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20 VHS Tapes Worth a Fortune Today + BONUS: Where To Sell These?

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With online streaming today it’s hard to imagine that we ever needed TV and a VCR to watch a movie. But, yes that was a thing mostly during ’80 and ’90. You had to go to a local video rental shop to rent a movie. Savage, right?

Where To Sell VHS Tapes?

You asked for it: We’ve added BONUS, 7 marketplaces where you can sell your VHS tapes. Read the article to the very end to find out where to sell your VHS tapes.

VHS tapes were mandatory in each home, especially in a home with children. Cartoons were literally everywhere. If you still have some VHS tapes in your basement its time you get them out, remove the dust and earn some money. Check out 20 VHS tapes that can bring you a fortune.

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20. Barney

Barney is a purple dinosaur loved equally by children and parents. After all, he teaches us how to be a good friend.

If you come across the episode where the purple friend celebrates Christmas, you can expect to sell it for $120 online.

19. Star Wars

Even if you are not a Star Wars fan you heard about this movie. It’s that massive. Interestingly, not even movie creators knew how popular this franchise will be.

So, if you were passionate about this galactic adventure since day one the chances are that you have 1997 Star Wars trilogy collection. If so, bear in mind that collection can be sold for about $145.

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18. Thomas And Friends

If you are passionate about long trips and trains then you are probably familiar with the steam team – Thomas and his friends. After all, the show is still on.

This colorful train troupe still works in full steam to entertain your children. However, if you are feeling that you are seeing too much of Thomas in your shelves you can sell each collection for $200.

17. Let It Be

The biggest band of all time had their fair share of time in front of the camera for documentary purposes as well. They were not recording music all the time.

‘Let It Be’ is a documentary about the recording of The Beatles’ final album release. The documentary won a Grammy and even an Academy Award for Best Original Score. This tape sells for around $200.

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16. E.T The Extra Terrestrial

Is there anything that says childhood adventures more than this movie? Probably not, and Spielberg we thank you even today.

E.T. showed us how a gap in the family’s existences can be compensated. Furthermore, this movie can fill up any gap in your wallet. If you have this VHS tape in good condition you can earn up to $230.

15. The Dark Planet

‘The Dark Planet’ is a low-budget film that has been lost within the vortex of digitalization. Therefore, it’s extremely difficult to find it nowadays on VHS.

Those who still own this low-budget film can make around $250. Still, not too shabby for a random movie.

14. The Godfather

‘Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli’ sounds different when you hear it on VHS. This and similar mobster lines are what made ‘The Godfather Saga’ so exceptional.

If you are lucky enough, you can get this set of three movies, including re-edited versions of the first two movies, for just $300. Or sell it for that much.

13. Bambi

Bambi is one of those movies that you should re-watch from time to time. Everyone’s favorite deer is a part of everyone’s childhood, sooner or later.

In a way, this movie is considered to be a laid-back version of The Lion King. But, bear in mind that Great Prince of the Forest dates from 1942, and nowadays this VHS can bring you $550.

12. Dumbo

This movie came with a simple and cool design that everyone instantly loved. And when you add to that a playful mouse and strong storyline you are in for a treat.

So, if you hold on Dumbo VHS, you are no dumbo for sure, as just one VHS tape of this cartoon can bring you $700.

11. Lemora, Lady Dracula

There are movies about Dracula, and there is this movie. This movie comes with female Dracula. This cult movie from the ’70s became a collector’s item due to female ‘bad guy’.

Unfortunately, the movie got bad reviews but VHS worth remained. Nowadays, you can get easily over $1,000 for Lemora’s VHS.

10. The Legend of Hillbilly John

This movie brings fantasy, horror, drama, and a huge black bird transporting humans back in time to do the devil’s work. Overall, this movie is a cinematic masterpiece.

If you missed watching this film, dust off VHS tape, watch it and if you dislike it you can sell it for around $1,100.

9.101 Dalmatians

How crazy labor must be to give birth to 101 little spotted puppies, right? Regardless, these spotted puppies took the world and our hearts by the storm.

This cute animation can bring you today much more than good family time. If you have ‘101 Dalmatians’ tape and if you have the heart to sell it, you could earn about $7,000.

8. Snow White

Did you know that Snow White met her family of seven dwarfs first time on TV back in 1938? Also, this is one of the first Disney movies ever created.

If you have this VHS gem laying around, now would be the perfect time to bring it back to the light. In addition, Snow White and Seven Dwarfs can bring you up to $8,000 today.

7. Cinderella

Cinderella wowed everyone with spectacular animation and net worth. Back in 1950, Cinderella earned $263.6 million. This makes Cinderella one on the most epic movies ever signed by Disney.

