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The Most Expensive High Schools In The U.S., Ranked

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Saving up for college is a serious decision that requires a lot of sacrifice, organization, and time. However, it turns out that sending your child to private high school can cost you more than some of the most expensive university tuition.

Simply said, sending a child to a top private high school can be expensive. Here are the most expensive toP-ranked schools in the States. Read on to learn which schools’ price tags made our list and why these schools are so expensive.

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20. St. Thomas More School – $53,900

St. Thomas More School is based in Oakdale, Connecticut, and holds an unofficial basketball school title. At least 20 alumni went on to become professional basketball players in the NBA. This is the primary reason why students choose to come to this school – they have enormous basketball talent and hope to be selected for an NCAA Division I level college basketball team.

As you may know already, every dream comes with a price, a nearly $54,000-a-year price, to be exact. However, to ease your mind about the numbers, schools offer some perks, such as top-of-the-line gymnasiums, a beach, dock, and boathouse. There are even five athletic fields, a track, tennis courts, and up to 40 different academic courses to choose from.

19. Linden Hall – $54,200 Yearly Tuition

Linden Hall is one of the oldest schools in the States, founded in 1746. This is an all-girls boarding school based in Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County. Linden Hall is best known for its spectacular equestrian team and facilities. There you can find at least 20 horses on campus.

There is also a large outdoor ring and a heated tack room. This school offers a year-round training program, and students compete in elite national competitions. At Linden Hall, students can obtain a real pilot’s license.

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18. The MacDuffie School – $55,450 Yearly Tuition

The MacDuffie School calls itself an “international community.” This school welcomes around 260 students, half from abroad, from more than 20 countries. And as expected, students from all over the world want to go to this school, located in Granby, Massachusetts.

School is very passionate about nutrition, so the cafeteria offers a full salad bar, a deli bar, a soup bar, fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, as well as hot entrées and homemade desserts. Schools also offer rich sports programs, including tennis courts and dance programs. There is also a student center enriched with charging stations.

17. Grier School – $55,900 Yearly Tuition

Grier School is an all-girl boarding school in Pennsylvania. FOr only $55,900 a year, your child can experience how it feels to be part of the private school system.

This school trains future Broadway dancers by professional choreographers. There are also other perks, such as the equestrian team. All students live on campus dormitories that are called “cottages,” overseen by housemothers.

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16. Avenues: The World School – $56,400 Yearly Tuition

This is where Suri Cruise, the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, goes to school. Avenues: the world school, every year, welcomes children of tech millionaires and celebrities. Located in new york city, this school asks only $56,400 per year.

For this amount, children get many benefits, including a MacBook, an iPad, and a first-class-restaurant school cafeteria. Students graduate fluent in Spanish or mandarin. And yes, black town cars with private drivers usually pick up the children.

15. Woodberry Forest School – $57,250 Yearly Tuition

In Virginia, Woodberry Forest School is an all-male boarding school that accepts only 395 young men each year. They may be taking only 395, but it feels like there are thousands of them, considering how big the campus is. The school’s ground includes a skeet-shooting range, an outdoor swimming pool, a golf course, and a ropes course.

There are many perks, including a weekly dinner menu similar to fancy restaurants. One week they may need eas pork tenderloin nad the next beef au jus. So, there are no bad cafeterias; just outstanding ones cost a lot.

14. Kent School – $58,450 Yearly Tuition

The Kent School has many brick buildings that are surrounded by amazing fields, autumn leaves, and breathtaking nature. On top of that, the Housatonic River is nearby for those who love morning runs or Sunday picnics.

The Kent School offers great indoor and outdoor balance, with squash courts, a football and baseball field, and even a boating and rowing house. Students can choose from 172 courses and 56 clubs. Did we mention that Ken schools offer a pizza station in their cafeteria?

13. Midland School – $58,600 Yearly Tuition

Midland school on California’s central coast is a unique combination of half school and a half working farm. For only $58,600 per year. Students will increase their academic performance, learn how to chop wood, tend to livestock, clean windows, and maintain the farm.

This school doesn’t have a janitorial or maintenance staff. Also, they have very unusual practice: once students join their campus, their cellphones are confiscated until the end of their term. Each student is also obliged to bring an ax, a knife, and a lighter with them to their first day of school.

12. The Hill School – $59,050 Yearly Tuition

Located only 40 miles outside of Philadelphia, this school was ranked one of the most elite boarding schools in the country by the famous Business Insider. Hill School alumni include a secretary of state, a secretary of the treasury, and some of the most significant leaders present today.

The dress code here is rigorous and formal: boys will always wear a coat and tie, while girls will wear a blazer. Uniforms must be work all day, for every activity. At least they don’t have to think about what to wear.

11. Northwood School – $59,920 Yearly Tuition

Northwood School is often described as ‘pretty fancy.’ Fancy or not, this school offers exceptional school programs, including college-level courses. The school tries to take advantage of its position as much as possible since it’s located between the incredible Adirondack Mountains and fantastic Mirror Lake.

Students are encouraged to hike frequently and even participate in an all-day hiking trip called “Mountain Day.” Basically, this location’s sports are focused around its location.

