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30 Old Things You Probably Own That Are Worth A Fortune Today

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You might want to check old game cards or go through those boxes in your attic, because books, toys, and much more could be a fortune today.

While some simply toss everything as soon as the interest is gone, others just collect them and put in the box. Move those boxes, dust them off and see how many items in your household could bring you massive money. Use this as a guide and find your treasure today. Dig in!

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30. Wood Chest

Estimated worth: $75 to $100

When was the last time that you searched for childhood toys hidden in the family’s wood chest? It’s time to take the dust off.

The price of your wood chest may vary. The older, the marrier. These handmade items are usually from the early 20tyh century. So, the average price is between $75 to $100 depending on the size and how well its preserved.

29. Windsor-Style Armchair

Estimated worth: $150

No house is a home, without an old armchair. After all, this was everyone’s favorite household items, from ages 7 to 77. But, this chair is special. It can bring you money.

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This chair was most likely built in the New England area. These chairs were popular and many make them, but the original one always comes with a seat height about 17 inches.

28. Perfume Bottles

Estimated worth: $100 to $200

If you have old perfume bottles and they look old and weird, you may have a true household gem.

The perfume is useless, but the company name and the glass could be important. You will get more money if the perfume has a custom-made bottle.

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27. Soda Crates

Estimated worth: $200

In the early 1900s, when the burgeoning soda industry kicked off, manufactures had unique boxes for delivery.

Bottles were delivered in specially designed soda crates. These rare crates are worth a few hundred, while the recent crates, from the 1950s and onwards, can easily go for $20.

26. Luggage Set

Estimated worth: $200

Travel took off in the 1950s, so luggage sales went up as well. Luggage from that period usually included three different luggage pieces.

Nowadays, single cases aren’t worth much, but the trio set could easily bring you much more than the original price. In the 1950s the luggage was around $25.

25. Pearl And Cameo Bracelet

Estimated worth: $250

Before diamonds, pearls were girls’ best friends. Before pearls, carved cameos were ‘diamonds’ from the late Victorian age. At the time it was popular to wear black and effective jewelry.

Originally, cameos were two separate brooches or even pendants just to be converted into a bracelet years later.

24. Power Rangers Action Figures

Estimated worth: $300

Power Rangers were so popular that a kids’ birthday party was unthinkable without these action figures.

So, dive into your toy bags and search for colorful Power Rangers. If you have ‘The Mighty Morphin’ you will be richer for $300.

23. Postcards

Estimated worth: $340

You had a cousin that traveled often and sent postcards to from each site? If so, you should be so thankful.

How much money you can get from old postcards depends on how old it is, how rare and what condition it’s in, of course. On average, postcards can be sold for up to $340. But in 2002 in London, a postcard from 1840 was sold for a surprising $50,000.

22. Typewriter

Estimated worth: $400

A few years ago the last factory for typewriters was closed, raising up the price of any typewriter left in the world.

For any brand of the typewriter, you can get at least $100, while for portable Royal typewriter you can get up to $400.

21. Trunk

Estimated worth: $700

This item was specifically used by high-class society members for traveling. They date back to the 1870s.

The interior always comes with multiple storage compartments and is fully covered inside with lithographed paper.

20. VHS Tapes

Estimated worth: $1,000

In a digital and Netflix era, having a VHS can be more than rewarding. Kids probably don’t have an idea of how VHS or VCR looks like today, but it won’t affect their value on the market.

Any Disney’s VHS is a 100% money maker, especially if you have a famous Diamond edition. And if you have complete sets of popular series like Star Trek, you are in luck.

19. Classic Video Games

Estimated worth: $1,000

You probably outgrew your gaming days, but that doesn’t mean that your old-school games are worthless. Moreover, they could be sold for hundreds.

With video games and money-making, the rule is simple: the rarer, the better. Therefore, you can sell your PlayStation 4, Mario Kart 64, and Super Nintendo games within the online community up to $1,000.

18. Silverware

Estimated worth: $1,200

Why would anyone paid for old and even used silverware? Well, just imagine someone actually having a butter knife from Titanic. Sounds different, right? So, bust out grandmother’s silverware.

The price for silverware collection can go from a few hundred dollars to thousands. Moreover, if you have a fancy silverware, from brands such as Tiffany, you could earn massively.

17. Hot Wheels

Estimated worth: $1,550

Hot Wheels were originally released in 1995, and until today they remain popular among collectors.

Even if you have just one piece (one vehicle) you will be able to earn some money. But, if you have a full collection, in an original set box, you can sell them in a range from $1,100 to 1,550. An incomplete set can be sold for $800.

16. Lego Sets

Estimated worth: $1,800

LEGO is always popular. After all, they don’t let you forget them and have new sets every year.

