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30 Rarest And Most Valuable U.S. Coins

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Did you know that metal money can bring you fortune today? We may be living in the age of “contactless payments,” but that doesn’t mean that metal is useless. Sure, change money can make holes inside your pockets, and may not be valuable as cash cards, but certain coins can bring you millions.

If you or your family members had a thing for collecting coin money or simply store it because you had no idea what to do with it, it’s time to organize, store and count these metal discs, because they might be hiding big zeros. You probably know that some coins are only worth a dollar or so, or even a dime, but some are worth from $100 to millions. How worth is your coin collection? Reach into your pocket or hiding place for money, grab that change, take a deep breath, and hope for the best.

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30. 1965-1970 Half Dollars – $2

Some coins contain silver, and these silver half dollars are definitely silver-holders. This is the main reason why the value of the metal is worth more in melt value than actual currency.

Expect to earn 4X the value of the $.50 coin in melt value. Hope that you have many of these. Not sure how to recognize them? It’s easy – Kennedy’s face is on them, although there are more worthy Kennedy’s coins.

29. The Connecticut Regular Strike 1999 Quarter – $25

Some errors are a true gift. In fact, some errors can bring you money in the long run. This 1999 coin makes Mr. Washignton really stand out. These coins may look like any other coins, but they were stamped incorrectly.

Apparently, a few of the 50 State Quarters from 1999 were struck on the planchets (coin blanks) designed for the Sacagawea dollar. Today, you can earn between $25 for a regular coin, while others that were more heavily imprinted may go for several thousand.

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28. Certain Uncirculated State Quarters – $30 per Roll

Do you remember when people spend years collecting state quarters? Well, it turns out that an uncirculated roll of those might be worth some money today.

You will have to check in to see which states are most in-demand at the time that you’re reading this, but putting together a roll of them might earn you about $30.

27. The “Double Die Liberty” 1995 Penny – $50

With this coin, you need to be watchful on the letters. Flawed coins are always in, but inflation makes them valuable. The “Double Die Liberty” 1995 Penny is oen of the most famous ‘error coin’ ever manufactured. If you look carefully, you can see that the word ‘liberty’ was double printed.

Pay especially close attention to the “B” or “R.” Can you see how it looks like there is a double-lapping occurrence? In great condition, this penny is worth around $50.

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26. The “In God We Rust” P 2005 Kansas Quarter – $100

Out of all errors possible, this one has the most humor in it. This looks like a regular coin, right? It’s common for the U.S. coins to have the famous line ‘In God We Trust,’ but some coins got this wrong. In fact, you need to search for this coin that says ‘In God We Rust.’

This is one of the most unusual coin flaws that can bring you at least $100. This error came to be from excess grease build-up in the printing machines at the mint. Sometimes, rusting is good.

25. The “Extra Low Leaf” 2004 Wisconsin Quarter – $140

The extra leaf means more money when it comes to coins. You may think that anything printed after 2000 is pretty much done by standards, but it turns out that great design always draws a lot of attention. This 25 cent piece is worth around $140 just because there is an extra lower leaf attached to the corn stalk on the 2004 Wisconsin quarter.

Experts believe that there are 5,500 of these coins in circulation – if you could collect them all you would have $770,000. Not bad for an extra lief, right?

24. The “Extra High Lead” 2004 Wisconsin Quarter – $168

Just like the extra lower leaf, a version of the 2004 Wisconsin quarter exists in which that extra leaf now stands taller on the stalk. To see the value here, you need to look really carefully.

In fact, look high and low, but especially high, because these higher leaf quarters bring higher value, as they are rarer. If you find this high leaf you can expect around $168.

23. The “Double Ear” 1977 Penny – $450

It’s very common to see Abraham Lincoln’s portrait on coins. After all, he is one of the greatest personalities of American history. Still, some Lincoln coins are more valuable than others.

If you have this ‘Double Ear’ coin you can earn at least $450 per coin. This coin is unusual because Lincoln was given here a double earlobe. This was an unintended production fluke, not a double stamp. It may be hard to notice it, but make sure that you watch closely for the double earlobe.

22. The “Wide AM” 1999 Penny – $530

It’s so fascinating how a small error can bring you so much prosperity. Imagine that – a simple coin can bring you up to $530/ With this coin you need to search for a specific letter distance.

