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RANKED: The 25 Most Overrated QB’s Of All-Time

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Real sports fans know that there’s no position in all sports more criticized or appreciated but the quarterback. This position requires players who are brave enough to play this position in the first place. The quarterback is to blame when the team is losing, and the quarterback is to be praised when the team in winning.

This position is so notorious that even quarterbacks are compared, not teams, but quarterbacks. Even when a great quarterback retires, others love to compare new players with old stars – that’s how effective their role is. Just like in any sports, certain players can be overrated, and football is no exception. Let’s take a look at the 25 most overrated quarterbacks of all-time.

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25. Carson Palmer

Palmer is on his way to get serious consideration from the Hall of Fame, and he deserves a lot of credit from getting back to the field after multiple serious injuries. So, how can he be overrated?

So far, Plamer two for nearly 300 touchdowns and had over 100 more touchdowns than interceptions. However, he played only in four playoff games, and only in one of them, her he only threw one pass before getting hurt. So, he is overrated because he didn’t lead his team to a few more playoff appearances.

24. Mark Brunell

Brunell had an inspiring career and a lot of bright moments. He helped Jaguars reach the height early in their history as a franchise. Thanks to these accomplishments, many believed that Brunell is better than he actually is.

It’s true that Brunells is a good player who had a big role in many important moments of sport. However, the numbers don’t favor him. According to statistics, Brunell was average and had a care that was far from great, but it was solid good.

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23. Rich Gannon

By many, Gannon is described as a late-bloomer because he ended up going to four straight Pro Bowls from 1999 to 2002 and winning league MVP in 2002. Did you know that Gannon started his career in the NFL in 1987?

Because of this, it’s ok to list him as a little overrated because it took him a lot of time to figure everything out. Gannon spent the first decade of his career being a subpar starter in Minnesota. Still, for the success he had later in career Gannon deserved big applause.

22. Troy Aikman

Aikman is a Hall of Famer with three Super Bowl rings, but that doesn’t mean he deserves 100% to be listed among the best quarterbacks in the history of the game.

Aikman played only 12 seasons and threw more interceptions than touchdowns in four of those seasons. Yes, there was a five-year period when he and the Cowboys were the class of the NFL, winning three Super Bowls during that period. Still, during that period, he had a lot of help and dropped off quickly once the concussions started piling up.

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21. Drew Bledsoe

Bledsoe will forever be tied to Tom Brady because his injury allowed Brady to take over as New England’s quarterback. As you probably know, the rest is history.

As for Bledsoe, he won a Super Bowl as a starter, but and didn’t do anything special after leaving New England. Since he was once the top overall pick in the draft, it’s fair to call Bledsoe a little overrated.

20. Daunte Culpepper

There was a period when Culpepper was impressive and could have been something special in the NFL. However, a major settle back in his professional career was various injuries that prevented him from becoming one of the best ones ever.

He really only had about three stand-out seasons, including the 2004 season, when he had over 5,000 total yards. After that season, everything went down the hill. Injuries wrecked his career.

19. Joe Flacco

By many football fans, Flacco is described as an incredibly average quarterback. He is known for impressive arm strength and for being one of the best deep-ball passers. However, he has also thrown ten or more interceptions every season until 2018.

Flacco’s stats are far from impressive. On top of that, he has never been selected to a Pro Bowl, showing that he is far from being at the very top, at least not when compared to other quarterbacks of his generation.

18. Randall Cunningham

Cunningham was an above-average athlete and a bit of a pioneer among quarterbacks. Still, despite his incredible highs, including that near-perfect season with the Vikings in 1998, there was a lot of stopping and starting with this player.

After the 1990 season, Cunningham spent more than a decade in the NFL. However, he was never the full-time starter two years in a row. In the end, he had many brilliant moments during his career but never achieved the level you would expect from a superb quarterback.

17. Trent Dilfer

Dilfer was an Elite 11 quarterback in high school and the 6th-overall pick back in 1994. He developed into a glorified game manager and has a Super Bowl ring.

His efforts were present, but its public secret that the Baltimore defense won that Super Bowl. In the end, he only made one Pro Bowl and ended with a modest 55% completion percentage and more interceptions than touchdowns, which is the below-average quarterback.

16. Kordell Stewart

It’s hard not to romanticize about “Slash.” Kordell was an incredible athlete and once-in-a-decade type player. However, as a quarterback, he had limited success.

In 1997, he committed four turnovers in the AFC Championship Game, and the only time he did anything special was when the Steelers went 13-3 in 2001, only to lose in the AFC Championship again.

15. Jake Plummer

Among football fans, Plummer is called “The Snake.” His nickname may sound like a title of a one-of-a-kind player, but in reality, he is just an average quarterback. He didn’t throw more touchdowns than interceptions in a season until his fifth year in the league.

Plummer never won that much in Arizona, and he couldn’t even make it work with Mike Shanahan in Denver, although he seemed perfect for Shanahan’s offense. At the end of his career, Plummer lost his job to Jay Cutler.

14. Kerry Collins

Collins deserves serious credit for being Carolina’s first quarterback in their expansion season. He made two Pro Bowls, but they came more than a decade apart, which isn’t considered to be a big deal.

Furthermore, Collins struggled to find one team, which is why he played for not two, but six different teams. He had a great career in college, but in the NFL, he didn’t deliver as expected.

