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25 Photos From History You’ve Never Seen Before

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Just thinking about the paranormal can be stressful, let alone see something that resembles ghosts’ human ideas. However, throughout history, people reported many strange occurrences of seeing ghosts in most unexpected places. Most of them are captured in photos. Some claim that these photos are fake, while others guarantee their authenticity.

Not only ghosts on photos can give chills. Real-life situations that are dramatic can be hard dot forget as well. Afterlife, war, famine, natural disaster, and most unusual human moments – not all have been documents many times. Real or not, these photos will give you goosebumps. Check out these never before seen photos from history that will make you rethink your afterlife beliefs and much more.

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25. British Army in India, 1919

This photo is a classic reminder that people need fun, even during the most stressful times. Moreover, people could always have a good boxing match to lift their spirits.

This picture, taken on November 1, 1919, in Bombay, India, is a naval ship returning to Britain. During their voyage, the troops would engage in “blindfold boxing” matches. It was a way to blow off steam and entertain the crowd.

24. The Hungry Mile

It looks as if a group of people gathered to deal with their everyday activities, right? This photo was taken in Miller’s Point, Sydney, someday during 1920. There is a more in-depth story behind this photo that’s not easily seen at first.

This photography tells a more in-depth story related to The Hungry Mile during the early twentieth century; while the world was devastated by war, these workers would walk from wharf to wharf to look for work. They suffered from diseases, hunger, and malnutrition.

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23. Tunnel in Albania From the Cold War

The most chilling part about this photo is not what you see but what you know about the impact war has. The image portrays old military equipment abandoned from the Civil War.

We cant see the fatal devastation here, but there was some for sure. This photo was taken in The Civil War Tunnel Museum in Gjirokastra, Albania. It’s clear that these items are part of the war.

22. Symbolic Customs of the Alpine Country, 1963

At first, this photo may look more humorous than chilling. What you see here is “Schnabelperchten,” a pre-Christian Alpine tradition and one of the last symbolic customs in the Alpine country.

This is a traditional practice the evening before Three Kings Day when people dress up as ghosts. Similar to Halloween, they go from house to house to perform this ritual for each resident. In this photo, they mock-attack a woman with a pair of wooden scissors. This is actually a beautiful tradition, and just the first impression is a bit scary.

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21. Prince of Wales, 1875

Before he was King Edward VII, Edward was known as the Prince of Wales. This specific photo shows Prince and his entourage after killing a tiger during their trip to India in 1875.

You may like or dislike hunting trips, but to many, this scenery is very disturbing – seeing a group of men standing over a beautiful dead animal is chilling.

20. Tank and Bible in Stuttgart, 1962

The period after the Second World War brought many disturbing moments and unusual sceneries. One of those moments is this photo taken at the 7th U.S. Army headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. The photo shows a Patton tank and the statue of an open Bible.

This is, for sure, a rare photo. The most interesting part about this photo is the symbolism of peace alongside war standing together in harmony. This concept is enough to give you chills.

19. Cave of the Hands

There is a long history between caves and humans. In a way, caves are here to tell us the history of humans civilization, so we aren’t surprised when we see unusual cave markings. This specific cave is located in Patagonia, Province of Santa Cruz, Argentina, and is known as the Cave of Hands.

The Cave of Hands is famous for thousands of handprints painted on the walls and ceilings. What inspired people to do this is unknown, and no one knows what it means. The only thing that we know for sure is that they date back as far as 13,000 years ago.

18. The Spinster, 1900

Some photos are rare, and then some photos are extremely rare, like this one. Here, we see (probably) a family outside their modest home in Ireland in the early 1900s, standing with a spinning-wheel.

These machines are now a thing of the past, but they used to be a mandatory household item. They were used to make cloth, which would be turned into clothing. For many, this was their only source of means because they trade it for necessities to provide for their families. It’s devastating to see how people used various means to avoid death and starvation.

17. Evacuation from Mount Vesuvius, 1906

In 1994 the Mount Vesuvius erupted, and 26 Italian civilians were killed, and nearly 12,000 were displaced. All in, this was a shocking and harmful event. Still, the people in this photo are smiling.

Even with all the smiling faces, it’s clear that the event is horrible. Seeing so many people heading somewhere is chilling. Still, the urgency seems to be missed by those pictured here. However, the eruption itself was horrible.

16. The Two Tallest Women, 1931

Photos from the 1930s are rare in general, but this photo is one of the rarest. This rare photo shows the two tallest ladies in German history. Since back then circus was a big business and place for unusual people, ladies traveled around Europe showcasing the odd physical characteristics.

Standing at over 9 feet tall, these two women towered over everyone they met. Some people imagine Amazon women looking like this. Still, they were probably still charming no matter the height.

15. Statue of a Child Angel With a Missing Arm, 1987

Ok… this one is chilling at first glance. People are sensitive to children, and this rare photo of a child angel’s statue brings some additional sadness. Located in the Highgate Cemetery in Hampstead, London, this statue hides the story behind a one-armed angel.

The missing arm isn’t what makes people stare at this angel, but he looks on this angel’s face – it’s just unsettling. If you stare at it for too long, you might have bad dreams.

