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Millionaire Father Of Three Receives A Diagnosis That Raises Questions

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Richard Mason had a perfect life. He had a happy marriage, a beautiful wife, and three sons. On top of that, he had a fantastic month check, and some would even say that he had it all. Until one day, when Richard learned that he was suffering from an illness.

Cystic fibrosis is a rare disease that usually affects 3,500 newborns, and it mostly affects Caucasians of northern European ancestry. Once Richard learned about his condition, he also discovered that this disease prevents the male from fathering children naturally. At that moment, Richard started thinking about his life and if it was possible that he actually just an illusion of a happy life. Read on to see how Richard’s life went into turbulence after he did a DNA test.

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25. A Successful Business Man And Father Of Three

Richard Mason was a successful businessman living in the UK. Those from the UK are probably regular users of his popular website, MoneySupermaret.com, which many use to compare prices while shopping.

He is co-founder of this website, and at the age of 55, he was considered to be a millionaire. Not only that, he was successful at his job, but he also had a wonderful and happy family. Kate, this wife, and Richard met while they were both working at a bank. Soon after, they fell in love, got married, and had three sons. At the time, they had no idea that their family would fall apart so quickly.

24. Fast Divorce

Richard and Kate had three boys together: Will, and twins Ed and Joel. For years they were a happy family, but life comes with unplanned situations and desires, and the spark wasn’t there anymore.

Once Will turn 23 and the twins were 19, Richard and Kate decided to make a big decision and changes everyone’s life for good. They decided to separate.

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23. Love Was Gone

Separating is never easy, but in some cases, it’s mandatory. Once the love and support are gone, it’s better for people to turn to build their independent lives. Still, when you have children, it’s much challenging to go separate ways.

Richard and Kate knew that their marriage isn’t as it used to be, so they decided to end it. Still, they both remained close to their boys and knew that they need to do what’s best for their family. In 2008, Richard and Kate were officially divorced, and that’s when the chaos was unleashed.

22. Asking For More Money

When divorcing, people need to think about money as well. After all, with three children, a significant investment is needed for their future. So, once the process began, Kate kept pushing Richard for more money.

The final settlement was that Kate would receive a $5 million lump sum. This enormous sum also included a private school for all three of their sons. At the time, he couldn’t understand why Kate wanted more money, but he was about to discover.

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21. 8 Years Later, The Truth Is Revealed

For years after the divorce, the couple remained friends. They had children, and they wanted to honor their mutual accomplishments with having an honest and trustworthy post-divorce life. Then, eight years later, Richard discovered something monstrous.

Richard discovered that Kate kept a big secret from him their entire marriage. Sometime simplifies things can lead to big outcomes. Like, you can go left instead right and meet the love of your life, or you can go for a regular check-up and learn that your life is just a big bluff. Here is what he discovered that day.

20. Richard Was Diagnosed With Cystic Fibrosis

At the age of 55, Richard went to the doctor for a routine health check-up. This was a common practice for Richard, and he was sure that the check-up wouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.

However, the doctor wanted to run some different texts while he was there. In no time, Richard was informed that he had cystic fibrosis. This was hard to swallow, but he was about to hear something more devastating. Now, the doctor had more to share with Richard.

19. The Disease Is Genetic

Richard felt scared. He wasn’t expecting that anything was troubling his body. He knew what cystic fibrosis is. Besides, his sister had been diagnosed with the same disease, so he knew there was a chance he’d have it too.

Cystic fibrosis causes frequent lung infections, which leads to damaged lungs and decreased lung capacity, making it hard to breathe. Since this was a genetic disease, Richard was worried that he had passed it on to his three sons. Did he?

18. The Doctor Said That His Sons Wouldn’t Have It

Richard worried that he had passed on the genes for cystic fibrosis to his three sons. This isn’t something that comes easily, and it’s a tough question to ask a doctor.

Richard kept thinking about his boys, and what if one or all three boys have the same condition? No matter how scary it is, he knew that he must ask the doctor about it. The answer destroyed his world.

17. Men With Cystic Fibrosis Are Infertile

Then, the doctor shared with Richard something that Richard wasn’t expecting at all. Richard describes this conversation as a life-changing conversation.

“When the discussion then turned to fertility, he said, ‘Look, yourself and Emma (Richard’s second wife) you know- you’re gonna have difficulty having children because you are, as a man with cystic fibrosis, infertile.'” So, what was his next move?

16. Incorrect Diagnosis?

At first, Richard couldn’t believe what he is hearing. He started thinking about how the doctor must be wrong, because he had children already, three wonderful boys.

At that point, Richard was sure that the doctor is wrong. He knew that he has three healthy sons. So, he looked at the doctor and said: “You must have the diagnosis wrong because I’ve already got three boys.” This is what the doctor had to say about that.

15. The Diagnosis Was Correct

The doctor was shocked by the fact that Richard is the father of three children. He knew that it was impossible. He looked at Richard in shock, and somehow Richard knew what he was going to say next.

At first, the silence was too long. The doctor knew that the diagnosis was correct, and now he had to say to Richard that his ex-wife was lying. Richard’s world collapsed.

14. Terrible News

Not only that, Richard received horrible news about his health, but he has also discovered that his three sons weren’t biologically his. For all this time, Kate had been lying to Richard.