But, if you are a true LEGO fan than you have older LEGO sets, right? For a set without a box, you can get a minimum of $125, or $190 if it comes with a box. But, if you have a LEGO with a theme, such as Star Wars, you can earn up to $1,800.

15. Costume Jewelry

Estimated worth: $2,000

If you have diamonds on your hand, great. But, if you don’t it’s fine because old costume jewelry can make you some money.

Vintage costume jewelry are always popular and well paid for. Jewelry from designers like Elsa Schiaparelli is sold for a high price.

14. Dollhouse

Estimated worth: $2,000

Dollhouse is a master of the art. In most cases, they were made by someone within the family for the youngest family members.

They are always handmade, therefore they can be sold for a surprisingly high sum. Not too bad for what is often considered to be a kids’ toy.

13. Pokemon Cards

Estimated worth: $2,750+

Having a Charizard in the ’90s was a rare find, and it was worth a lot. Just imagine, how much a Charizard could be worth today.

There is always someone who has a dream of “catch ’em all”. Therefore, they will pay a high price to add a new card to their collection. In general, rare Pokemon cards are rarely sold under $4,600.

12. Old Dolls

Estimated worth: $3,000 to $15,000

Dolls of all kinds, sizes, and creation dates are interested in collectors even today.

The great thing about selling dolls is that you can always check online how much a doll might be worth. Old Cabbage Patch Kids can bring you a minimum of $1,000 to action figures going for $15,000.

11. Coin Banks

Estimated worth: Up to $3,000

Your old coin banks can bring you a real fortune today. The truth is that a simple, even wooden, a piggy bank won’t add much to your account. However, if your piggy has this feature you are about to become rich.

If your old coin bank comes with a mechanical feature, you are lucky. The Mechanical Bank Collectors of America will reward you nicely for any mechanical bank coin. They have been active since 1958.

10. Old Tools

Estimated worth: $3, 000

It seems that there is a market for anything. Even for old tools kept away in the old shed.

If you own old hand drills, old saws, or any other old tools that you don’t want anymore, you can sell them. There are great price guides to teach you which ones to look out for.

9. Old Lunch Boxes

Estimated worth: $3,100

You just can’t let go of your old lunch box? Maybe you could if you knew that you can sell it for a couple of thousands of dollars? This is exactly how much you can earn by selling your lunch box.

Moreover, if your old lunch box features old cartoons, The Beatles, superheroes, or even Rambo you can score a lot of cash easily.

8. Christmas Ornaments

Estimated worth: $3,100

You may not take out Christmas decorations in any season and place it on a tree, but you can sell them in any season.

Christmas decorations are usually passed down, and if you have anything in your family collection that is handmade, it could be worth it.

7. Weather Vane

Estimated worth: $7,000

Nowadays, it is common to see a rooster on the top of the weather vane. But if you have a weather vane with another symbol you can earn some serious bucks.

Even if you have a piece of unusual weather vane you can still earn money. But the whole weather vane will bring you the most.

6. Outdated Electronics

Estimated worth: $10,000 +

People love to keep up with technology. Therefore, they usually just put outdated electronics on the side or throw away. If you are among the first group, you may check what you have sitting around.

There is a massive market for old mobile phones, radios, video game systems, computers, and even vintage well-preserved toasters. In 2015, a woman threw away an Apple I computer, just to discover later on that the value of the computer was $200,000.

5. Old Paintings

Estimated worth: $12,000

People just don’t know how much wealth they actually have in an old painting. Maybe you are in the possession of a million-dollar Pollack?

Examine the canvas of your paintings, pigment, is it signed, and if you need help, call in a professional. It will pay off it you have painting worth a fortune. If you are a book worm, you might be in luck with the next item.

4. First Edition Books

Estimated worth: $15,000+

Being a bookworm pays off in so many different ways. If you happen to have a home library, you should check when your books were published.

Simply said, first edition books could bring you serious money. Moreover, you should check the books’ worth on sites such as Biblio. The main factors for books worth are how popular the book is and how old is it.

3. Old Instruments

Estimated worth: $33,000

If you have or had a musician in the family, the chances are that you have at least one instrument hidden from the public or multiple instruments. So, dust them off.

Any instrument, especially guitars are always valuable. If they are kept in good condition, they might worth a fortune.

2. Old Lamps

Estimated worth: $45,000

No house is actually a home without lamps inside the place, or simply collecting dust on the attic. Especially if they are from different eras and outdated.

If you inherited a lamp and you are not fond of it you can seel it. Collectors are always looking for Fulper, Handel, and Pairpoint brands. If you have just a base its enough to bring you money.

1. Vinyl Records

Estimated worth: $800,000

Depending on the condition, published year, and of course the artist, you can expect to earn from a few hundred to astonishing $800,000.

For example, for a Bowie’s 1974 Diamonds Dogs are will be richer for $3,000 while for extremely rare he White Album by The Beatles you can get $800,000.

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