14. Street in Quetta After a Major Earthquake, 1935

On May 31, 1935, between 2:33 am to 3:40 am, a 7.7 to 8.1 magnitude earthquake hit Pakistan’s seismic region known as Quetta. The epicenter of the quake was said to be 4-kilometers south-west of Ali Jaan.

Sadly, this earthquake was so devastating that nothing was left behind to restore it. The towns of Mastung, Maguchar, and Kalat were those most affected by this event, and thousands of people died.

13. Luggage from the Holocaust

Anything Holocaust-related is devastating and brings a certain dosage of sadness. Those suitcases that you can see in this photo all belong to those imprisoned in concentration camps during the Holocaust.

It’s no secret that concentration camps were filled with people, innocent people, who were just labeled wrong. The most hurting fact is that people packed luggage to be sent by train to their deaths.

12. Early Arab Tombs of Bhavani, 1911

This photo was taken near Las Bela, Baluchistan, in 1911. Here, you can see a young man and his dog sitting at the base of a giant tomb. Was he related to buried ones, or they just searched for shelter from the desert sun? No one can tell for sure.

These early Arab tombs of Bhavani bring more than just the chill factor to this photo. A tomb design is mysterious and certainly evokes emotions that can only mean an appreciation for the dead? Plus, it doesn’t help that every horror movie starts with the scenery of an unusual tomb.

11. White Deer Skin Dance, 1896

This is probably one of the rarest photos of the native Hupa tribe in Humboldt County, California. These natives are performing a dance known as the traditional White Deerskin Dance.

This dance is performed every year in the fall. The chill factor here is the fact that it is believed that if this ceremony would not be performed that the tribe would incur great suffering, and will be punished by nature so bad, that they will all eventually die in a horrible death.

10. The Print Of American Indians, 1900

This vintage photo of a Native American tribe shows them posing in front of a teepee and at first seems like the regular photo, right? However, the chilling part is located behind this photo.

The truth is that this group was most likely captured by the army. In both the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812, the Native Americans would often fight on behalf of the British soldiers, to strengthen their conflict with the United States. These conflicts resulted in natives being captured by Americans. They would be placed in camps, imprisoned, and eventually killed.

9. Eton College Library, 1926

There is something magical when it comes to libraries. They are places of peace and knowledge and can bring people much needed peace and calmness. On the other hand, empty libraries can be very scary.

This is a rare photo of the Eton College library, built-in 1440, and looks pretty scary when empty. Many believe that this library is haunted. Moreover, ghost-witnesses claim that spirits are hostile and angry.

8. Aftermath of the Quetta Earthquake, 1935

Dealing with natural disasters is always hard. Earthquakes are horrible things, and in most cases, they leave a mess behind. As you can see, the region around Quetta was utterly destroyed.

This earthquake was so strong that little was left. It took down nearly every structure. Eventually, it was determined a group of 50 men would be needed to dig all of the graves for those lost.

7. Tattershall Castle in Lincolnshire, 1951

Tattershall Castle was built between the decades of 1430 to 1440, with a goal to be the most beautiful one in the area. Although it’s very beautiful, it’s also a place for a great many tragedies.

This castle was even used as a prison during the Civil War. Many believed that inmates were heavily mistreated. Many tried to escape but they couldn’t. Would you dare to sleep here?

6. Vintage Church, 1975

This unusual church is located in Roseland, Cornwall. Built-in 13th-century, the church is known for its beautiful riverside gardens of Roseland. However, it’s not the building beauty that draws attention.

The gravestones are what’s so unusual here. Do people have to walk on top of them to enter the church? If so, is it ok to walk on the top of someone’s grave?

5. The Seven Sutherland Sisters, 1880

Just imagine how much time it takes to clean such long hair. Multiply that by seven, and you will have an all-day hair combing. Why did they have such long hair? Was it a must?

These ladies were known as the Seven Sutherland Sisters Singing Group. They grew their hair deliberately to great lengths for a reason. They sold hair tonic while they performed in a local circus. When it comes to business, creativity is everything.

4. The Geography of American History, 1812

When you see this scenery, you might think of two things: a horror movie or a huge romantic story. What may seem nice at first glance is usually a terrible story.

However, the shocking part of this story is linked to the rich history of the land. It turns out that this land was a witness to many battles with the British army and inhabitants.

3. Caricature In 3D, 1930

It’s always interesting to see something modern in far times. Buster Keaton (1895 – 1966), an American-born silent screen actor and comedian, was known for his talents as a ventriloquist.

His comedy movies were popular, but this photo is far from funny. In this photo, “The King of Deadpan” sits with his dummy, which was modeled to resemble himself. Looks creepy, right?

2. The General, 1926

Buster Keaton was not known only for his unusual roles, and great acting skills. He was also known for unusual and original photos that he easily shared with the world.

As if the dummy wasn’t scary enough, he took another turn and did something unusual for the movie, ‘The General.’ On it, to be precise, a man standing in front of a moving train must be scary.

1. Actress Madeline Smith Leaving Trafalgar Square, 1972

Madeline Smith was a British actress and model. Bac in 1972, she was hired to do some advertising for a friend who worked for the British Natural History Company.

She had a simple task, to walk around Trafalgar Square with a dodo named Digby. This was a huge hit, but seeing something on her shoulder that looked kind of alive is creepy.

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