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These Pantry Foods May Be Doing You More Harm Than Good

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People are finally eating smarter. Thanks to digital tools, now, everyone can know if their diet is healthy or not. Moreover, thanks to unlimited web information that is supported by medical workers and specials, today we know that certain foods are far from being good, like margarine.

Do you know about other foods that we consume every day, that aren’t good for you? What about the downsides of race cakes, fat-free dressing, or agave nectar? Are you informed about the healthy sides of food thats easily labeled unhealthy, like frosting? That’s right, you might be making the wrong food choices. Check this list to see what foods you may want to consider banning from your pantry for good.

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30. Cream-based Soups

Cream-based soups are so delicious, especially when you taste them during the cold winter days. Add to that some salad and crunchy bread, and you are in for a real treat. However, it turns out that cream-based soups aren’t too healthy, especially if they are not home-made.

In fact, they are full of empty calories. For example, cream of chicken soup has more than twice as much fat as it does protein per gram and almost half your daily intake of sodium per serving. On top of that, these soups often have fillers that can negatively affect your health.

29. Baked Goods Come With Trans Fat

Trans fats are unsaturated fat linked with several negative health effects. Trans fat is a byproduct of hydrogenation, which is the process of turning a liquid unsaturated fat into a solid fat by adding hydrogen. Simply said, it’s bad. So, why do we eat it?

The biggest problem with trans fats is that they taste good! Baked goods that you see, and probably consume, content trans fats which enable them to last as long as they do. These foods will always raise your LDLs (the bad cholesterol) and decrease your HDLs (the good cholesterol). Shortly, they increase your chances of experiencing a heart attack and stroke.

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28. Ketchup Equalls Sugar

Can you really imagine eating french fries without ketchup as a perfect dip? It’s just a small amount of this red nectar that makes every meal delicious… What could be so wrong with it? The main issue here is sugar. Even a spoon of ketchup can harm your health poorly. Did you know that there are 8 grams of sugar in two tablespoons of ketchup?

This sugar usually comes in the form of high fructose corn syrup. To avoid additional sugar make your own ketchup. Homemade ketchup usually has no sugar, or very little. Add some flavorful ingredients such as olive oil, smoked paprika, or garlic powder to make the taste more diverse.

27. Coffee Creamers Are Usually Full Of Artificial Ingredients

Why is everything that we love so much always on lists that are bad for us… Coffee lovers, we have some bad news for you. It’s time that you start drinking only black coffee because coffee creamers are far from being healthy or natural.

These coffee-flavors are artificial and contain many fake ingredients that may increase your LDL cholesterol, which is related to a higher risk of heart disease and stroke. Switch artificial creamers with oat milk, almond milk, or even with oat milk. If you cannot survive without sweetener in your coffee, try adding a dash of cinnamon or a spoon of honey.

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26. Cereal May Increase Your Sugar Cravings

Cereals are the ultimate processed food, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that cereals contain high levels of sugars. If you choose to start your day with cereals, high levels of sugar can lead to a crash before lunch.

Simply said, your body will want more sugar. So, if you have to eat cereal choose cereals that are low in sugar and high in fiber. Focus on high protein levels. If you want a healthier breakfast choose oat with water or boiled eggs with some veggies.

25. Nutella Is All About Sugar And Palm Oil

Are you a Nutella lover? Often promoted as delicious hazelnuts-based cream, Nutella is far from being all hazelnuts created. In fact, if you compare two tablespoons of Nutella to two tablespoons of hazelnut, you’ll find that the chocolaty spread has double the fat, seven times more carbs, and half the fiber. Surprising, right?

The reason for this is because the top two ingredients in Nutella are sugar and palm oil. Basically, you are eating oil and sugar. Plus, not all nut butter is created equally. Many almond butter brands are made only with almonds, while others are made of high percent of the carbs like Nutella.

24. Fruit Yogurt Has More Additives Than Fruit

Fruit yogurt is so delicious and so bad for you. Sure, there is some fruit on the bottom, but there is also a lot of sugar and cornstarch, which are far from being nutritious.

Whenever possible, choose plain yogurt, or at least the one with lower sugar levels. Or even better, have ready fruit on hand to satisfy sugar needs more healthily.

23. Pretzels Are Full Of Sodium

Pretzels go with everything. They are a perfect addition to sports nights and a great snack. For years, people believed that pretzels are healthy, however today we know better. Did you know that one ounce, or 17 of the tiny pretzels, has 20% of your daily intake of sodium?

Eating too much sodium holds extra fluid in the body, which can lead to higher blood pressure and a higher risk of heart failure, stroke, kidney disease, and even stomach cancer.

22. Soda Contains Terrible High Levels Of Acid And Sugar

Soda is tasteful, easy to pack, and cheap to buy. All in, this drink seems like a perfect summer refreshment. However, have you noticed how, after drinking soda, you just need more soda? That’s because your body wants that soda sugar.

