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A Man Took A Picture Of His Wife On Their Boat. Then He Spotted Something Floating In The Ocean

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Celebrating birthday out at the open sea may seem like a dream for some, but for Bruce and Robin Knecht from Odessa, Florida, enjoying the sea was an everyday activity. What started as an ordinary and lovely day out at the ocean wave became a life-changing experience. Bruce and Robin were celebrating their joint birthdays with another couple, Michael and Shawn Sahr, as they did every year.

Like many years before, friends took their boat out into the Gulf of New Mexico to admire the sun and sea. However, they had no idea that this trip will be different. What they didn’t plan was that this particular trip would end in tears.

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25. Unexpected Scenery

Four friends had everything planned for that day – boat, food, drinks, camera, and a good mood. They have scheduled to start the birthday party early, like the sunrise.

Nothing can beat that scenery of the sun welcoming the day. The water was perfectly calm, and there wasn’t a soul to be seen. The champagne was cooling, and there were no indicators that this day will end in tears.

24. Fishing

After a few hours of watching the sea and simply enjoying the sea silence, Bruce whipped out his rod and cast his line. He was a passionate fisherman who couldn’t imagine a day at the sea without fishing.

Bruce was hoping to catch lunch for all that he could prepare once they return to the shore. At the time, he had no idea that he would catch something much bigger than a fish.

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23. Something Strange In The Background

After only a few minutes, Bruce felt a bite. It’s not so common for a fish to bite so fast, but Bruce was an experienced fisherman with years of fishing experience and knowledge.

At the moment, he was proud of himself and pleased to see that the fish was quite sizable. He wanted to catch this moment, so he grabbed his camera. What he saw once he took the picture left him speechless.

22. A Closer Look

Bruce rushed to get his camera and snap a picture of his catch. His wife, Robin, posed in the background, smiling to Bruce. She was completely unaware of what was going on behind her.

Bruce saw what was happening in the distance and did a double-take. He couldn’t believe what he saw, so he wanted to be sure. There was definitely something—an uninvited guest.

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21. Bruce Zoomed In

At first, Bruce wasn’t sure at what he was looking at. So, he zoomed in with his camera to see better and get a clearer idea of what he was looking at. He knew that he would need to take a closer look, so he motored straight towards.

The strange object was becoming more visible. Bruce wasn’t sure at what he was looking at. Then it became clear to him… Were those limbs? Could it be alive?

20. Limbs

The mysterious object bounced lightly, and at first, Bruce was sure that he sees a tangle of algae and debris that were naturally caught in the morning, but he wasn’t sure.

Bruce squinted, and he was sure he could make out fine strands of long brown hair being pulled by the ebb and flow of the waves. As they drew nearer, Bruce’s disbelief grew stronger as he saw two arms and two legs.

19. New Face

The object was lying still, and Bruce and his entourage had no idea what to expect. They were trying to see the orange object better. “We were going about 20 miles an hour… so it was hard to see,” Bruce told ABC News.

Finally, the boat was now paralleled with the object. They couldn’t breathe easily; they all were caught in silence with anxiety, afraid to speak about their fears. Bruce remembers as his primary focus was saying, “Please, let that not be a body.”

18. The Body

As they approached the body, they were sure that these are limbs that they are looking at. Bruce taught: “It’s just a stuffed toy,” and felt a huge relief. They started to laugh nervously.

At that moment, they had no idea just how wrong they were. Just as they were preparing to leave, the object moved its limbs. Now they were sure that the toy was a living being.

17. What Was It?

“That’s no stuffed toy,” Bruce said in distress. Shwan also looked closer in horror as the dark shape emerged from the water. It wasn’t a mermaid or any other ocean creature, and it wasn’t like any sea animal that they had ever seen in their lives.

Shawn told Bruce that he saw its arms move, and he was right. They were looking in its small, brown eyes, wondering how this creature end up here. Here is what it was.

16. A Struggling Creature

Finally, they were sure of what they were looking at. It wasn’t a human, but it was a living being. It was a little dog, all alone on the open sea, struggling to survive. How did he survive?

Luckily, the little canine was wearing a life jacket that kept him alive. They spot him only thank the bright life preserver. The mystery only grew from here. What was the dog doing alone so far away from the shore in the first place?

15. Paddling Furiously

Bruce and his companions couldn’t understand how or why this little dog was here. This wasn’t everyday scenery. How many dogs per year can be found out in the open ocean? Not many for sure.

They knew one thing for sure – this little dog was more than excited to see them. Once he recognized his savior, her paddles strongly toward the boat, knowing that was his harbor of salvation. He paddled until he was close enough to be hauled on board.

14. Rescue

“As soon as he saw the bow of the boat come around, he started paddling as fast as he could towards us,” recalled Michael. At the moment, Michael did the only thing that he could. He leaned over and grabbed the little dog from the water.

They removed the dog’s life jacket, gave a look-over, and greeted little Jack Russel with relief and welcome sight. The dog had a life jacket on; he must belong to someone. So, they searched for any sign of identification.

