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Restaurant In Texas Have The Guts To Put This On Their Sign

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How often you see businesses doing something for their customers just because it’s fun? Or because it makes people feel better? Not too often probably. When lockdown happened people had no idea what was happening, nor how long it’s going to take. People from every corner were affected by these unplanned events, and everyone had to find a way to make days easier. Moreover, businesses had to evolve and find new ways to approach their customers. While some were focused on improving their processes and operations, some businesses decided to help their customers by lifting their spirit.

This is exactly what El Arroyo, a Tex-Mex restaurant did. This Austin-based restaurant decided to be creative and help everyone. Their idea was simple: make people laugh by posting a funny message on a sign outside. The locals loved it, much appreciated, and posted it online. In no time, these posts went viral and the Internet has gone crazy for it. Check the most original signs that any restaurant has even posted.

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25. Day Drinkers

People love feeling appreciated and loved. Feeling loved by your family members and friends is one thing. Being appreciated by business is a completely new level. Spending money in a restaurant is easy, but leaving money there because you are feeling appreciated is much better, right?

Are you familiar with the term day drinkers? Or with day drinkers in general? Do you have them in your home? El Arroyo knows that people do weird stuff while stuck at home and you are probably one of them, right? Here is what they had to say on social distancing.

24. Fridge Situation

Humans are social beings. We thrive on human connection, love, hugs, and unlimited love. So, when social distancing was first introduced people were hit badly. Practicing it was hard, uncommon, and unpleasant. People started experiencing great grief and pain, so many turned to their new, nearby friend, fridge.

As you may know already, practicing social distancing from the fridge is a new global challenge. Let’s be honest, everything that we need in hard times is located in the fridge. Here is what they had to say on positive tests.

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23. Who Tested Positive

Where your homies at? When times are hard, no one can bring up as your homies can. Friends are for life and some are ready to give their life for you. So, can you just imagine how many people felt alone and heartbroken for not being able to chill with their homies, just doing nothing?

In a world where the positive or negative test is everything, everyone is positive on one thing – missing their homies. Do you call your friends to check how they are doing? If not, do so – they will love you even more. What about quarantine and ex-love?

22. Your Ex

Breaking up with someone is always difficult. There could be tears, hard words, and even some physical confrontation. Still, when things becpme too rough or emotion-free, a breakup is always a good option, especially if that relationship was pushing you down.

So, if you are single, or between relationships, stuck in your home, with only an app that makes a love life a bit better, think how you don’t have to go through the same drama you had with your ex. Someone else has to deal with that now, and this sign is a perfect reminder of that.

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21. How Much Do You Eat Nowadays?

Did you start your diet before the pandemic hit? Or did you had some nutritional changes just before the first lockdown happened? Starting a diet is never easy, and following it through days of lockdown is just hard.

You stay home all day, the fridge is there, food is there all the time… How to resist snacking all day long? When you finally decide to remove all bad food from the house, how do you remove it? Do you put it in another place, or you eat it? What do you do with that extra tequila?

20. Go Eco With Margaritas

Saving Earth is the new global focus. Every human should be Earth-aware and how a single move can affect our future as a civilization. What we eat and drink can affect our Planet and make it or break it for future generations.

With that in mind, El Arroyo wanted to remind people that Earth could easily be saved with margaritas, or that Earth is the only place that you can enjoy margaritas? Either way – Save the Earth.

19. Are You A Houseplant As Well?

Houseplants are such refreshments to any home. They are responsible for purifying the air, decreasing your stress levels, and reducing noise pollution. Plus, they sit in one place and don’t talk. Simply said, they are the perfect companions when you need some me-time.

However, do you feel sometimes like a regular plant? Just sitting inside your home, drinking water, and getting as much sun as possible when the situation allows it, makes you a bit of a plant, as well. The main difference? Your emotions are far more complex, as this sign says it.

18. How Aligned Are Your Mouth And Hands?

Cleaning can be so daunting work. You may spend hours and hours moving furniture, cleaning windows, and refreshing every room by vacuuming. Before lockdown and global crisis, you may prefer to use eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

Now you are probably heavily dependent on cleaners with alcohol or just alcohol. We use it for cleaning, sanitizing our hands, mobile phones, car keys, shoes and so on… And this sign is a perfect reminder that hands are dependent on alcohol now. How many hand sanitizers do you keep in your household?

