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96-year-old Woman Moves After 72 Years, Reveals A Piece Of History

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Gladys and Carla Spizzirri were successful real estate agents, working in Toronto and finding people perfect homes. They had big plans for their business back in 2014. After all, 2014 was supposed to be Toronto’s biggest housing market year. Still, what Gladys and Carla expected that year, overcome their expectations.

One day this dynamic duo received a phone call from a 96-year-old woman who was ready to seel her home. First, the phone call left them speechless because they have never talked with someone who is 96 and has a so good hearing. Secondly, once they stepped into the old lady’s home, they were speechless. Here is what they discovered there.

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30. The Perfect Team

Gladys and Carla Spizzirri are sisters, who realized that they shared love is real estate. Over time, they got used to working together and growing together. Together they had more than four decades of experience in the real estate area.

Gladys was the first one to step into the real estate world. Her younger sister, Carla, joined her in 2009, and ever since, they had been unbreakable close and true professionalism. Still, not even that bond or work experience could prepare them for what was coming.

29. Specialized Team

The Spizzirri sisters’ had a unique strategy that they capitalized on their talents. One sister was responsible for the sale, while the second sister would close the deal.

So, when the phone rang one ordinary day in 2014, the Spizzirri’s didn’t give a second thought to answering – only this time, they were set to be surprised big time.

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28. Taking It On As A Team

Carla picked up the phone, and on the other end was Joyce, the owner of 148 Jane Street. Calmly, Joyce explained that she is interested in selling her home. She also shared that she is 96 years old.

Carla couldn’t believe how easygoing Joyce sounded for someone for is 96-years-old. Carla had relatives close to that age and knew how lucid people could be at that age. However, Joyce sounded healthy, reasonable, and moreover, she lived alone.

27. Initial Estimate

Gladys and Carla started calculating a conservative projected value for the Jane Street house. Sisters knew that the first step for them was to check the house.

Checking the place in person, was the only way to estimate the market value of a property. Still, the Spizzirri sisters looked at the market data first to determine the asking price they felt was appropriate. The average price of the area was high. That wasn’t the only thing that shocked them.

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26. An Ordinary Day

As seasoned realty professionals, the Spizzirri sisters knew that various factors would need to be taken into consideration when calculating the fair market value of Joyce’s Jane Street home.

One of the first things to take into consideration was the surrounding neighbors, which could negatively or positively affect pricing. Still, Joyce was a 96-years-old woman living on her own. No one knew the condition of the house inside. They were set for a big surprise.

25. The House Of A Lifetime

Before Carla and Gladys got a chance to see the house, Joyce had another surprise for them. She told them that the house is as it was 72 years ago. At this moment, sisters started worrying.

Living in the same place for such a long period usually means one thing for the real estate world – hoarding. Moreover, this lady lived on her own, ad she was almost a hundred years old. How could she maintain her home through the years?

24. Is It A Horror Story?

The Spizzirri’s due knew that working in real estate comes with a few risks. After all, they had to deal with so much over the years. Still, they had no idea what they can expect when it comes to this property.

After learning that Joyce had been living in the home since 1942 and that during that time, no work had been done on the house, hoarding seemed likely. Could it really be?

23. Is It Unsellable?

The fact that home hadn’t been renovated for almost 70 years could easily have meant it would be unsellable. Even if the sisters called in a cleaning service, could the damage really be repaired?

An essential kitchen renovation can cost up to 420K, and that’s just for one room! It all seemed to come down to time and money that both Carla and Gladys were willing to invest. Did they just had signed an unsellable listing?

22. Taking the Next Step

Sisters were professionals, and they knew that they must meet the old lady and visit her home. After all, they estimated that the house could be sold for $968,000 and it was worth checking it.

Sisters had to present their plan to Joyce and check the place. However, there was a potential problem. What if the house was really in bad shape? Finally, they decided to visit the home and discover.

21. Visiting the House

The Spizzirri sisters were more than excited about their valuation, but they were still nervous about the state of the house. Moreover, they were worried about the kind of condition the property was in.

Living in the same place for more than seven decades means that the person is attached to the home. It also meant that a house could be a total disaster. So, what was happening behind the doors of 148 Jane Street?

20. Checking the Place

The time has come for Gladys and Carla to meet Joyce in person and check the place. Still, they wanted to be sure that they are not stepping into a hoarding place, so they asked Joyce for some photos of the house.

Joyce showed them how the place looks like. However, the photos only showed if the exterior of her place – from the exterior to be exact. There was nothing to worry about them from that look. So, what was bothering them to visit the house already?

19. Convincing The Seller To Move Forward

Joyce shared with sisters that she has difficulties letting the home go. Sisters knew that it’s never easy for tenants to depart from their homes. Luckily, sisters knew what they had to do.

They knew how to handle this situation. After all, they have been supporting people for decades. Plus, they weren’t ready to let go of a million-dollar sale on their hands. After numerous phone calls and lots of patience and reassurance, Joyce was ready to let sisters in her home.

18. Not An Average Home

Gladys and Carla finally got their chance to see inside of the house. That day, both were nervous, as if they are just starting their business. They were terrified of what they might find behind the closed doors.

They knocked, and their hearts were bumping like crazy. When Joyce finally opened the door immediately, they were shocked. They couldn’t believe their eyes. Could this really be? Did they just travel through time?

17. Is It a Time Machine?

Gladys and Carla weren’t ready for this. They were sure that they will see and indoor horror. Instead, they were welcomed by a clean and decorated house in pale pink, mint green, and lavender.

The furniture was authentic pieces from the ’50s and ’60s. They couldn’t believe their eyes. They could barely speak; they just spend time soaking in this experience and view in front of them. This wasn’t all.

