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Guy Stumped When Fawn Refuses To Move, Looks Closer And Realizes He Has To Act Fast

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Seeing a helpless animal is always stressful. People share Earth with animals, and compassion toward them should be an everyday thing, especially when you see some wild animals, such as moose or an elk. Whenever an animal needs help, good people will help, or at least think about helping.

What would you do if you saw a living being lying on the road all alone and scared, with apparently broken legs? Would you pass by or try to help? This is precisely what a man from our story had to decide on the spot, and fast. Read on to see what happened when a group of adults saw a helpless creature on the road.

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25. An Unusual Situation

They stood in silence like they were frozen. They had no idea what to do. He looked around at his friends’ faces trying to see if anyone of them knows what to do, but they all just looked at the creature.

Encountering with wildlife isn’t unusual in the heavily wooded area they have been driving through, but he had never been in a situation like this. He knew one thing for sure – they had to act fast. If so, they had to risk it all.

24. On The Road

Steve Knoop had no idea that an ordinary trip would turn to be a real-life adventure. Neither he nor his friends had any idea of what they were about to face.

They knew each other for years, and they were a group of real friends. They went through so much in past years, but this single situation yet challenged them in so many different ways. Here is what exactly happened that day.

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23. Not An Ordinary Road

Steve and his friends were driving together on the road bordered by woods. It was a quiet day and a nice trip. The road was great, and the scenery was fantastic. A road trip with friends and family is always a good idea.

They rarely encountered any traffic, which was perfect for stress-free driving. They were chatting, listening to everyone’s favorite music hit, and overall having a good time. That was the case, at least before Steve slammed on the brakes.

22. What’s That?

Steve’s friends were in shock. Why would he act so unexpected and dangerously above all? Then they saw it in the middle of the road – the reason to Steve’s sudden action.

When on a road trip, no one wants surprise – nor great, nor bad. People only want to have a nice ride, a safe trip, and a good time. What was ahead promised to spoil their trip?

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21. Meeting Eye to Eye

When you see something in front of your car on the road, you need to get out and move it. Unless it’s dark, and you are in the forest and all alone – because you never know if someone is hiding in the bushes.

Since it was daytime, it was safe for them to move and take needed actions. Plus, the car was full of people; it always helps to have friends around. Steve looked hard in front of him, trying to figure out what was looking at them, and then it hit him.

20. Something Wasn’t Right

Steve looked at his friends, and he knew that he had to tell them. How will they react? He knew that he needs to lead this situation and search for good signs first. So, he looked around for any sign of trouble.

No, he was sure, there was no one around. They were the only ones on the road. Maybe that was the best. They could act faster alone. Now he was ready to leave his car. As he was about to open the door, a simple question run through his head – What if a hunting season is on? Could he get hit? Could a simple road trip turn into a bloodbath? Considering what was in front of them, it was possible.

19. What Was It

Steve knew that being near the forest is both beautiful and scary. You get to enjoy the fantastic scenery and perfect silence, but he also knew that several accidents happen when you are out in the wild, especially if the hunting season is on.

Did you know that, in an average year, around 1,000 people in the United States and Canada are accidentally shot by hunters? Fewer than 75 are fatalities, but Steve still didn’t want to risk his life for anything. He also didn’t want to see his friends getting hurt. Then it clicked.

18. Were There Any Hunters Around

There were no hunting signs. He remembered that basic rule. If they were in the hunting area, there would be a sign saying so. He scanned the area and couldn’t see any panel. Steve knew that he is good to go.

The burning question was, why was it down, refusing to move even a tiny bit? Did it see something that they did not? Was someone searching for it? Was it scared? Steve decided to walk toward. They were about to discover what happened.

17. What To Do?

Steve opened the door and left them open because he didn’t want to scare the poor thing. Steve was wondering if he was right. And if he was, he had no idea what to do next.

Again, he wasn’t alone, so they will probably find the best solution possible. As he walked toward the motionless creature, one thing crossed his mind – what if the beast was dead?

16. The Big Discovery

Steve strolled. He could see that the creature was brown and tiny. He still wasn’t sure what it was. Steve made another step, and the beast looked in his direction. Big, brown eyes looked at him, and at that moment, he knew that he would do anything to save this creature’s life.

There was no evidence of an accident, which was great – the poor creature wasn’t hit by a car. Steve was now close to the animal. He kneeled, and it just looked at him. Steve turn to his friends, smiled and called them with a shorthand signal. It was Bambi!

15. Familiar Creature

In the middle of the road was a small and brown lump. It was a baby deer… They couldn’t believe it. They never saw one in person so close… It was beautiful and super tiny!

It’s always breathtaking to see a fawn in the wild. They are so beautiful, elegant, and gentle with their big eyes and easy feet. This fawn just looked sad… It looked like his legs were broken.

14. They Had To Help

The fawn’s legs were collapsed in a strange position around its body, and its eyes were open. There were no visible signs of injury, but something was definitely off. It appeared as if the baby fawn is trying to make itself look smaller. One of the guys had a theory.

