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30 Everyday Items That Will Disappear Because Millennials Refuse To Buy Them

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Times are changing. What was popular and regular in the ’50s or even in the ’90s is now changed or almost non-existing. Naturally, changing means that products that used to be essential to our grandparents are not so vital to us.

Millennials, or the group born between 1981-1996, have new habits. They are changing the world. Read on to discover the unexpected effects of millennial shopping habits.

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30. No Love For Cars And Gas

Millennials are pulling the breaks on buying cars and gas. Moreover, they are not interested in having a driver’s license altogether.

Actually, in the last eight years, the number of drivers age 18-25 was down nearly 25%. Millennials prefer to take public transportation. For them, this is a stress-free movement because they don’t have to think about the parking spot. They are also using ride-sharing apps.

29. Fabric Softener Is Not Needed

You may not imagine washing clothes without the fabric softener, but for Millenials, this product is useless. They don’t know what it does, because they don’t care about it.

In the last years, fabric softener sales dropped by 15 percent. Also, technology in washing machines is becoming more advanced, so no softener is needed in reality. Also, Millenials love cutting costs whenever it’s possible.

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28. Traditional Gyms

When it comes to food, Millenials prefer healthier and organic options. Still, the number of people going to the gym is declining.

It turns out that Millenials prefer certain types of workouts, such as Pilates studio, CrossFit gym, dancing class instead of traditional gyms. When it comes to exercise, Millenials will weigh their options carefully.

27. Cereal

This may sound shocking, but Millenials are not crazy about a bowl of milk and cereals in the morning. For them, cereal are inconvenient. Why?

Cereal are inconvenient because washing a spoon and a bowl is too much to deal with. Overall, cereal demand preparation and Millenials don’t have time both for washing and preparing the food.

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26. Business Suits

Business suits don’t suit Millenials. They love to maintain their style, and they favor a more laid back environment.

Fashionable business suits are in trend, but not so much, and usually on Friday. Denim in the office is a cool option nowadays.

25. Home Owners

Generations before Millenials wanted their own homes and key in hand. However, Millenials are not considered to be fortunate homeowners. There are a few reasons for that.

Home prices are on the rise, and millennials simply can’t afford to buy a home. Beyond that, many believe that investing in real estate means choosing just one place to settle. This is a part of traditional living that Millenials will happily skip.

24. Dairy Products

That time when a glass of milk was mandatory before bedtime is long gone. Moreover, it seems that some milk oriented moments will completely disappear unless they are milk alternatives.

Millennials prefer almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk, and oat milk. They will always say no to cow milk. Further, Millenials are choosing to avoid animal products. Milk sales have dropped by 40% since 1970.

23. Expensive Weddings And Diamonds

Love and marriage are not mandatory in the life of an average Millenial. More than half of the people, age between 25-34, are single.

The decline in wedding rates is as lowest as possible. Even if they opt for marriage, they will use an alternative for a wedding ring. All night dancing at weddings no more.

22. Traditional Movie Theaters

Popcorn and movie theaters are not so impressive. With so many streaming options from various networks, it is more and more difficult for movie theaters to fill up their chairs.

The comfort of their Millenials’ couch wins the battle here. Still, nothing can compare to movie theater popcorn.

21. Bulk Groceries

Who doesn’t want a 20-pack of juices and toilet paper rolls? It turns out that Millennials don’t care about it, according to market experts. Not even free samples can make them go to huge market chains.

Simply, bulk grocery shopping is not on the Millenials list. They cook less and spend less time at home, so grocery shopping doesn’t make a lot of sense. If they have to buy in bulk, they will order online.

20. Domestic Brand Beers

Can you imagine any barbeque without a Budweiser? Well, Millenials can actually. Nowadays, you have higher chances of finding iced tea, lemonade, or seltzer on Millenial grill.

Sadly to say, but beer belly is going out of style. Whenever it’s possible, Millenials will choose a healthier option.

19. Travelling And Cruises

Cruises are all about spending quality time and resting. Moreover, you get to visit more than one destination in a short time. Bigger the cruiser, bigger the fun, unless you are a Millenial.

Millennials love authentic experiences and to explore freely. Therefore, getting them on the cruiser becomes more and more challenging.

18. Meat

This is the first generation that has serious beef with meat. Young foodies are environmentally aware and want to avoid red meat as much as possible. Millennials prefer a green diet for moral reasons as well.

