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How One Woman Used An Old School Bus To Start A Successful Business

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People do not often think about it, but when they have a financial question the first resource they turn to is the internet. While it does indeed possess a wealth of information, having in-person expertise on the matter of finances can benefit people in a way that no other medium can.

Marsha Barnes became aware of a lack of financial knowledge and education, which is why she founded something known as The Finance Bar. With the ability to now share her knowledge on the go, the certified financial social worker sought to educate students on college campuses and corporations around the country.

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The Motivation

“Teaching others and watching them be able to move from financially existing to financially thriving is what keeps me motivated every single day,” she shares. “I have committed my life to serve as a cheerleader and money mentor to those that are on a financial journey. Being honored as the Best Money Expert in this category (Building Net Worth) serves as another reminder of the charge and responsibility that I have to support others as they work to solidify financial success.”

What Else She Does

Not only did she create finance education on wheels, but she also developed an expense manager mobile finance app, capable of educating users in creating simple budgets. Additionally, Barnes uses the app as a virtual inspiration platform for women who wish to take control of their own finances.

Yes, she is on wheels but that is not where her availability stop. In addition to being an in-person finance coach, she is also available in the virtual space should the need arise.

“My Finances are Beautiful” is another brainchild of Marsha Barnes. In this twice a month event, women are educated by Barnes on how to develop a game plan to manage personal finances, in addition to answering any questions an attendant may have.

What is Your Money Mantra?

Barnes believes that she is completely responsible for reaching the personal finance goals that she sets for herself, an important lesson one should take to heart.

If you are not holding yourself accountable for getting your bills paid and money saved, who is going to do it for you? People can give their input and share their thoughts on how you manage your finances but is it ultimately in your power.

Only you can manage your money in a way that affords you luxuries after bills are paid.

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Before achieving financial success, what was your biggest obstacle? How did you overcome it?

Marsha Barnes had the most trouble disassociating her profession with the look she assumed it went with. “I thought my job title and career path should be associated with a certain look,” she says. “I carried the myth that “success” has a look.”

What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self About Money?

The Best Money Expert also believes it is best to educate oneself in finances as much as possible since the success of one’s finances are up to the individual.
Best advice along the financial journey?

One thing stuck with Barnes the most while learning how to manage her finances and that was the tried and true, “Keep a dollar and save a dollar.” Managing to keep a dollar in your pocket is the first step in reigning in your spending, an important part of managing one’s finances.

The Biggest Thing That Boosted Net Worth?

Doing her best to pay off every penny she owed was how Marsha Barnes made her net worth skyrocket. Paying off outstanding debts will buffer you against having to stretch every penny to make minimum payments.

Tips and Tricks for Building Net Worth?

Simultaneously and responsibly investing and saving can go a long way towards boosting personal net worth, says Barnes.

If you want to invest but you are not sure where to start, give apps like Stash or Acorns a chance. You can invest as little as $5 and opt out if you are not feeling up to the task of investing, even at that level.

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How do you define financial security, and how has it contributed to a fulfilling, meaningful life for you and your family?

On GoBankingRates, the site that awarded her Best Money Expert in Building Net Worth, states “I define financial security as having a level of confidence to create your own streams of income and being creative enough to think beyond traditional ways of earning. Personally, I was able to accomplish this by flipping a school bus and turning it into a business. Being brave in my pursuit increased the level of flexibility that I now have to spend more time with my family. My life feels more whole, joyful and fulfilling.”

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