One of Steve’s friends had a theory – that a baby fawn was hiding from someone or from something. Fawn located himself in a strange posture, crunching, posited in such manner as if it trying to camouflage itself. The second theory was even more heart touching.

13. Another Theory

Another guy from Steve’s entourage had the opposite theory. He suggested that baby fawn was just born a few minutes earlier. Judging by the creature’s size, this was a real possibility.

The burning question, why was it lying down, refusing to move even a tiny bit? Did it see something that they did not? They were about to discover what happened with this poor creature. For now, they had to move it off the road.

12. They Were Being Watched

They had no idea how long baby fawn has been on the road like this. While they were waiting for Steve, they agreed on one thing – they need to protect this creature and provide a chance for living. Then, suddenly, they heard a rustling sound behind them.

Suddenly, everything was clear. They saw it, and it explained everything. Steve’s group had no idea that they were being watched from a distance. The baby fawn knew this, but people had no idea. Now it was clear that baby fawn had a good reason to stay still. Did it? One was for sure, the baby fawn had to be in the safe, far from the road.

11. Off The Road

One of Steve’s friends, Paul, said: “We really should get it out of the road,” and Steve and the rest agreed. Others accepted Paul’s decision as well when he started slowly walking toward the baby deer.

No one was sure if it was a good decision or not, but they had no other option. Plus, they really didn’t have any better idea. Meanwhile, Steve captured all of it on camera. Paul said: “It’s not gonna hurt me… I’m not worried about that.” His main worry was he could scare the poor creature. Here is what happened when Pail approached him.

10. Mother Waiting

Paul knew that he needs to act carefully, not to scare the baby fawn. He moved his hands carefully, closer and closer, as he bent down behind the fawn.

Paul slowly placed his hands under its hind legs and gently scooped it up. Fawn didn’t seem scared at all. Actually, baby fawn seemed more than ok, as he quickly stood up and walked toward the woods. But just then, the fawn started moving.

9. Doing a Good Deed

Baby fawn run toward the forest to what seemed to be his mom. Paul was so happy that he even yelled, “Yeah!” Happiness is contagious, and others felt pride and joy almost immediately.

As baby deer leaper away into the woods, Paul and the rest saw a full grown-up deer monitoring the situation. It was a baby fawn’s mother. The guys looked on in awe. At this moment, Steve who was filming this situation decided to post their adventure online.

8. The Right Thing To Do?

No matter how amazing a deed you manage to pull off, there will always be people who will judge you. This is just how life works – there will always be those who will praise your actions and those who would see flaws.

As soon as Steve posted their adventure online, different comments started coming. Some loved this whole event, while others were more critical.

7. Critical Voices

Some people were very opinionated on Steve and Paul’s actions. They strongly believed that the fawn probably would have made its way back to its mother, who was nearby if the guys had just backed away.

This is something that no one can know for sure. On the other hand, people praised Paul for helping save the baby deer and acting so humane. In a short time, Steve’s video of the incident has been viewed over five million times… but what about negative reactions?

6. Mother Always Knows Best

When it comes to love, there is no big difference between human love and animal love. The bond between parents and newborns is still, no matter the shape.

Animals love and care as well, and this mother just proved this to Steve and his entourage. As a person, you will worry about your loved ones, exactly as mom deer will worry about her baby. However, when it comes to handling baby animals, there is a rule.

5. Laws that Protect Animals

As you may know already, there are certain rules that animals live by. You may not know that all, but they do exist. It turns out that female deers have rules of their own.

They tend to leave their fawns on their own while it’s light out, but they always come back. Do they abandon them? Or is this some educational moment?

4. Abandoned Fawns

A doe has a role of educating their young how to survive. To do so, they will leave the fawn in a secluded area for a couple of hours. She will also distract predators away from her baby while she looks for food.

This happens only until deer fawns are healthy enough to find food on their own. Does always return at dawn and dusk to feed and/or move their young. In the meantime, fawns must camouflage.

3. Touching Them Can Be Dangerous

So, unless the baby animal is in an extremely dangerous situation or a high traffic area and seems confused, it’s best not to touch baby deer.

If you absolutely must handle baby deer, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife recommends that you “rub an old towel in the grass and wipe the fawn to remove human scent.”

2. Rejecting Fawns

Wildlife experts explain that touching baby deer can do more harm than good. People should avoid touching baby deer because the lingering human scent could cause their mothers to reject them.

It was evident that Paul had no time to clean his scent from the Abby fawn. He ran off so fast that it was impossible to do anything. However, this does mean that what he did was wrong.

1. Preserving All Life

“If the fawn is found in a dangerous place… [it] may be picked up and immediately moved several feet away from the danger,” The Virginia Beach Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals advises on their website.

This only suggests that what Paul did was the right thing. Caring about animals is a human thing to do. This planet is given to many, not only humans, and preserving all life should be everyone’s mission.

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