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Most Valuable Career Skills Of 2018

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Job market is a field of constant change. Some professions become less popular, while others quickly become more and more attractive to people around the world. In this hectic world of change, some skills will be high on demand much more than others no matter which career path you have chosen so far. So, it is important to keep yourself up to date when it comes to career skills that can make a huge difference in your professional success.

So what are these career skills that might improve your chances of success across multiple industries?

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Tech Skills

It is no wonder that tech skills are being valued more and more each year. These skills are not only limited to the tech industry, in fact, there are numerous career paths that are meant for tech-savvy workers in other fields as well. Some of them include finance, healthcare, marketing, and human resources.

According to a joint analysis by MONEY and PayScale, these are the tech skills that employers look for in employees most often. We’re adding up other tech skills found to be crucial for obtaining a job, according to a research from ITCareerFinder.

  • Big data capabilities (including data mining and modeling)
  • Software management and development
  • Cloud skills
  • Mobile development
  • Technical support skills
  • Web development
  • Database administration
  • Project management

While there has definitely been a huge rise in tech job offered in the last decade, these tech skills are proving to be relevant to roles in other fields too. Healthcare providers are often moving to digital record keeping which makes the knowledge of data analytics necessary. On the other hand, patient data is frequently managed in software programs nowadays that need to be developed by software programmers.

But there are other fields that are also being reshaped thanks to tech. Finance industry has seen a rising demand for project managers, application developers and business intelligence specialists. While human resources are looking for skills like data analysis and software skills in order to enrich their departments.

Soft Skills

Tech skills have definitely been on the rise for the previous years, but still, good old soft skills can’t be replaced by amazing technical skills. These are the skills that employers tend to take more into account when considering who to hire.

In this case, education is less important than personality of a employee. According to a LinkedIn survey, the soft skills employers most commonly looked for in their potential hires were:

  • Communication (oral and written)
  • Organization
  • Teamwork
  • Punctuality
  • Critical Thinking
  • Marketing Savvy
  • Attention to Detail

From these surveys and researches we can conclude that the best way to be an attractive hire for potential employers is to have a well-balanced and developed hybrid skill set. Improving your tech skills and working on your soft skills will definitely get you on the right track if you’re looking for a job. Making your skill set mixed can make you a great candidate for positions in different fields.

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