Sugary drinks are addictive due to their high sugar content. This type of drink can increase your risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. Plus, soda drinks can lead to tooth decay from their high levels of phosphoric and carbonic acid.

21. Fat-Free Dressings Make Your Vegetables Less Beneficial

How do you like your salad? Plain, with a bit of olive oil and lemon, or heavily soaked with manufactured dressing? It turns out that fat-free dressing may be even more harmful than the regular one.

The truth is that fat-free dressings are often full of hard and harmful ingredients such as hydrogenated oil, xanthan gum, carrageenan, and corn syrup. So, always check labels. You may be shocked to learn what the nutrition label of this next food has to say.

20. Fake Maple Syrup Is Full Of Additives

If you are a big pancake lover then you know how the decision is to serve them with maple syrup. However, you may always double-check the label to see what you are about to eat. Certain syrups don’t even include maple syrup. They in fact contain just a huge amount of additives.

You can expect to find also cellulose gum, artificial flavoring, preservatives like sorbic acid, and sodium hexametaphosphate. These ingredients have potentially harmful effects, so it’s always better to stick with the real thing. At the same time, don’t forget that the real maple syrup is heavily packed with sugar. Therefore, use it in extremely small amounts.

19. Agave Nectar Is High In Fructose

The plant from the picture above is used to make agave nectar that millions across the world adore. To many, this is a great honey replacement. However, Agave nectar may not be as ideal as some have thought. Agava Nectar is extremely rich in fructose, which is why agave has such a low glycemic index.

Consuming too much Agave nectar, or in general foods thats rich in high fructose content can disrupt liver function and even increase the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and cancer.

18. Processed Cheese And Artificial Ingredients

Ok, we all know that processed food is bad for us, but we still love it! Cheese is probably the most common food thats often processed and serves perfectly as chips dip. It’s common to see people on stadiums eating nachos with a huge amount of cheese, but did you know that 50% of that is cheese? The other 50% are salt, other forms of dairy, artificial ingredients, and emulsifiers.

If processed food is so poor in nutrients, why do we have it? The truth is that processed foods are easy to make, more comfortable to store, and often don’t even need a refrigerator. Don’t let this ‘diet-friendly food trick you.

17. Frosting Is Full Of Bad-For-You Ingredients

The frosting is primarily sugar, you know that, right? However, sugar isn’t the only ingredient that can harm your health. Depending on the brand, you can expect to see hydrogenated soybean and cottonseed oil, palm oil, corn syrup, artificial coloring, modified corn starch, xanthan gum, and a host of other preservatives and fillers.

Plus, there is zero nutritional value in frosting. Whenever possible focus on healthy frosting recipes that can actually provide nutrition without harmful additives.

16. Breakfast Pastries Are Basically Empty

Ok, when it comes to breakfast pastries, we all love them. They are available, delicious, and always fresh. However, they don’t bring anything special to your nutrition. They are usually full of sugar, oils, corn syrup, and fillers.

Breakfast pastries might be worth as an occasional dessert but aren’t recommended as food to kick of your day. Breakfast food should give you energy, vitamins, and minerals. You may be surprised to see the next item coming up on this list.

15. Barbecue Sauce Is Not Really Healthy

Even the best barbecue in the world tastes better when there is a great barbecue sauce. If you want to eat healthier you should focus on mustard, which only has three calories per serving.

If you choose more popular barbecue sauces you can expect at least 75 calories per serving, many of which come from sugar. High fructose, corn syrup, and sodium are often present in barbecue sauce, which makes barbecue sauce both sweet and salty and dangerous for your health.

14. Are Maraschino Cherries More Than Cherry?

Cherries served with milkshake and cocktails have a special name – they are named Maraschino cherries. They are also known to contain a high amount of sugar, much more than regular cherry. Maraschino cherries are heavily soaked in high fructose corn syrup, which is why they are shiny.

You have probably noticed that they’re redder than regular ones, and thats because the cherries are pumped with artificial coloring to give them a more vibrant tone. They are basically natural cherries, turned into fake cherries and packed in sugar. So, order your drink without these cherries, or even better – choose to eat fresh cherries.

13. White Grains Don’t Have Any Nutrients

You have probably heard many times that anything ‘white’ in the kitchen is actually bad for your health. White rice, white bread, and even white pasta are stripped of the nutrients that you can usually find in foods.

The reason for that is because the grains undergo far more processing than whole wheat variations do. Plus, white flour is sometimes even bleached to look brighter. That’s why you should always search for an alternative and choose healthier options.

12. Granola Bars Are Fast, But Not Healthy

Granola bars are a great choice when you need simple and fast food rich in sugar. Sadly, granola bars are rich in sugar and therefore rich in calories, no matter how much your love them. Did you know that one granola bar has around 200 calories? That’s a lot. What about granola bars that are low in sugar?

They are usually packed with artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols that may not be better for your health in the long run. All in, granola bar doesn’t satisfy your hunger for long despite their fat content and micronutrients. Now, let’s see which foods you should never store in your kitchen area.