10. Episcopal High School – $60,900 Yearly Tuition

When people first see the Episcopal High School campus, they believe that they’re on a college campus. Episcopal High School is the very first high school in Virginia and stretches over 130 well-manicured acres with numerous buildings and sidewalks. Students can be found in excellent classrooms, squash centers, gigantic gyms, or even on-campus chapel inside the school.

What makes this school so exceptional is the fact that each student has at least 80-100 “Washington Program” experiences, where students are taken to nearby Washington, D.C., and 100 percent of seniors partake in an on-site externship in the capital.

9. Salisbury School – $61,000 Yearly Tuition

To become a Crimson Knight, you must invest $61,000 per year. This school offers 725-acre, all-boys private college-preparation schools. Boys can access 110,000 square feet of gymnasium space and an Olympic-sized hockey rink. There are also basketball courts, a wrestling room, fitness centers, and much more.

As for academic programs, students may find everything from entrepreneurial studies to digital media. Once students are done with classes, they can enjoy an “Asian Pho bar,” cookouts, and themed dinners.

8. The Storm King School – $61,700 Yearly Tuition

The Storm King School is one of the oldest schools located on the New York grounds. It has been ranked within the top 50 boarding schools in North America, and considering the price of $61,700 per year, and it’s worth it. Only 195 lucky students get to attend this school. Class size? On average, there are only eight students in a class.

Students often describe this school as being large and homey. School cares about students’ nutrition, which is why they have their private chefs and great menu options, including a sandwich bar, vegetable bar, and pasta bar.

7. St. Paul’s School – $62,000 Yearly Tuition

St. Paul’s School describes itself as “highly selective” about students who are welcome to apply for their school and eventually join their 2,000-acre campus. This school is part of the Eight Schools Association, a group of eight elite private schools in the country.

And at this school, athletics are just as important as academics; therefore, each student has to participate in at least one sport. The school is very proud that the country’s first squash court was built right on the grounds.

6. St. Andrew’s School – $62,280 Yearly Tuition

St. Andrew’s School, based in Middletown, Delaware, was used as the backdrop of an episode of The West Wing (depicted as young President Bartlet’s boarding school). This is just an interesting fact, and its school’s only benefits. To access this elite private school, students must invest $62,280 and must live and board on campus.

Since the school is located on a tremendous 2,200-acre plot, there is enough room for everyone. The campus includes many fitness-related rooms, including an indoor rowing facility and a boathouse. Notable St. Andrew’s School alumni include singer Maggie Rogers and CNN host Erin Burnett and many prominent people from diplomatic waters, professional athletes, and even Pulitzer Prize-winning authors.

5. The Lang School – $65,000 Yearly Tuition

The Lang School in New York City offers so much to their students, according to their site. According to The Lang School’s website, “beyond taking college entry requirements, students choose electives, develop a portfolio, acquire mentors, apply for competitive internships, and choose their college majors — generally by their junior year.”

This school for gifted students offers an independent study of a topic they are passionate about. For example, students can learn how to take apart and reconstruct a Porsche is that’s what they want, or to study the history of surgical knots.

4. The Oxford Academy – $67,000 Yearly Tuition

The Oxford Academy is located in Westbrook, Connecticut, one of officially the wealthiest towns in the United States/ So, for your child to join this elite school, you should put aside $67,000 for this all-boys boarding school. For $67,000 per year, all 48 students are promised: “individualized one-on-one classes” that teach in a way that is “alternative to a traditional classroom setting.”

This school is the perfect spot for ocean lovers since the ocean is near and students may join the school’s sailing club. Others may enjoy the school’s international trips, such as its yearly eight-day tour of Italy.

3. The Quad Preparatory School – $74,850 Yearly Tuition

The Quad Preparatory School, located in downtown Manhattan, focuses on gifted learners. Students here have an opportunity to participate in high-level math or language courses, along with a foreign language course, health, and wellness courses. There are also cooking classes and video news broadcasting.

The school is focused on getting students to the best colleges. By their 11th and 12th grades, students must attend weekly individual sessions with a college counselor and bi-weekly check-ins with academic advisors. If it sounds like a lot of pressure, that’s because it is. The school’s grounds come to call a ‘Zen Zone,’ and it sounds fitting.

2. Forman School – $78,600 Yearly Tuition

The Forman School in Litchfield, Connecticut, strongly focuses on catering to students with ADD and ADHD, providing classes that will help them with their path towards college. With a tuition of $78,600, this high school costs more than some of the colleges, but when you have a goal, the money is only the tool, right?

This campus offers 125-acre vast space, an ingenuity lab, a robotics lab, multiple dormitories, tennis courts, athletic centers, and a massive dining hall. There are even cooking classes, and those who want can help by working six days in the school’s kitchen.

1. Shortridge Academy – $85,000 Yearly Tuition

Shortridge Academy calls itself a therapeutic school. The school is focused on mental health and behavioral well-being and, on top of that, offers its students support while navigating through adolescence. Each student has his or her counselor talk about their fears, problems, concerns, and so on.

Together with students and parents, the counselor will create an individual therapeutic plan. Beyond this, students can participate in activities such as jiu-jitsu, nature hiking, weight training, and one of many kinds of music and virtual art options.

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