13. Phil Simms

From time to time, Simms would be seen next to amazing players, such as Joe Montana and John Elway. Honestly speaking, he didn’t deserve such a company because he won a super bowl with them, and not single handling.

Simms made two Pro Bowls that came eight years apart, which isn’t considered to be much of a success. From 1984 to 1986, he throws 60 picks, which was the prime of his sports career. On the whole, he is overrated, although he had a few good years.

12. Bernie Kosar

Cleveland fans would say that Kosar is a legend. He did have some great moments, amazing games, and ten playoff games, going 5-5, which is somewhat impressive. However, Kosak had just four seasons with over 3,000 yards passing.

He also finished his career with a losing record as a starter. He did lead the Browns to a 12-4 record in 1986, and pretty much that was it. He didn’t do anything much to stand out, which is why to understand why fans think of him so highly.

11. Vinny Testaverde

Testaverde put a lot of impressive stats, but it was very hard for him to put those stats into wins. In fact, he holds the NFL record for most losses by a starting quarterback with 123.

He had 275 touchdown passes that nearly matches his 267 interceptions. Truth be told, he is far from elite quarterbacks. Moreover, he is probably one of the most disappointing quarterbacks in league history.

10. Boomer Esiason

When you see someone on a TV or hear them frequently on the radio, you start believing that they are better than the rest. That’s the case with Boomer – he is so so present in the public eye that people think he was better than he was a player.

He wasn’t terrible, of course, but he was far from amazing. After all, he was a four-time Pro Bowler and won the MVP in 1988. However, outside of that 1988 season, he was fairly average. He leads his team to the play foods only twice, but he does get extra credits for longevity.

9. Tony Romo

There was definitely a time when Romo was the player. His career was so impressive that no one could imaghi9ne Eastern Illinois without his support. However, there are still people who insist he’s on the same level as Manning, Rodgers, and Tom Brady.

Romo went through a huge loss in 2007 after going 13-3, and Romo’s overall lack of playoff success, it’s not possible to put him among the best players of his generation.

8. Jim McMahon

McMahon had significant time on the field in the drafts in 1982. He even helped the Bears win Super Bowl XX after a 15-1 season, but his team was loaded with players such as Mike Singletary and Walter Payton.

McMahon also had a fair share of injuries, which are partly to blame for his career going down the hill. Still, for a guy who went to one Pro Bowl, he gets way too much credit for being a great player.

7. Jeff Hostetler

Jeff Hostetler is one of the few who are lucky enough to wear two SUYper Bowl rings on his hand. It’s important to note that old Hoss was only the backup to Phil Sims for one of them.

For some reason, football fans believe that Hostleter is a long-time starter in the NFL, but in reality, he had less than 100 touchdown passes in his career. Still, he is perhaps the most glorified backup in NFL history and little more.

6. Trent Green

Many football fans want to know how did Trent Green even stayed in the NFL for a full decade considering his performance. According to many, the best thing he ever did was that he got himself into a poor place so that Kurt Warner took to take over.

Trent spent five years in Kansas City after the Chiefs gave up a first-round pick to get him. However, Trent only had two winning seasons in those five long years. For much of his carer, he was the least-worst option his team had at the time.

5. Michael Vick

Fans and the club’s management had very high expectations from Vick. He was supposed to be a transformative figure. He was going to change how the quarterback position was played. However, he didn’t deliver.

Vick was exciting, and no one can deny that he had some very good years, including four Pro Bowl appearances. Still, not even his performance on the field does not qualify him as a legendary figure.

4. Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford has an astonishing arm talent, which is why people often describe him as the best quarterbacks in the game. So, that’s why many expected a lot from him when in signed the largest NFL contract.

However, he just wasn’t worth the money. He can sign it for sure, but he’s not a winner. In total, Stafford needs to win a few playoff games to make his contract count.

3. Brett Favre

Favre did retire as the owner of a lot of the all-time records for quarterbacks. he also had 297 consecutive starts. But the greats like Peyton Manning, Joe Montana, and Tom Brady had an art to playing the position that Favre didn’t have.

It turns out that his ignorance cost him a lot. As a result, he made unusual throws that were often described as stupid. Plus, he failed to value the football as a quarterback should. Is he worth a spot into the Hall of Fame? Yes, but he isn’t the same level as Manning, Montana, or Brady.

2. Eli Manning

Winning Super Bowls is a big deal and important milestone in the career of a professional football player; however, it’s not everything. There is a period before Super Bowl that means a lot as well, and Eli is a proof of his claim. Everyone knows that Eli is a talented quarterback who just had a few good seasons and some special moments.

Yes, he did win the super bowl, but it doesn’t put him on the same sport next to Joe Montana, for example. Fans believe that David Tyree and the Giants defense played two great super bowls, which is why Eli is overrated.

1. Joe Namath

Joe Namath had a great performance in Super Bowl III. People remember his game than and his unsuccessful attempt at wooing Suzy Kolber on the sidelines in 2003. This is pretty much it when it comes to his personality. From there, he is best known as an athlete who became a celebrity.

Namath barely completed 50% of his passes and had 47 more interceptions than touchdowns. This result isn’t enough for someone who should be more than an average quarterback.

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