11. Diet Ice Cream Can Harm Your Digestive System

Who wouldn’t love to eat pounds and pounds of ice cream without gaining weight? This is why the light ice cream was created – to keep you satisfied while offering fewer calories. Diet ice creams are delicious, more expensive than regular ice cream, and usually, come with less than 499 calories a pint.

The biggest issue with diet ice cream is that they contain sugar alcohols, which is why they add only a few calories to your body. Eventually, this can lead to digestive issues when overly consumed. Maybe think about freezing a banana covered with honey and walnuts as a better treat?

10. What About Egg Beaters?

Eating all-natural foods is always better than eating processed foods. Egg Beaters have the exact opposite presumption: that natural eggs are the enemy due to their cholesterol and saturated fat.

Therefore, they remove the yolk and add in a lot of fillers to provide similar micronutrients and far less fat and calories. So, you end up with gum, maltodextrin, and nutrients that are opposite to natural components. Is this wrong? Let’s say that if you want to cut saturated fat, cut the chips before you cut the eggs.

9. Premade Fruit Smoothies

All-natural fruit smoothies are great. They are a great way to boost your immune system and keep you active. However, when it comes to premade fruit smoothies the story isn’t that smooth.

Many of the premade fruit smoothies and based on sugar. Plus, they contain sugar in really small amounts. It’s better to eat a ton of fresh fruit than premade fruit smoothies.

8. Fruit Juice Is All Sugar And No Fiber

You are never sure whether you are drinking really all-fruit juice or not. Even when the label says 100% juice, you cannot believe it. Many juices have sugar in high amounts and usually contain between 10 to 15% of actual juice.

Interestingly, even those with 100% fruit juice are stripped of its fiber, which leaves you feeling less full. From a nutritional standpoint, it’s best to eat the actual fruit to get all of the benefits.

7. Granola Can Cause Weight Gain

Granola is delicious and goes perfectly with regular milk and almond milk. It also serves as a great snack (granola bars anyone?) for road trips or hiking.

Many granola serving sizes are only 1/3-1/2 a cup, so it can be easy to overdo it, especially if they are in a low-fat variation. So, why do we love so much granola? Sugar, of course. Kellogg’s Low Fat Granola has 14 grams of sugar in half a cup, which is a lot. So, if possible, choose nuts or seeds that are naturally high in protein and fiber.

6. Packaged Baked Goods Can Be Loaded With Chemicals

Low-fat products, especially those packed ones are usually packed with chemicals. The same applies to low sugar alternatives. It goes like this – natural ingredients are more likely to satisfy you.

On the other hand, highly processed foods are more likely to cause stomach upset since they can have ingredients that our bodies more poorly digest. This is why you should cut foods with shady ingredients.

5. Deli Meats Can Be Highly Processed

Sure, deli meats are so handy to have in your fridge. It goes perfectly in everyday sandwiches, pasta, and even as lunch addition. However, this meat is heavily processed.

The World Health Organization classified processed meat as carcinogenic and found that eating 50 grams of it a day increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 18%, which isn’t something that should be ignored. Whenever possible go for organic options that come from animals that had a pesticide-free diet.

4. Hot Dogs Are High Risk

Nothing like a hot dog to make that park walk perfect, right? This fast food is fast, cheap, and easy to access on every corner. However, this food isn’t helahty as you can guess.

This is processed meat, that contains carcinogens that may increase your risk for certain health complications. They are made from multiple types of meat and since they contain only 5 grams of protein, hot dogs can hardly be called meat.

3. Bouillon Cubes Are Packed With Sodium

Bouillon cubes are small and effective tools to add flavor to homemade soups. However, they aren’t as healthy as you would like them to be, because they have high levels of sodium.

Bouillon cubes are rich in hydrogenated oil, food coloring, monosodium glutamate, TBHQ, and maltodextrin that can negatively reflect on your health. Making your broth is the best way to make sure that you are getting enough natural nutrients.

2. Chicken That Isn’t Antibiotic Free

Meat is heavily processed food nowadays, and chicken is no exception. This meat is heavily treated with antibiotics, that even The World Health Organization reports that the use of antibiotics in animals contributes to the risk of superbugs in humans.

On the other hand, FDA required chicken to be clean of antibiotics before being processed, consuming antibiotics at any point of their life can still present a risk of illness to humans. This is why you should shop for only chickens thats antibiotic-free. If you want to go the extra mile, opt for organic chicken.

1. Fruit Snacks Are Basically Gummy Bears

Don’t let the name fool you: fruit snacks are basically candy. In fact, if you compare them to gummy bears, you will see their mutual components, cush as glucose syrup, natural and artificial flavors, food dye, citric acid, oil, and wax.

When it comes to nutrition it’s almost non-existing, although in some brands you may find some traces of vitamins. So, look at them as dessert, not real food.

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