Richard began putting things together. He was listening to the doctor, while harsh realizations flashed through his head. He was thinking about Kate meeting another man and lying to him. Could it all be a lie?

13. Ignoring The Red Flags

Richard was thinking about all of those moments that should have been a red flag. He trusted his wife. What did he did wrong to push her away and justify this monstrous discovery?

Richard had always believed his wife, he could never imagine her lying to him or cheating. Now, looking back on it, he knew that all the signs were under his nose.

12. People Didn’t Think The Twins Looked Like Him

Richard had never considered that his boys wouldn’t be his own. He was crazy about his children and loved spending time with them. Now, when the doctor informed him about his condition and the fact that he isn’t biological father to his children, thoughts started rising through his head.

He started remembering how people always commented on how much twins looked like his ex-wife Kate, but not like him. Not at all. At the time, he simply ignored the comments. Now, words seemed to be louder than ever.

11. Kate Wanted The Kids To Be Jewish

Kate and Richard married for seven years when Kate became pregnant with the couple’s first child. At the time, Kate never talked about wanting to teach their future kids Judaism, but suddenly that was a thing.

Both Richard and Kate were Christians, and instead of teaching them Christianity, Kate insisted on a Rabbi to teach children about Judaism. Children even had Jewish middle names.

10. He Began Thinking Of Who The Boys Looked Like

Slowly, but indeed Richard started putting pieces together. He knew that boys looked like Kate a lot, but now he began thinking about who the boys looked like.

He recognized they shared similarities to someone that he knew, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Is it possible that Kate had an affair with someone that he knew? One thing was for sure: he had to get to the bottom of it.

9. He Suspected Who It Was

After a while, Richard narrowed down to who he believed his ex-wife was having an affair with. She was probably cheating on him while she was away on her business trips. Therefore, it must be someone from work.

Richard thought of one man, a co-worker of Kate’s, who he thought the boys matched. It all clicked when Richard remembered that the man was Jewish. Now, he had to confront Kate.

8. Richard Sent An Email To Kate

Since they were divorced, Richard couldn’t just pop up on her front door and confront her. Therefore, he decided to email her and inform her about his recent discovery.

He boldly wrote, “I went to the Liverpool Chest Hospital today… to finally receive my diagnosis that I have cystic fibrosis. In their experience, they have never had a male with CF who has fathered a child, let alone three. It is 98% certain that I am not the father of any children.”

7. Kate Didn’t Reply

Richard was waiting, but there was no response from Kate, so he sent another email. He wrote, “I was hoping that you could relieve me of further indignity by letting me know now if I am the father. I am happy to go along with your advice as to how best to tell the boys. But, if you force me to go through these extra tests, then I shall be telling them as I wish.”

This time Kate responded. She denied everything and stated firmly that she had no affair and that he’s their father. She wrote, “Of course, the boys are yours, no matter what the science might suggest.” After reading this, he decided to do extra tests.

6. Richard Called His Eldest Son

Richard decided to do extra tests, and in the meantime, call his oldest son, Will, and inform him about the matter. He needed Will’s DNA to be sure if he is the children’s biological father or not.

He also needed to let his sons know about his cystic fibrosis diagnosis. Richard recalls his conversation with Will, “I told him I’d just been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, which he took surprisingly calmly.”

5. Richard Tells Will His Suspicions

Richard also shared with Will that it’s unlikely that someone with cystic fibrosis could father a child. Then Will said something that Richard didn’t expect to hear. “He said, ‘I’m already ahead of you, Dad. You’re saying you’re probably not my father?'”

Richard was so grateful that Will understood his pain, and he told him that he will always be his dad, even if he isn’t biologically related to Will. Richard also shared how emotional and difficult this conversation was. He also added that he was furious.

4. Richard Didn’t Have Any Biological Kids

For 23 years, Richard believed that he had children, so learning the truth was shocking. Plus, with his newly discovered condition, he was afraid that he might not have much time left.

After speaking with Richard, Will confronted his mom Kate about what he had learned. He calmly asked her is Richard is his father. Kate did lie to Richard, but she couldn’t lie to Will. She shared with him that she had an affair.

3. Who Was The Father?

Kate finally admitted to Richard that she had an affair. She also revealed that the affair started after they had gotten married. She also adds that she meet him the same way she had met Richard, working at a bank.

The man Kate had been seeing was someone she worked with at Barclays bank. Their affair lasted for two decades, and it was a secret to everyone around Kate.

2. She Still Believed Richard Was Their Father

Kate insisted that boys are Richard’s biological sons. Regardless of her saying, Richard decided to go through with the tests. He needed to know the absolute truth.

Richard had to take several tests. Under the guidance of Roger Terrell, a paternity fraud expert, Richard first took tests to check his fertility levels. Unfortunately, the test results confirmed that Richard was unable to father children.

1. The Final Truth

Richard needed to take samples from his son as well. Sadly, the boys’ DNA tests showed that Richard was not their father. It was the ultimate proof that Kate lied to Richard for decades. Now, it was up to Richard to continue his life.

The oldest, Will, refused to take the DNA test because, for him, Richard is and forever will be his father. Eventually, Richard took Kate to court, and she had to pay over $300,000 for fraud.

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