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20 Objects Found On The Surface Of Mars That Even NASA Can’t Explain

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Ever since the world learned about the Red Planet, people were fascinated about visiting it one day. People couldn’t stop wondering how Mars looks, if there are green aliens, or the area is empty. Are there colonies of weird-looking humans? Are there remains of lost civilizations? Now, that we’ve sent rovers to the surface, what we’ve found has posed more questions than answers.

Sure, satellite images have led for years to funny speculation by both amateurs and experts, but that wasn’t valid enough. Still, some appearances are so unusual that not even NASA couldn’t explain them. These strange discoveries humankind has made on the surface of the Red Planet have us realizing that we know so much less about space than we thought. Read on to see the most usual images on Mars that people can’t fully explain.

Thigh bone on Mars? Continue reading to see how NASA explains an unusual find.

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20. Face On Mars

This is probably the most famous photo from Mars. The famous ‘creepy face’ photo was originally captured by the Viking 1 and 2 orbiters. It’s not pleasant to see something like this on an unknown planet, right?

However, the face is unmistakable in early low-res photos, new high-quality images have shown the mountain structure actually doesn’t look much like a face at all.

19. Blueberries

Blueberries on Mars, could it really be? Ok, from far away these small stones look like real blueberries, due to their shape and size. However, from nearby it’s obvious that these items are far from real blueberries.

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These are rocks! With a bit of purple color on them. Blueish Mars rocks are great, and scientists are still trying to understand why they have that blueish vibe.

18. Dust Devil

For decades scientists claimed that smalls storms do happen on Mars. Then, one day, this theory was confirmed thanks to the Opportunity rover.

This famous rover caught real little twisters appearing on Mars. Today’s rovers, more modern ones, come with their protections for dealing with such weather hazards.

17. Scratch Marks

The Dragon Scales sounds really cool. In fact, it sounds more like the next big Hollywood blockbuster, than like ancient water on Mars. Some would also say that the Dragos scales sound weird.

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Well, if this isn’t weird enough, you should know that some people call it scratch marks. Scientists think they are the result of dry ice sliding down the slope of this mountain.

16. Morse Code

The Morse code was invented in the United States by American artist and inventor Samuel F.B. Morse during the 1830s for electrical telegraphy. No one expected to see this system, anywhere but on Earth.

However, it appeared on Mars. These dunes on Mars look very similar to the Morse code and translated they stand for “NEE NED ZB 6TNN DEIBEDH SIEFI EBEEE SSIEI ESEE SEEE.”

15. The Pyramid

After seeing the pyramid on Mars, people went crazy. For many, this was the ultimate proof of how Mars was actually inhabited by aliens, or with people in the faraway past.

Others took it as a message from an alien civilization. However, NASA debunked these theories with a simple explanation: “It is a rock,” said Dr. Jim Bell, right, of the Curiosity program.

14. The Hole

There is so much to Mars than merely strange-looking rocks, there are holes as well. Well, there is one specific perfectly shaped hole that caught the attention of scientists.

According to the scientists, at the bottom of this hole, they could see the frozen carbon dioxide. We’ve so far only seen The Hole from orbit, but it’s estimated to be a few hundred meters across.

13. The Iguana

Blueberry rocks, human bones… What could be next on Mars’s surface waiting to be discovered? Well, iguana apparently! Even if you don’t believe in the weirdest Mars-related theories, you must admit that this creature does look like an iguana.

“To say it’s just a rock would be very closed-minded to the evidence at hand,” said owner of the UFO Daily Sightings Blog, Scott C. Waring. Do you see iguana here as well? The next shape will surprise you even more.

12. Waffle-Shaped Island

It seems that the most strange shapes are based on Mars. Did you know that Mars is a hoem to a waffle-shaped island? That’s right – there is a 1.2-mile wide island that looks strange.

To many, this shape looks like a waffle ready to be drenched in maple syrup. Sounds heavenly! However, it’s probably some form of an ancient volcano, and crisscrossing lava created the waffle-like waves.

