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This Is the Profession People Trust the Most

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There are many professions people may choose to pursue. People who choose a specific path will either stick with it or change the moment they realize it is not for them. It is not always easy to tell who loves their job and who doesn’t, affecting how well we trust those in their chosen career.

Before we get into what profession people trust the most, there should be a discussion about who we trust the least. Here’s a short list of the least trusted professions:

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1. Members of Congress

Considering what many call ‘flip-flopping’ on policies is commonplace with some representatives, there’s no surprise that they make it to the very bottom of the list. They must do a ridiculous amount of work to secure votes, promising things they are sure they can follow through with.

It is often the pushback from rival parties that prevents policies and new laws from being enacted, earning the ire of citizens that voted for representatives they believed would change things.

Lack of policy change is one thing, but many do things away from the public eye that becomes large scandals once brought to light.

2. Car Salespeople

Earning the same place at the bottom of the list with members of Congress is car salespeople. Having the same 8% trust rating on Gallup’s poll is no surprise and we’ve all heard about or had our own terrible experiences regarding these individuals.

They are often seen as swindlers, to which some of us can attest, and are hardly ever trusted.

Having had my own not-so-fun experience with a car salesperson guaranteed I’d never purchase from one ever again.

3. Business Executives

They are generally responsible for running organizations, with duties varying by what business each one is in. It is often their level of pay that leads to the distrust between lower-level employees and the boss in the big room with the fancy desk.

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The average salary for a business exec, according to PayScale, is about $57,391. Depending on the integrity of the executive, that number might be twice as much or even have three extra numbers. With so many execs responsible for the most recent economic collapse, the foreboding of trust is completely understandable.

Now that we’ve gone through a couple of untrustworthy professions, here is a list of professions people trust the most started with the fourth most trusted and ending with the very first:

1. High School Teachers

High School Teachers are responsible for the secondary education of our teenagers. Their influence often helps shape how their young minds think, and sometimes also determines what future career they will decide on.

We trust them to watch over and teach our children to be productive students who turn their assignments in on-time. It is hard to find a school where your child will fit in, but once they find a school where they connect with teachers, it’s hard to send them anywhere else.

2. Pharmacists

Pharmacists are the people responsible for filling our prescribed medication and teaching us how to properly take or administer said medication. Their job is relatively simple and often very few words are exchanged.

Because the information they give us is stated matter-of-factly, we aren’t really given a reason not to trust them. Recent technology has made stealing medication very difficult, and pharmacists make certain the right medication gets to the right people.

3. Medical Doctors

Referred to generally as physicians, there are many different specializations each individual can choose from. There are trauma doctors, oncologists, ophthalmologists, and pulmonologists to name a few.

They care for the majority of our medical needs, from treating our broken bones and severe cough to helping us deliver and care for our children. Having the right doctors often instills trust in a person that keeps them coming back to that office.

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4. Nurses

The most trusted profession of all is Nurse. While doctors are charged with taking care of us and seeing us through our recovery, it is nurses we spend the most time with. Depending on the severity of an illness or injury, you might spend anywhere from a week to a month with the same two or three nurses.

On Gallup’s poll, nurses earned themselves a whopping 86% trust rating from the people surveyed.

Do you think the list was accurate? Is there one particular profession you trust over the other?

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