If you are lucky enough to have this diamond hidden somewhere in the house, you should hit ‘Cinderella mode’ – dust it off, polish, and earn about $12,000.

6. Beauty And The Beast

Is there anyone who is not a fan of this not-your-average-Disney movie? ‘Beauty and the Beast’ breaks stereotypical romance by creating an independent female protagonist.


In addition, this IS one of Disney’s most acclaimed movies. At the 1992 Academy Awards, the movie got a Best Picture nomination. Original ‘Black Diamond’ copy can bring you a $13,500. Let that sink in…

5. Sleeping Beauty

It seems that everything that Disney creates is worth some money. Forever. The same applies to the everlasting story of a sleeping beauty.

If you are a proud owner of this movie on VHS you can expect to earn $15,000 for limited edition version.

4. The Lion King

When you think about Disney’s classics you must think about everyone’s favorite ‘The Lion King’. In addition, its also Disney’s third biggest box office hit ever.

If you are willing to let go of Simba from your VHS, you can expect to earn as much as $20,000. Take a deep breath and let that sink in.

3. The Fox And The Hound

Here is a movie with strong emotions from the first second until the end. Let’s be honest, you probably cried during the movie. Are you sure that you are ready to let go of such a sweet movie? If so, check the price.

At the time, this was Disney’s most expensive film to create. It took $12 million straight from Disney’s piggy bank. On the other hand, it can bring $25,000 to your piggy bank if you have ‘Black Diamond’ edition.

2. The Little Mermaid

This list is turning into a costly collection of Disney’s videos on land and under the sea. And beloved Arriel with her musical numbers and fast plots is no exception.

Those who have a soft spot for this under the sea adventure probably have ‘The Little Mermaid’ VHS collection. If you are one of those lucky people and you have VHS Black Diamond you can expect to earn around $37,500.

1. Aladdin

You are probably planning to take your children, or go by yourself, and watch a new adaption of forever-popular Disney’s Aladdin. But, before you go, learn how this movie can make you a millionaire.

Check if you have Aladdin on VHS. If you do prepare your bank account for $1 million. That’s how much you can earn on eBay for this one.

Where To Sell VHS Tapes?

7. Decluttr

Declutt is relatively new website that allows you to easy sell old (and not so old) VHS tapes, CDs, DVDs, games, cell phones and other tech stuff. Best part? Free shipping and next day payments!

Type the barcode on the back of your DVDs and Blu-rays into their valuation engine, and receive an offer instantly. If you have a lot of movies to sell, download their free app. It allows you to scan barcodes, instead of typing them — big time-saver.

6. Craigslist

Founded in 1995, Cragislist is probably the most popular classifieds website out there. There’s an active VHS lovers community, so it definitely worth a try.

On the other hand, local vendors who set up at the flea market are always looking for new inventory for their booths. You won’t get top-dollar for your movies if you sell them this way, but you will get them out of your house quickly.

5. Garage/Yard Sale

Belive it or not, garage and yard sales are becoming more and more popular. In the United States, you are not required to obtain business licenses or collect sales tax (though, in some jurisdictions, a permit may be required).

Plus, you can sell your old clothing, books, toys, household decorations, lawn and garden tools, sports equipment and board games, sometimes even larger items like furniture and home appliances.

4. Facebook Marketplace and Groups

With Facebook Marketplace and Facebook groups, you can sell your tapes locally or ship them, and all transactions are private deals between you and the buyer. Do your homework and find active groups and you should find the right buyer easily.

Unpuzzle Finance selling tip: Don’t pay to ship your items. Reputable movie resellers will pick up the shipping costs. Offers vary from reseller to reseller, so check with a few before you decide whom to sell to.

3. Amazon

This retail giant allows you to sell used movies of any format, but their VHS marketplace is especially hot at the moment. We’re talking make-you-want-to-go-out-and-buy-more-VHS-tapes-to-sell hot.

Keep in mind there are Amazon seller fees, and be sure to include them in your price, so you don’t end up with less money then your expected. You can also try selling VHS tapes in a bulk to avoid mailing out individual VHS tapes to buyers.

2. eBay

When buyers compete, the seller profits. This well known auction website could easily bring you the most money, plus, you’re likely to earn more money since there won’t be any middlemen resellers involved.

On the flipside, selling on the eBay might be more time consuming. You’ll have to photograph and list your tapes, and then wait for a buyer to come along. However, it’ll pay off.

1. Charity

And the last thing our our list – Charity. If you don’t have any luck selling your old VHS tapes, you should consider doneting them to a local charity. There are a lot of charities that will know how to use them.

Estimate before donating how much the videotapes are worth, and tell the charity this amount when donating. The charity will give you a tax receipt, and you can take it off your income taxes.

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