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Popular Millennial Jobs That Didn’t Exist For Their Parents

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A lot of new Millennial jobs that exist today were far from imaginable only 20 years ago. The Internet has altered our lives in such a grade that it has influenced the careers we pursue and the life choices we make. Once upon a time, there were milkmen that delivered milk every day, as well as telegram delivery boy that had to spread urgent news. Today, these jobs don’t exist anymore, but there are a lot of them that entered the picture.

For instance, a lot of people earn great sums of money as Instagram Influencers or Twitch broadcasters… There are even some that made a million businesses from their online accounts. Also, there are a lot of people working remotely and travelling the world, that are often called digital nomads. While these jobs and lifestyles might not come to you as a surprise, older generations often struggle in understanding how is it possible to earn money this way.

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No matter if you’re a Millennial looking for new job opportunities, or a baby boomer trying to understand what are these new careers your younger relatives are talking about, check this list of the popular Millennial jobs:

1. Web designer

Today, it’s nearly impossible to imagine a world without the internet. However, the general public only started having access to the world wide web since the mid-1990s. Back in the time, people made their own websites and most of them weren’t really designed well, or at all. When the Internet started spreading, the need for websites to look better increased too and that’s how the job of web designer emerged.

Today, there is a great demand for web designers, as every serious business needs a well-designed website. There are plenty of courses and degrees you can choose from if you want to try yourself in the field.

2. Online business manager

When people realized that online shopping was a thing, a lot of them came to the idea to start their own online stores. Online business managers decide on best web advertising for the company/store. They test and perform different campaigns through email marketing, click-through rates, etc. His job is to increase online sales.

3. Virtual assistant

Here’s another job tightly connected to the Internet. The online world cleared some space for virtual offices which made the job of a virtual administrator possible. These remote professionals’ job is to deal with some basic administrative duties, transcriptions or business bookkeeping. If you’re a business owner, you could have your web designer in Berlin, and your virtual assistant in Pakistan.

4. Sustainability expert

20 years ago there might have been some signs that the world will need people that will take care of good environmental choices. And indeed, today more and more companies are in need of experts in the field of environmental sustainability. Their job is to make the business’ products and processes more eco-friendly, and in some cases to appear as being so. There are plenty of MBAs focusing solely on sustainability, so if you’re thinking of pursuing this career, it shouldn’t be very difficult to find a suitable degree.

5. User experience designer

User experience designer, also known as UX designer, is a job even some Millennials don’t really understand. So what is it that these designers do? Their job is to create user-friendly (mostly digital) products and services that will best relate to customer’s needs. User experience is what makes an app addictive, a piece of software easier to use, a website quick to navigate.

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6. Internet marketer

Even if the traditional ways of marketing are still around, magazines, newspapers, radio are slowly being switched for online marketing alternative. Since people are spending a lot of their free time on the internet, marketing experts realized that websites, social media channels, and blogs would be a perfect place to advertise products, services, and events. So, the job of an internet marketer is to advertise a business through different campaigns and channels.

7. SEO specialist

A serious company today would indeed have an SEO specialist that would make their business show in Google search. Google has become the relevant way of searching for new services and products, so companies do their best to show on “the first page of Google search”. However, this is not an easy task to do. That’s why companies seek out search engine optimization specialists in order to improve their Google rankings.

8. Drone pilot

Even if they seem like a pretty common thing now, commercial drones were only sold to the public in 2006. Since then, the need for people who know to control the drone increased. In 2016, the Federal Aviation Administration allowed consumers to operate them. However, all drone operators need to get an Unmanned Aircraft Operator Permit in order to fly it. Drones are used today to deliver packages, display ads, take photos or videos.

9. Airbnb host

Airbnb launched in 2008, and completely changed the way people travel and the mind of the renters around the world. Homeowners have realized that they could earn more by renting their places for shorter periods of times, instead of renting it for a monthly price. Having more than four million listings worldwide, it is clear that surely over a million people have the job of an Airbnb Host. Airbnb has a lot to offer, from cheaper solutions over luxurious apartments to exotic cottages.

10. CrossFit coach

If you said the word “CrossFit” just 20 years ago, people would have looked you in a strange way. But today, it is a very popular fitness trend that has spread quickly across the world since it was founded in 2000. Crossfit is an intense workout regimen that includes gymnastics, cardio, weightlifting and more different types of exercises. There are more than 13,000 affiliated gyms that practice this regimen now. In order to become a certified CrossFit coach, you’d have to go through a four-level training program.

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