16. One Home For Life

To keep a house in this shape, true dedication is needed. For many, owning a home means that home can be a money pit, with the constant repairs. However, it looked as Joyce have found a youth formula for her home. How did she manage to maintain this large home on her own?

Joyce and her husband moved into the house in 1942, and the place looks as if it were frozen in time. Still, sisters had to watch closely to find fault hidden in the house. Then the real journey has begun.

15. Everything Kept In Mint Condition

Gladys and Carla couldn’t believe how well-preserved is home. It was obvious that decoration was a matter of passion. Moreover, keeping the house in this condition was merely a labor of love.

After ten years of living in the home, smaller repairs are mandatory, but once a home turn 20 or even 30, things start to show signs of age. Here, everything was working as well as when Joyce and her husband first bought their home – all except for one room.

14. A Thorough Inspection

Everything was in place and working. The only room that was touched all these years was the kitchen. The kitchen was the only place that was remodeled once in the 1960s and never touched again.

Basic appliances such as refrigerators and overs were still working. However, capitalizing on her early investment in home maintenance, Joyce had saved herself hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the years. Speaking of investments …

13. Investing In The Future

Every piece of furniture in the house was originally from the ’50s and ’60s. As time, Joyce and her husband had no idea that every piece ion their home will bring serious sum down the line.

When shopping for a house, the furnishings that fill said home can add value. Some people even buy collecting furnishing so they can flip the house at a higher price later on. However, Joyce and her husband picked their fortunate for love of interior decorating. Today, Joyce’s midcentury modern furniture could mean big things for the 96-year-old lady.

12. A Midcentury Modern Masterpiece

All of Joyce’s furnishings are authentic items from the 1950s and ’60s. With each passing year, this furniture got more valuable. This house was a gold mine when it comes to furniture and its preservation.

Until now, Joyce had no idea that she is actually living on a true gold. What made this furniture even better, is the fact that most of it was actually one of a kind. How had Joyce come to decorate her home so categorically?

11. A Passion Project, Not A Profession

Everything was so well organized and set that is was only clear that Joyce was into the business of interior design. She actually worked as a seamstress, but she had always taken an active interest in interior design.

She said that she always saw it as a passion, and added, “I’ve always tried to be individual, and follow my own style.” Her style is easily seen in every room. Moreover, the entire house is pastel pink. Still, sisters had no idea who w people would react to the shocking listing.

10. Can There Be Too Much?

Gladys and Carla could only appreciate how much care and love Joyce has put into her home. Every room was special and better than the previous one. Still, they stater to suspect that they might have a problem.

Although the entire house was very preserved and furniture was amazing, one thing really stood out – the whole decor was fiercely feminine. Would others accept this?

9. A Little Change Of Scenery

When Joyce and her husband moved back in 1942, Joyce’s husband had given her the green light to decorate every room exactly as she wanted, with one exception: no pink in the master bedroom.

Joyce gave her husband more than simply a pink-free bedroom. She wanted her husband to have a place for himself to hang out that isn’t that feminine. That’s how the wood-paneled wet bar was born.

8. The House Goes Viral

After their visit, Gladys and Carla posted the listing on the open market, and Joyce and her home went viral. People were amazed by this house and how well it was preserved.

Online popularity did wonder for Joyce and her home. After all, it was free marketing. Now people wanted to know how much of its charm a house will keep.

7. Creating a Final Price

The initial price, before sisters saw the house, was around $968,000. Now, once they saw the house, they knew that they must rethink their price. It was obvious that they can list the place at this price.

They knew that whoever buys this place, have to pay, probably, a significant amount to bring the place back to more modern times. This was something to take into consideration and make the final price.

6. Additional Research

Gladys and Carla never had an experience with such unique homes, so they decided to do additional research. As a normal step, they decided to check the prices of similar homes.

Market research was the very first step for Carla and Gladys and it turns out that these homes are actually called novelty houses. Sisters also discovered that these homes are not easy to be sold.

5. All Purple House

During their research, Gladys and Carla Spizzirri discovered that novelty houses don’t often appear on the market. When they even appear, they are hard to sell.

The reason for this lies it their customized quirks. Why? Because they are so unique and custom shaped it’s hard for buyers to see their potential. That’s how they discovered the purple house.

4. The Purple House

Gladys and Carla Spizzirri discovered that during the 1980s novelty houses were common. One of the most interesting houses that have appeared in their search is a famous purple house from the 1980s.

They also discovered that the famous purple house was sold for $500,000. So, what was the final price for Joyce’s pink-alike home? Could it top the purple house?

3. Joyce’s House Price

A home similar to Joyce’s in San Antonio, Texas, was sold for $355,000. Since Joyce had an interesting taste for interior design, her home had something that others didn’t have – original furniture from the previous century.

Eventually, everyone agreed upon the final price of $699,000. From there, the home was ready to receive the first visitors and welcome new homeowners.

2. Saying Goodbye

Surprisingly, Joyce left her home soon enough, because it was sold fast. No one knows how the house looks inside. It’s known that he didn’t have any major problems and that the future house owners could easily adapt their home to their preferences.

Now, once the house was sold, everyone wanted to know what happened to Joyce. After spending 72 years in the same place, where did she go? Where was her second home?

1. New Home

Joyce had to say goodbye to her pink home. After spending years and years alone, she decided to move out and start a new chapter in her life. After all, being 96 years old, means that she was ready to move into an assisted living facility.

She was still sharp, and her hearing was impeccable, but it was time for something smaller and more straightforward. Her special home is now someone else’s job.

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