In this case, the “A” and “M” on this penny appear to be distanced far apart. In general, a normal penny would have these two-letter close, literally touching. If they are set apart, thats your $530 coin.

21. The “Godless” 2007 Presidential Dollar – $1,000

Certain presidential coins can bring you a minimum of $1,000 or more. The ‘Godless’ from 2007 is one of the most desirable coins of the modern-day. In 2010, one of the “Godless” Presidential Dollars sold on eBay for just north of $1,000.

Others have lower value, between $30 to $125. That being said, this new series of Presidential Dollar clearly omitted the “In God We Trust” line from the Dollar. The fallout error was highly publicized.

20. The “Speared Buffalo” 2005 Nickel – $1,265

The “Speared Buffalo” 2005 nickel is one of the most desirable items today. This nickel was recently sold for $1,265 which is more than ok for a nickel, right?

In 2005, the buffalo design was brought back into production. However, gouges on the back of buffalo have minted errors as opposed to intended designs.

19. The “No Mark” 1982 Dime – $1,300

The release of this coin was a big deal. This was the first coin with no mint mark that was released into circulation. This was the first case of this practice in U.S. minting history.

Interestingly, a large cache of these specific dimes was at the famed Ohio amusement park – Cedar Point! Check the coin that can easily bring you $1,500.

18. The Kennedy 1964 Silver Half Dollar – $1,500

As mentioned earlier, any coin with Kennedy’s face will always bring in some money. This specific coin, Kennedy Half Dollars are worth anywhere from $500 to $1500 in uncirculated condition.

Did you know taht 1964 was the last year half dollars were minted from 90%+ silver? In fact, those minted between 1965 and 1970 contained less than half of this, minted with 40% silver. This was the breaking point since the dollars did now contain silver.

17. The Double Die 1972 Penny – $1,600

History tends to repeat itself. Just like with the 1969 version and double die penny, the 1972 version was printed twice. It happens!

The “LIBERTY” and “1972” marks are most obvious regarding this error. If you have this coin in good condition, you can expect to get for it around $1,600.

16. The Alaska Rural Rehabilitation 1935 Token – $1,750

Alaska wouldn’t survive without people who had enough courage to relocate from warmer areas to mountain cover Alsaka. These families were mostly relocated by the Federal Emergency Relocation Administration.

They were given $10 “scrip” coins to be used as tender in government stores, which seemed like a fitting solution. However, over time the need for the coins has died out, and the majority of them were melted down. If you’re lucky enough to find one, your coin would be worth $1,750.

15. The Sacagawea “Cheerios” 2000 Dollar – $2,677

Sacagawea played such a huge role in American history. It only seems fitting that she has a coin of her own, to celebrate her memory. One year before the turn of the century, General Mills placed Sacagawea dollars in boxes of their cereal for a contest. The biggest downside here was that their design wasn’t ready in time for their own competition – yes, that happens.

Therefore, the U.S. Mint provided a slightly altered version of the existing design. So far, only four of these coins have been found. If you ever come across one, you could sell it for a minimum of $2,677.

14. The Wheat “No Mark” Error 1937 Penny – $7,200

Not that logn ago people strongly believed that wheat pennies are special. However, if you put your luck into pennies, you might be out of luck. But…

If you do manage to find one from 1937, without the minuscule “d” marking minted in Philadelphia, you might end up with $7,200 in your pocket. In 2019, the identical coin was sold for this sum, ad as time goes the value just goes up.

13. The 2000 Sacagawea “Dollar with Errors” – $7,600

Lincoln and Sacagawea do love to appear from time to time. Whenever you see a coin with their faces on, know that you are in a treat for a few bucks, or few thousands of dollars, in fact.

During the first minting of the 2000 Sacagawea dollar, some coins were minted on a mix of copper-nickel rather than the intended bronze. Since there was a ‘transitional error, these golden coins didn’t end up being in gold. In 2013, Heritage Auctions sold one of these misprints for over $7,600.

12. The Hawaiian Plantation Token – $11,000

The Hawaiian Plantation Token is one of the rarest coins to be found. In fact, it’s so rare that it’s almost mission impossible to get how it looks. The coin portrayed here is just of the many used in Hawaii over time.

The Hawaiian Plantation Token has one word ‘Haiku’ and the year ‘1882.’ This coin and many others were used as money on Hawaiian sugar plantations, but they were still valuable. One sold in 2014 for over $11,000.

