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Everyone Noticed The Same Thing Sitting Behind Prince Charles In This Video Broadcast

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It’s not often to see the inside of royals home. After all, they usually get to live either in a castle or in a large mansion with hundreds of bodyguards and first-class security systems. So, when the opportunity to see inside of the prince or princess home, of course, people will look at it carefully.

That’s why Prince Charles made such a buzz recently with a broadcast from a new hospital in London. This broadcast was special because fans got more than they had bargained for. This broadcast was so unusual that even royal watchers were shocked and even a bit disturbed. Read on to see why one particular photo left millions of people speechless.

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25. NHS Nightingale Hospital London

It’s a tradition in the UK for a royal family member to be at significant institutions’ opening. They have to stand there, deliver a speech and cut the ribbon, or whatever protocol suggests. Prince Charles was supposed to open the new NHS Nightingale Hospital London.

However, this time he couldn’t do it in person, so he used technology. He was communicating from his Scottish countryside residence of Birkhall, which is part of the Balmoral estate and used as a summer home by the prince and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

24. Big Surprise

Prince Charles is very good when it comes to public speaking. He is calm, polite, and knows how to transform his gratitude to the crowd. And launching the new NHS Nightingale Hospital London was both important and emotional.

He said. “If I may say so, I was enormously touched to have been asked to open the Nightingale Hospital… It is, without doubt, a spectacular and almost unbelievable feat of work in every sense – from its speed of construction in just nine days, as we’ve heard, to its size and the skills of those who have created it.”

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23. The Speech

Charles continued. “The creation of this hospital is above all the result of an extraordinary collaboration and partnership between NHS managers, the military, and all those involved to create a center on a scale that has never been seen before in the United Kingdom.”

All in, this was a big step for the UK and its health system. Speaking directly to the camera, Charles thanked everyone involved in this massive project. While speaking directly to the camera, people could see photos behind him when one shocked them. Here is what they saw.

22. He Couldn’t Be There In Person

British royal family is known for its willingness to adapt to new situations and embrace many trends. Since Charles couldn’t be at the opening in person, he reflected at the wonders of modern technology, saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, as the wonders of modern technology, can only do so much and I can’t quite reach, perhaps I could invite Nightingale’s head of nursing Natalie Gray on my behalf to unveil the plaque to declare NHS Nightingale Hospital open.”

Although Charles spoke about an important event, people couldn’t ignore what was happening behind his back. Whenever Charles appears in public, people start thinking about his age and the crown. Did you know that Charles has over 70 years and that his mother (current Queen) Elizabeth II is over 90? Due to age reality, people often speculate that Charles won’t get to become a King and that the future King will be Prince Willian, who is so beloved by the nation. This is why this single detail behind Charles back surprised many.

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21. Unusual Photo Frame

The royal family loves to keep their property in secret and far from the public eye. That’s why Birkhall was seen last on the 2018 BBC show Prince, Son, and Heir: Charles at 70.

So, now people finally had an opportunity to see how Birkhall looks inside. At first sight, it was clear that there are many photographs of the prince and his family. Then they noticed something that they didn’t expect.

20. Shocking Interior

So, when the documentary cameras went inside Birkhall, the audience was ready to scan every corner and not miss a single detail. That’s how they saw a snap of the baptism ceremony of Prince Louis, but that wasn’t what intrigued the world.

Loyal royal family fans know that Birkhall plays a big part in the history of the royal family. The state belonged to Queen Victoria, and ever since it’s been passed down through the royal family.

19. Birkhall State History

It’s common for family homes to be passed down through the family, and the royal family is no exception when it comes to this. The Queen used Birhhall with her sister Margaret in her youth.

Birkhall became the Queen Mother’s residence until her death, upon which it was given to her grandchild Charles. And Charles had something to say about this place that melted hearts across the globe.

18. A Special Place

It’s no secret that Charles really loves spending time at Birkhall together with Camilla. He is no stranger to sharing his thought about this place.

Back in 2013, he talked with Country Life magazine about Birkhall’s garden, saying, “It is such a special place – particularly because my grandmother made it. It is a childhood garden, and all I’ve done, really, is enhance it a bit.” Until now, the interior of Birkhall’s was kept closed.

17. Prince Has A Gardening Style

The UK residents have a special bond with nature. They are passionate about gardening, and a cup of tea in their garden is a piece of paradise. Prince Charles is no stranger to this divine tradition.

He loves spending time outdoors and taking care of his garden. He also speaks openly about his love toward gardening, saying, “My gardening style is to try to work with the spirit of the place and to have enough time to walk around and around until a vision of how it should become to me. Sometimes, I see it in a dream.”

16. Very Special Room

Charles gave his Nightingale Hospital speech from a room that saw an office in Birkhall. This was an amazing opportunity for keen-eyed royal watchers to scan the background to see what makes the room special. And they were in for a real treat.

Keen-eyed royal watchers scanned the background, searching what Charles love to see in this room. As the first result, they noticed which photographs the Duke of Cornwall had deemed worthy of inclusion in the room.

15. Charles’s Office

Everybody wants to know how the working area of a prince looks like, and this broadcasting satisfied that curiosity. It seems that Charles had fixed his tablet in place using a book he himself had written: Harmony: A New Way of Looking at the World.

This broadcasting also enabled a closer look at the photos behind Charles. One depicted the Queen, Charles’ mother, as an infant back in the 1920s. Another was of the prince and his sister, Princess Anne, as children. That specific photo was taken when the royal family had a vacation in Malta in the mid-1950s.