Also, after they pay the rent, student loans, and utilities, beef is a luxurious meal.

17. Napkins

Sorry to say this if you are a napkin lover, but napkins are not trending. They are going out of style.

When the budget is tight, this is just one of those things that everyone can survive without. However, this is not the only household item that will disappear soon.

16. Any Type Of Mayonnaise

There was a time when no dish could be complete without mayo on the side. That time is long gone because the anti-mayo wave is on.

In past years, the mayo sales dropped significantly. Millennials switched mayo for more healthier options, such as avocado.

15. Irons

Do you remember that we mentioned how Millenials are not passionate about using fabric softeners? Well, it turns out that they are not passionate about ironing as well.

Brands are working on the popularisation of non-ironing materials, so the trouble of ironing is almost non-existing.

14. No Land Lines

According to recent data, around 66 percent of Millennials live in a wireless home. Moreover, 51% hold no landline phone.

Shockingly, 83% of Millennials sleep next to their cellphones. One thing is for sure – you can’t sleep with your landline next to your pillow.

13. Lottery Tickets

Millennials are facing significant debt, rising housing prices, and lower salaries. Therefore, Millennials are also the first generation to completely avoids lottery tickets.

They are not willing to spend money on useless things, including lottery. That’s not the only thing that they are removing from their must-do list.

12. Postcards

This one was kind of expected since Millenials exist in the digital world. There was a period when 20 million postcards were sold every year.

Now, only around 5 million postcards are sold. Sending postcards takes money and time, while virtual messages are fast and free.

11. Stilettos

Millennials are super busy dealing with their finances that they are not settling for anything less than comfort. Simply said, Millenials are saying no to high heel.

Between stilettos or snickers, Millenials would instead go with something comfortable. More and more celebrities are promoting no-heels movement.

10. Stocks And Life Insurance

Millennials don’t put their hard-earned money into the stock market or life insurance. Moreover, they don’t have life insurance for one reason only – they can’t afford it.

With many struggles in the present, they don’t have the luxury of thinking or investing in the future.

9. Doorbells

Can you remember when you had to ring last time? To new generations, doorbells are a thing of the past. Firstly, Millenials live in apartment buildings, mostly, not homes.

Secondly, even if there is a doorbell, they won’t use it – they will text their friends that they have arrived.

8. Monthly Cable Subscriptions

Millennials prefer streaming services today, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. Expensive cable packages are becoming a thing of the past.

Millennials are busy, and they love watching what they want at their desirable hours. Their schedule and cable simply don’t work together.

7. McDonald’s

Younger customers do not love McDonald’s anymore. Millennials are choosing fresher and, above all, healthier options.

To return its customers, McDonald’s introduced salads and vegetarian options to their menu, but it still doesn’t look promising.

6. Hotels

Just a few decades ago, staying in a hotel with an all-inclusive offer meant an ideal vacation. However, Millenials are challenging this idea. They want more realistic and authentic experiences.

They prefer to stay in a shared space or to live like a local. Also, for them, hotels are expensive, and they choose less expensive options.

5. Golfing

Golfing used to be a trendy sport, especially among business people. However, golf is losing its popularity.

Millennials find golfing expensive, overpriced actually, and kind of boring. They have different ideas for fun.

4. Soap Bars

Millennials have this firm belief that soap bars are crawling with germs. Therefore, they would instead use body wash to clean themselves.

Strangely enough, soap cutting trend is in, while bars of soap are out. However, this is not the only unusual thing that Millennials are challenging.

3. Casual Dining

Millennials love to eat, so they would always have two options: either order some healthy option in, or they would casually go out for food and wine.

Casual dining restaurants are on a mission of finding new ways to draw the Millenial clients back to their booth. Between hipsters menu’s and their parent’s places, the first one still wins.

2. Department Stores

Long-time ago, department stores ruled the shopping world. Moreover, these large houses had almost everything, from great shopping choices to a high food menu.

However, today it’s easier to shop online, and Millenials love to get things instant. So, instead of spending hours in the stores, Millenials are choosing to put their money and time in a one-stop-shop.

1. Wine With Corks

Relaxed outing or friend picnic can be destroyed in seconds once you realize that wine comes to a wine cork. Millennials hate these issues, and they opt for no-corks wine.

They choose not to be bothered with screw-off wine tops. Millennials want a wine that’s friendlier.

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