hero to many. Savannah and Chase began to talk, and she couldn’t contain her gratitude.

They talked abotu a number of things, but all that she knew about her savior was his name, profession, and that he was a parent too. When they landed, Savannah had a plan on how to thank him properly.

9. Thank You Note

Since she didn’t have a lot of information on Chase, she decided to do what she could. First, she tried to find him on social media, but without much success.

Secondly, she decided to harvest the power on social media to find him and thank him once again. So, she wrote a powerful post and urged people to share it until Chase was found. What came next really surprised her.

8. Facebook Post

Savanna’s post began: “I am only sharing this story of what happened to me today in hopes that the person who stuck up for me will somehow be recognized…”

“We sat on the runway waiting for the OK to take off for about 10 minutes – I sat there unable to stop silently crying. I was scrunching myself up against the wall as far as I could,” she continued.”…The guy next to me takes out his headphones. Someone behind us says, “We are switching seats. Now.” The guy next to me said, “OK- why?” And I hear someone say (removing curse words), “You are texting about her, and I’m not putting up with that.”

7. Going Big, Going Viral

Savannah couldn’t believe it when messages and comments started kicking in. She was taken aback by how many likes, shares, and comments her post received.

Users even wrote encouraging comments, telling her how beautiful she is. Many wrote that the man with glasses was rude and that she shouldn’t let his personal opinion affect her.

6. Searching For Chase

Users praised Chase for his actions. They shared how his good deed needed to be acknowledged. United, people were determined to find him. Surprisingly (or not?!) Chase was found. How was that possible?

Facebook users identified Chase Irwin by looking for the page of the restaurant he managed, Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row bar, and restaurant in Nashville. In no time, the restaurant gain international fame.

5. Infuriated

In no time, Chase had an interview with NewsChannel 5. In that interview, Chase said he had not approached the stranger and intervened for the publicity. Good deeds are usually just good deeds, right?

He also continued saying that when he saw what Savannah’s rude seatmate was writing, he couldn’t ignore it. This is what he said next on the matter.

4. End Of The Flight

Chase continued speaking in his interview about how he initially had different plants, but then something just snapped. “I was going to wait until the end of the flight to say something but I could not have this guy sit next to her this whole flight and her thinking he’s making fun of her.”

He continued saying: “It really gets to me deep down when I see someone crying, and when I saw her crying it really hit me hard and I actually got sick to my stomach.”

3. A Sleeve Full Of Tricks

From the first second, Chase had been paying attention to the situation. He sensed that a situation would unfold as the elderly man was excessively rude to her.

As soon as he had seen the text, Chase knew that he couldn’t let this man go without saying something. He wasn’t ready to let this person hurt anyone else. At the time, he had no idea how much change his action would make.

2. He Couldn’t Believe It

The rude man had written “Hey babe, sitting next to a smelly fatty. She’s overflowing over my armrest. I think I’m going to be sick!” Chase was in shock, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Chase confessed that he was extremely hard to watch Savannah who was in tears. His heart just sank. Thats why he decided to do something and the rest is history.

1. Fifteen Minutes Of Shame

He took a short video of the man on Snapchat and wrote: ‘This guy, prob mid-50s just text his wife that he is sitting next to a smelly fatty and was about to vomit. I watched her read his text and is now looking sad.”

He also added: “Should I… just say something when landing?”At that moment he decided to do something and make a stand, and the world thanks him.

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