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Reasons To Start Your Side Hustle

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There’s nothing like being your own boss when it comes to making money. Many people have what others may call a ‘side hustle,’ which is slang for a side job. Some of your friends or family may have one, which could explain why they have extra money despite their bills.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that 70% of individuals with a side hustle were financially motivated to pursue one. The biggest reasons were understandably things like paying off student loans, retirement savings, and extra cash to burn on expenses along the way.

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With the right side hustle, you too can experience a sense of financial freedom. Here are a couple of reasons you should start a side hustle now:

1. You Can Work on Something You’ve Been Curious to Try

Did you always have an eye for well-taken pictures? Is copywriting more your speed? How about taking charge of managing different social media accounts? What about something on the other side of the spectrum to your current job?

There are numerous side hustles to dedicate your time to and can also generate for you a monetary gain.

So what if you have a job in the real estate industry? Giving graphic design a shot, you could be hired to create marketing materials, small business websites, and even take charge of an entire company’s branding elements.

There’s nothing wrong with dropping a side hustle if something else that piques your interest.

2. You Can Test a Business Idea Before Quitting Your Job

One of the most talked about ‘American dreams’ is owning and managing one’s own business. A good part about exploring a side hustle like running a business will encourage further research, paving the way for what you want to do in the time you see fit.

Even the best marketing or branding manager may want to get into establishing their own marketing agency. Offer your services during your free time, possibly with consulting services on your off-time from work. This will allow you to get a client base and lay the groundwork for what could later be your main source of income.

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3. You Can Use It to Transition to a Different Field

If traveling with the family is difficult because of your job, switching to a side hustle that allows more free time can benefit both your family and your wallet.

Side hustles leave a person the opportunity to gain experience in their desired field, make important connections, and test the waters before totally committing. Exploring a side hustle is the only way to see if it’s worth taking on as a primary source of income.

4. You Can Learn and Master a New Skill

Some of us get to a point in our lives where the routine of a 9 to 5 job is just not fulfilling as it used to be. How are you supposed to get yourself out of that kind of rut? Maybe your dream job involves travel or developing the next blockbuster video game.

Whatever your field of interest, side hustles encourage people to learn new skills. Once the right skills are mastered, you can market yourself as a business offer your services for a fee.

For example, if you’re into graphic design, you can learn what the basics are, and charge nominal fees for your services as you become more educated in the field. Once you’ve got a decent clientele base, you can begin to offer things premium branding packages.

5. Your Side Hustle Can Be Your Creative Outlet

Side hustles don’t have to be solely about the extra cash. Find one that can act as a creative outlet for what you enjoy doing most, and when you’re sufficiently skilled, it can start bringing in a nice chunk of change.

My own true passion is writing and it first began as a bit of income while I job hunted.

Keep in mind the phrase “If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.”

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Pursue your passion and expand on your biggest interest, express your personality in your own creative ways, and be compensated for it all.

Now that you’ve got a little info on the potentials of a side hustle, what dream or passion will your pursue and try to make a career of?

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