13. No Identification

Little Jack Russell seemed in distress, but he had no sign of any injury or poor nutrition. This could mean only one thing – he wasn’t out in the open sea for too long.

The crew inspected him for any sign of identification, but there were none. How can they contact the owner from the middle of an ocean? That’s when Shawn had an idea.

12. Coastguard To The Rescue

Shawn knew that their best chances are with the coastguard. If anyone knows what’s happening in the water area, it must be the coastguard. Shwan rationed them, and they asked them to identify the dog.

They gave their description to the coastguard, and they had some great news! Earlier that morning, they had a dog overboard report, and according to description, it was the same dog. His name was Jägermeister.

11. Rescue Mission

They couldn’t believe what they were hearing. They found the dog that same dog when his owner lost him. The coastguard took not on the boat’s coordinates so they could dispatch a rescue team.

Bruce and his crew were so happy, and they were thrilled to care for the little dog while waiting for the coastguard. They were waiting and looking at the poor dog who was shaking.

10. Cold And Shaking

“He was shaking like a leaf,” Robin later explained in an interview with the New York Daily News. They decided to warm him up as fast as possible. They wrapped the little dog in towels and got him calmed down.

It took them 30 minutes to calm the little Jack Rusell and convince him that he is safe. Jägermeister enjoyed all the pampering and warmth. After all, who knows how many hours he spends in the water. Robin recalled how sweet and very friendly Jägermeister was. Plus, he looked very peaceful on the boat, as if he had years-long experience dealing with boat rides. They were about to learn that Jägermeister was a serious sailor and how he got into the water.

9. Happy-Go-Lucky

Jägermeister was under tress only for a short period of time. After he calmed down, Jägermeister quickly hopped up on the top deck. He decided that he needs a sunbath.

Moreover, when the coastguard finally arrived, he quickly leaped aboard the rescue vessel and made himself comfortable. Here is how he ended up here.

8. On An Adventure

The person with all the answers was Joey Myrick. He and Jägermeister were on a boat trip when Joey stopped to check the hull. While he was out, his little companion decided to lead overboard to explore on his own.

It didn’t tool long for Joey to realize that his tiny friend is missing, but he couldn’t find him. The coastguard called Joey to inform him that his dog was found. He was waiting at the shore for his furry friend to come with the coastguard.

7. Happy Ending

Joey was waiting on the shore for Jägermeister to arrive with his new friends. When asked how she felt at the time of the reunion, Robin said: “Wonderful. It was heart-warming and heart-breaking at the same time. We all got tears in our eyes… he ran up, and the dog started licking his face,” Robin continued.

“We were all crying. It was really a very, very heart-warming moment. It was very happy!” Joey was more than grateful to Bruce and his crew – saving an animal isn’t something everyone would do.

6. Jack Russell Breed

Jack Russell is a small size dog who is excellent in the water. Luckily for Jägermeister’s owner, this breed is known for its swimming skills. Not all dogs can swim perfectly, but that’s not the case with this energetic breed.

This is the main reason why this furry hero managed to survive on his own. Jack Russells can swim, and they are excellent swimmers by nature. NEXT: Bizare story of a fisherman.

5. An Ordinary Day

Fisherman love being outside in the open, on fresh air, and on their won. Some are never focused on the prey, while others find great satisfaction in caught fish.

For Brad, this day was no different than any other day. He wanted to enjoy the fresh air and enjoy the time he had by himself and his fishing line. However, this day was far from ordinary as he was about to discover.

4. The Beautiful Lake

Everything started as an ordinary day. Brad gathered his fishing gear and his lunch and headed out. He knew that he would be spending hours outside, and an empty stomach wasn’t an option.

He got into the boat and got comfortable. Soon after, he notices a long log floating in the water, heading in his direction. He even saw some fur on the low, quite a lot of hair.

3. A New Friend

Brad was sure that it was a rodent, but he was so far from the truth. Very fast, Bran realized that this was no log at all, not it was a beaver. He reached out his arms and grabbed the animal.

He was shocked. It was a bear cub. The cub was tiny, just a newborn, and he was fighting to reach for a breath. Brad was afraid that the cub might bite him or that the mother was near, so he decided to call in for help. It was obvious that being completely alone with a bear at his side was a threatening position.

2. A Final Goodbye

Brad gave his best to reach out for animal rescues, but there wasn’t a response. So, he decided to go back to the shore. Brad knew what he needs to do.

As soon as they reached the shore, Brad grabbed him and let him wander back into the natural habitat. He was still hoping that mum bear will appear, although he was afraid of how she might react. Before the tiny bear crept back into the woods, it looked back at Brad – saying thank you.

1. Mother Bear

Once the cub disappeared into the woods, Brad returned to his boat. He couldn’t believe what happened and how he was at potential risk. Animal rescuers usually say that people shouldn’t approach animals in the wild because they are usually not alone.

However, this was an unusual situation, and Brad did a fantastic thing. Then, there were reports that hikers had spotted a bear cub and its mother in the area. The furry bear got his or her happy ending.

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