11. The Double Die, Small Date 1970 Penny – $37,000

Double-head printed pennies are indeed special. In fact, all of these pennies with a smaller-sized date font have a single home – San Francisco mint.

This can be easily spotted thanks to the double-stamped “S” signature. Only eight examples have ever been noticed. For one, you can get $37,000.

10. The US Philippines 1906 Peso – $40,000

Did you know that from 1901 until 1935, the U.S. occupied the Philippines? There, the U.S. Mint guided the Philippines Mint to print several coins. As expected, one of them was the 1906 Peso. The truth is that the majority of these coins got lost or melted because they were made of pure silver.

Today, there are thousands and thousands of these coins across the globe, including many false copies. However, if you come across the real one you can earn up to $40,000.

9. The Double Die 1969 Penny – $45,000

The Double Die 1969 penny is like crème de la crème among U.S. coins. In fact, this is like a queen among double-stamped “head” pennies. This single coin can easily get you the 2020 Mercedes-Benz C-Class, which costs $41,400.

This coin was so unusual that the Secret Service believed it to be counterfeit. This coin in mint condition can go up to $45.000. nOt too bad for a penny, right? This coin can bring you even more.

8. The Gold 1851 Mormon Coins – $50,000

The Goldrush days were one of a kind. In fact, that period was unique in the terms of coins, as well. During the 1840s gold rush, the Latter-day Saints established these $5 coins from gold that was brought back from Sutter’s Mill in California.

This simple coin of $5 is today worth up to $50,000 and you know what you could with that money. Did you know that the most valuable gold coin sold in recent years was a 1933 Double eagle to the tune of $7.6 million?

7. Sacagawea Double Denomination Mule Error – $117,500

This 2000 Sacagawea dollar contains one of the grandest blunders in all of US minting history. You can see that the reverse of the coin in worn and that it has the classic eagle design on the Sacagawea dollar.

However, if you look once again, you can see that the coin looks fresh and new. There are currently 16 of these coins known today, one of which sold at an auction for $117,500.

6. Walking Liberty Half Dollar – $190,000

The Walking Liberty Half Dollar was created right at the end of World War I, which is why it has so unique patriotic design. The Walking Liberty Half Dollar was minted in low numbers, which makes it super hard to find it.

It’s also extremely rare in collector circles. If you manage to get a tone in good condition, you could get up to $200,000. It’s a pretty good sum, for so rare coin, right?

5. Copper Wheat Penny – $200,000

This is one of the rarest pennies in American history thanks to a simple mistake. In the middle of WW2, all pennies were supposed to be made of steel (known as war pennies) instead of copper, which was needed for the war effort.

However, a group of 1943 pennies was made of copper, due to an error where 1942 copper plates were mixed in with the steel ones. If you come across this penny, you can expect to earn from $100,000 to $200,000.

4. The Aluminum 1974 Penny – $250,000

Aluminum has its own level of worth. When this penny was created, the price of copper was high, and the U.S. Mint toyed with the idea of producing aluminum stamped pennies. At the time, around 1.5 million pennies were produced. Eventually, around 995 of them were melted but some collectors do have this priceless penny.

So far none has been sold, and one is based in the Smithsonian Museum, while the location of the second one is unknown. Collectors have estimated that one could fetch near a quarter-million dollars.

3. The “No S” 1975 Dime – $500,000

The “No S” 1975 dimes were printed for proof sets, which means that they were created for collectors. These dimes were not printed with the “S” proof at the San Francisco Mint.

Since they were made for collectors from day one these errors just add to their value. If you manage to find one, expect your bank account to stretch to almost a half-million dollars.

2. Morgan Silver Dollar – $425,000

Morgan Silver dollar is such a rare coin edition. There are only 813 Morgan Silver Dollars minted in Philadelphia in 1901. This makes it the rarest coin ever pressed in that mint.

How much can you get for this extremely rare coin? Well, it depends on its condition. Still, a coin close to 1901 condition can bring in over $400,000.

1. 1894-S Barber Dime – $2 Million

This is officially one of the rarest coins in existence today. It’s also one of the most sought-after by coin collectors. In fact, if you hold onto this coin for an emotional moment, know that around $2 million can easily be on your bank account if you decide to sell it.

Only 24 coins were minted, and coin experts claim that only nine still exist in the entire world today. This means that you have more chances of winning the lottery than findign one of these copies. In 2007, a collector bought one for close to $2 million!


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