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Family Wins Lottery Jackpot of Nearly $300 Million And Makes Unexpected Decisions That Will Affect Their Whole Town

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Winning the lottery is something so unlikely to happen that noone actually believes it would be possible for it to happen. Actually, that’s the same that one family from Missouri thought before that wild dream become reality for them. But, unlike most lottery winners, this family didn’t want to make rush decisions and wanted to focus on long-term benefits instead.

But they didn’t only think of their future. They didn’t even care about buying new sports cars, or buying a luxurious house. Instead, they decided to do something that will change their little town and better its residents lives. Their decisions seemed bizarre to some, while they believe that there wasn’t a better choice they could potentially do.

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1. Small Missouri family

Mark and Cindy Hill were just another regular married couple when something happened that would change their lives completely. They were living in a small town named Camden Point in the state of Missouri.

They were in their 50s and their three adult children had already moved out and built their own homes for their families. However, they still felt they had a lot of love to share and decided to adopt a little girl Jaiden from China.

2. Financial Struggling

In the last years, the Hill family’s financial situation became more difficult. Having a six-year-old to raise along with other expenses and repairs their house and family required, made making ends meet harder than it was before.

The Hill couple could never imagine not even in their wildest dreams, that something will happen that would make their financial crises stay far behind them.

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3. The Powerball Lottery

In November 2012, the second highest lottery draw of Powerball lottery was announced, it was a whooping sum of $587 million dollars. A quantity of money like this one was unimaginable to a community like theirs.

The enormous sum spiked up Cindy Hill’s attention. And although she wasn’t counting on getting anything, she just wanted to give it a try and see what happens.

4. Local Gas Station

Cindy Hill was passing next to her local gas station when she decided she was going to buy tickets for the lottery. She stopped at the local gas station and bought five Powerball lottery tickets that cost her $10.

She didn’t want to pick out any “lucky numbers” and she decided to let the computer choose her numbers. Cindy left out any personal preferences and superstitions, and left everything completely to chance.

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5. No High Hopes

Even if the lottery draw of $587 million indeed seemed very tempting, Cindy still didn’t believe that she had any chances of winning. She even left the tickets in her car after purchasing them. When her daughter Jaiden asked her about them, Cindy explained that she shouldn’t expect to win lottery, because “nobody ever really wins those things”.

Flickr- Tony Webster

Soon, she will discover that those words might have been the most ironic ones she ever spoke. The next morning, Cindy took her daugther to school and heard something that caught her attention. A winning Powerball lottery ticket was sold in the state of Missouri. Now she was curious to know if some of the numbers were the ones the computer picked out for her.

6. The Lucky Day

Although she didn’t have high expectations, Cindy was still intrigued by the news she heard. So she drove to a convenience store in order to have a peek at the winning numbers. And as soon as took the first steps through the door of the shop, she saw something that she couldn’t have imagined in her entire life.

The reported numbers were showing the ones the computer had picked out for her. She couldn’t believe that winning a lottery was even possible, and now she just found out she had the winning ticket. Cindy was still in state of shock and disbelief when she called her husband and mother-in-low to have them verify the numbers on the ticket.

7. Unbelievable Situation

Cindy Hill was sure something was not entirely alright. She just couldn’t accept the news immediately, but she was trembling out of excitement. At one point she thought she was having a heart attack.

However, nothing was wrong with eyes. She, along with her family, was about to be in possession of nearly $300 million dollars. But, knowing that people that won such great sums of money often lost sense of reality and went bankrupt in few years, the Hill family decided to be cautious with the enormous lottery draw.

8. Careful Analysis

The Hill couple now had to be extra cautious because it was likely that with the publicity that came along with the winning ticket, there would be a lot of people wishing them ill and trying to take advantage of them.

On the other hand, they didn’t want to spend their money without knowing they invested in the future of their family. So they decided to do something that will affect not only lives of their family, but also the well-being of their entire town.

9. Humble Family

With such a significant sum of money, the Hill family could do literally anything that run across their minds. Instead, they kept their wishes simple. Their little daughter Jaiden said she wanted to have a pony, and the couple said that they could take some time to travel to their ancestral homeland Ireland.

They also wanted to visit their daughter’s homecountry China. But, the Hills first made sure that all their nieces, nephews and grandchildren had their college funds filled up. They wanted to take care of their family’s long-term needs.

10. No Luxury

Having won one of the highest lottery draws ever, Mark and Cindy could have let their minds go wild and spend money on things they needed or didn’t need at all. In fact, instead of replacing his old, wornup pickup truck with a new, expensive sports car, Mark simply replaced it with a new pickup truck.

Everyone that knew the Hill family knew that this family won’t let this huge sum of cash change their character. This family had very stable principles they didn’t want to change in this case either. But now they were thinking what to do with the rest of money. They wanted to make a change that all of their little town’s residents could benefit from.

11. Tiny Community

Their town was a really tiny community, counting less than 500 residents in the rural area of Missouri. So, Camden Point didn’t have an infrastructure that was well-functioning. In fact, an upgrade would be more than needed. So, the Hill’s decided to make their town a bit happier place to live.

They first decided to help their local fire station by building them an entirely new fire station that would have extended facilities and would be located closer to the main road. They decided to do so because in the past few years, firefighters saved the life of Mark’s father. This was their way of showing them their immense gratitude.

12. More Donations

Now that they knew firefighters would have a better space to work in, they could continue with doing other good deeds. They decided to build a new baseball field for their little town, and to repair their town’s infrastructure.

In order to repair the drainage of the Camden Point that would allow residents to have a new sewage treatment plant, they bought the land and donated additional $50,000. But that wasn’t everything the Hill family did.

13. Scholarships

Despite giving away so much money for charitable donation that would make Camden Point a better place to live, the Hills still had a lot of money left from the lottery winnings. So, they wanted to do another thing that will help the children of their little beloved town. They decided to set up a scholarship fund at the nearest high school which they both attended.

The North Platte High School received an additional boost to motivate talented students to reach bigger things and making it possible for them to continue their studies outside of their quiet rural community. Hills generosity helped Camden Point quickly take care of project that would have take years without their money. To them, this seemed like the most natural thing to do.

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