14. Other Pictures

Other photos behind Prince were royal family photos on more public occasions. There was a picture of Charles, Prince William, and Prince Harry in military garb during a commemorative Royal Air Force. There was also a photo taken just after the prince’s 2005 marriage ceremony.

Some viewers commented on how much they were glad to see a shot of Harry in the background. As you may know already, Harry and his wife decided to step away from his family. At the beginning of 2020, Harry and Meghan shocked the royal family with their decision.

13. Prince Harry And Meghan

Harry and Meghan are one of the unique royal couples, and they supported this claim when they decided to lead a regular life. At the beginning of 2020, they shared with their family and the world that they will be stepping down from the throne.

They shocked the world with their decision to retire from royal duties. Instead, they decided to divide their lives between North America and the United Kingdom as they raised their son, Archie. However, not every family member was happy with their unusual decision.

12. Charles and William Weren’t Happy

A signal decision can lead to a complete disaster within the royal circles. This is the main reason why Charles and William were shocked when Harry decided to lead a more ordinary life.

According to a January 2020 report by The Sun, an anonymous insider claimed that both the prince and his son William had been “incandescent with rage” about Harry’s announcement. Allegedly, they felt as if they’d been “stabbed in the back” –especially as Harry didn’t share any of the details of this big decision with his relatives.

11. The Tricky Situation

This decision was at least said unusual, while many called it very tricky and hard to deal with. Their decision was so strong that even the Queen had to announce the new situation.

On January 13, the Queen released a statement that read, “My family and I are entirely supportive of Harry and Meghan’s desire to create a new life as a young family. Although we would have preferred them to remain full-time working members of the Royal Family, we respect and understand their wish to live a more independent life as a family.”

10. Part Of The Royal Family

Just like the Queen, Prince Charles shared his thought on Harry’s decision, saying that he respects it, although he would love to see them working full-time as a royal family member.

He also adds, “But like any loving father, now Harry has made his decision Charles is keen to support him,” the insider continued. “Since Harry came back, he has seen his father, and they have discussed what Harry wants to do in the future. Harry hugely respects his father’s opinion and has welcomed the advice he has given him.”

9. Meghan and Archie

Since Harry and Meghan decided to do something unusual and even scandalous for royal family members, many expected to see only other members’ photos, without Harry, Meghan, and their son Archie. However, this broadcast showed that family love and understanding comes first.

So, it was easy to spot photos of Meghan and Archie behind Charles – one of the photos showed the whole family together at Louis’ baptism – with Meghan standing beside her husband. There was also one more photo.

8. Young Archie

On top of the piano, there was another photo that people loved immediately. Next to a family photo was a shot of Charles with his youngest grandchild.

People could spot other interesting items within the office next to photos, including a few expensive-looking ornaments. It was easy to spot flowers as well, which seems logical because Charles cares about his garden a lot.

7. Zara Tindall

Next to flowers in the corner is located a photograph of Charles’ niece Zara Tindall riding her horse. But alongside these items was something rather strange.

During the video broadcast, a mysterious image appeared right behind Charles. It looked like a monochrome silhouette in a frame or as if someone was cut out of a picture. Could it be?

6. Silhouette In A Frame

People really wanted to know what this unusual photo stands for. Like in every great discovery, Twitter users had to involve, and jokes soon followed.

Writer Richard Littler took it upon himself to tweet a close-up picture of the mysterious frame, captioned simply with the words “What the…” Then, in reply to the post, people shared Photoshopped memes where the empty space was replaced with something amusing. There were images of Tiger King star Joe Exotic and actor Tom Baker, as well as a picture of Prince Philip.

5. Solving The Mistery

It’s in human nature to solve everything and find answers to the unknown. In no time, people united to learn what the strange was about. A reply to Littler read, “If you look closely, there seems to be a faint pencil drawing in that frame – in this pic at least.” Maybe it was a child’s doodle that didn’t show up well on camera?

Another person asked the most simple question that seemed so logical at the moment. He asked, “Did Charles forget to put a picture in the frame?” Could it be so simple?

4. Another Ideas

“Prince Charles currently giving a speech,” another social media user wrote. “Empty photo frame in the background? Is this for the lost siblings within the ranks?”

This was a clear reference to Charles having a secret twin brother – a jokey plot point in British satirical royal sitcom The Windsors. This was unexpected.

3. Vampire Ancestors?

As it usually happens, people started offering the craziest solutions and out of this world ideas. Therefore, one person suggested that the empty picture frame depicted “just one of the vampire ancestors.”

Yes, there are really people claiming that Prince Charles is a vampire. Some claim that he’s a distant relative of Vlad the Impaler – the nightmarish figure who was the real-life basis for Dracula.

2. Charles Travelled to Transylvania

Charles did speak about his trip to Transylvania as a tourist destination. From there Twiter joke became weirder and weirder. It looked as people area competing who will come up with the weirdest ideas.

One person jested, “What many people don’t realize is HRH Prince Charles is trapped inside a picture frame for 70 percent of his life and is only released under the orders of the Queen.” Another wrote, “Something climbed out of that photo and is in the world now. It’s out there. Be afraid. Be very afraid.”

1. More Ideas

Some mysteries in life are meant to stay mysteries. No matter how much you try, to matter how much energy and time, and idea put into a specific matter, you cant have all the knowledge about everything.

Still, judging by the comments, this mystery is yet to be discovered because people aren’t ready to give up. There are still many ideas and many conspiracy theories about this photo that we won’t ever discover.

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