11. Fish-Shaped Rock

In fact, Mars loves rocks! They are all over Mars and come in the most unusual shapes ever. Can you spot here a rock shaped like a fish? According to some people here lies a fish-shaped rock.

If not, maybe that’s because this specific rock formation looks like a fossilized fish. Still, NASA has said on this. According to NASA, Mars never had enough oxygen in its atmosphere to support complex life. Thus, large fossils are not likely.

10. Evidence of Liquid Water

For years, people have speculated if there is water on Mars or not. Many claimed from day one, that the entire Mars lies on numerous lakes. Recent discoveries indicate new information.

Recent discoveries reported that liquid water persisted on Mars for perhaps a million years or longer. It didn’t disappear all at once, changing a commonly held assumption about the planet’s evolution.

9. Jelly Donut

Jelly Donut on Mars? In fact, NASA’s Opportunity found a rock that looks like a jelly donut. Interestingly, when it went back to check it, this jelly donut-like item was gone? Did it vanish? Did it walk off? Did an alien eat it?

Well, the truth is far from being mysterious. It turns out that the rover’s wheels accidentally ran it over and flipped it in another direction.

8. Dragon Scales

There is a certain area on Mars that’s known as ‘The Dragon Scales’ area. If you look carefully you can see just how many blue lines remind reptilian skin.

There is a scientific explanation for this. These blue lines are in fact marks of ancient rivers, that result in the scaly features. Still, you must admit that it looks great. There is more on these unusual lines.

7. The Bone

Ok, seeing bones on Mars is disturbing. It only adds to crazy theories about weird people-like creatures living there and destroying everyhting. But… Are these real bones or bone-shaped rocks similar to blueberry rocks?

Although some juicy theory would be great to explain this, the truth about these bones is simple – there are a lot of rocks on Mars. REALLY A LOT. Some of them are simply shaped in stuff that we recognize.

6. Jake Matijevic Rock

Have you heard about Jake Matijevic rock? It’s probably the most famous rock on Mars. This popular rock caught the attention of NASA’s Curiosity rover as she was exploring the area.

But… What makes this rock so unique? The rock is made of unusual minerals typically found in Earth’s core. Does this mean that there is a unique link between Earth and Mars waiting to be discovered? The time will tell.

5. Little Colonsay

Little Colonsay is often described as a shiny object that was picked up by the Curiosity rover. It looked very out of place among the other red rocks in the area.

Therefore, scientists believe that Little Colonsay was in fact a meteorite. Studies yet have to determine what a little Colonsay really is and where it came from.

4. Egg Rock

We can speak abotu Mars’s meteorites without mentioning the egg rock. If you are not familiar with the egg rock, you shoudl know that it’s an egg-shaped rock that Curiosity discovered.

This globular object is strangely smooth, and an iron-nickel meteorite fallen from the Red Planet’s sky. So, why are there so many rocks on Mars? So far, we don’t know.

3. Spheres

Mars is filled with spheres of differnet sizes and shapes. These unusual and spheroid rocks were originally discovered in 2012 at the Kirkwood outcrop.

They are completely different opposite to blueberry rocks. Compared to blueberry rocks, they are smaller and more densely accumulated. Every rock group has its features.

2. Avalanche

Just like on Earth, Mars has specific temperatures. So, like on Earth, when temperatures start to warm up in the spring, melting ice and frost (made of CO2 on Mars) can trigger avalanches.

They may occur at any time and are something that scientists need to learn how to deal with, for people when they move to Mars one day. It’s fascinating just how much Earth and Mars are alike, right?

1. Lava Coils

Mars is much more than the planet of different rocks. MArs is also a hoem to lava coils, an interesting swirls shapes that are almost too perfect.

This pattern looks as if it were made by intelligent design, but they are in fact all-natural. In fact, they’ve been confirmed to be the result of ancient flowing lava.

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