17. Inside Out Jokes

A great joke can always save the day, and El Arroyo knows it. Not only that they know a good joke, but they know where they hide as well. Since quarantine and life need to learn to co-exist, we need to learn to look on the brighter side of life.

Like, this sign. Since we cannot go out as we used to, we need to learn to tell jokes from the inside out… As from inside the house… Do you get the joke?

16. How Beautiful Do You Feel Nowadays?

Let’s be honest: we all love spending an entire day in our pajamas in front of a TV. That has its perks but isn’t something that you should be doing all day long.

However, since 2020 changed many of our habits wearing pajamas all day long is kind of a thing. You may think that you look ugly, but that’s far from the truth – you are beautiful! Don’t let quarantine tell you otherwise.

15. One Love

It’s no secret that people tend to feel more alive after a glass of their favorite drink. The main thing when it comes to specific drinks is to enjoy them in moderation and responsibly.

Americans are huge fans of tequila. After all, nothing like a shot of tequila to bring in popular summer vibes. As it usually happens, when people loosen up a bit, they tend to speak more about what lies in their hearts. Therefore, this sign speaks for everyone.

14. Do You Have A Housekeeping Style?

How much do you stress about your home attire? Do you like to feel comfortable or you have to wear a suit while working from home?

Speaking honestly, people prefer comfort over fashion anytime, and this sign says it all. If you can relate it’s great, if you can’t you should try a more casual housekeeping style all day long.

13. Would You Survive In The Wild?

There was a time when people had to hunt to put food on the table. Today, hunting animlas is more of a sport than a need, so many wonder if people lost their hunting instincts.

Could you hunt for food? Could you hunt down an animal to put it raw? Today, people are fans of prepared food and tacos are on the top of their favorite food list. We all know that tacos cannot be found in the wild, right?

12. Sweatpants Are Always In

Happiness is a relative term to many. What may be pure happiness for you, is a real nightmare for others. So, is there a middle? Yes, and that golden middle is called sweatpants.

Sure, jeans are a great outside piece of cloth, but sweatpants are what keeps us inside and happy. What’s the link between sweatpants and happiness? It’s simple – they are stretchy, and you can eat all you want and still feel comfortable.

11. Whatever You Do, Don’t Mess Your Hair

Ok, ladies will probably relate to this one more than guys. It’s common in modern culture for women to do something with their hair whenever they need a change in their lives. It’s just how it goes.

Even Coco Shannel said that – A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life. Therefore, don’t underestimate the power of hair and hair-related decisions. Still, this doesn’t mean that man cannot do anything new with their hair – if you feel like cutting your hair, do it.

10. Let Them Loose

Rumor has it that home is where you can take your bra off. This is one of the perks of being stuck at the home – no bra day is literally every day.

Many experts claim that walking freely, with no bra has many benefits for a person’s body. So, if anything works freer during quarantine – is the upper body.

9. Do It Today

No matter how positive toward life and successful you might be, we all need that extra push from time to time. In most cases, it can be a push from a friend or a loved one, and sometimes it can be from your local diner.

El Arroyo reminds people to be goal-oriented and to pursue their dreams by doing what they should. Isn’t this a great way to support your community?

8. When I Was Young…

Do you remember how much you wanted to be an adult when you were just a toddler? When you are 7 or even 10, you were probably thinking how being an adult was the best thing in the world.

Do you remember that? Now, look at all adults and say that they wouldn’t want youngsters all over again. But hey! Life must grow, right? Still, being an adult has its perks and you should enjoy them.

7. They Are Rolling

Ok, this one is just hilarious! Even JK Rolling would see the humor in this one… Hill, walking, JK Rolling… It’s just one of those perfectly created lines that keep you inspired for days.

The only mystery is – How did Harry Potter get up the hill? The best thing about great lines is that everyone can see the humor in them – from age 7 to 77, and Harry Potter-related jokes make the cut!

6. Should I Pet This?

Are you one of those people who cannot pass by a dog without a pet on the head? If so, you know how tempting it is to let your hand explore something fluffy and unknown.

Still, not everything or everyone should be pet. The great danger is hidden behind the cute and fluffy things. If you can relate to this make sure that you double think before you pet something.

5. Aging Like Wine

We all know that with age come wisdom and beauty. It’s common to use – aging like wine when we want to describe someone who aged well. Would you tell that you are aging like wine, or not?

If so, you should know that there are people who age like milk – sour and chunky, and people still love them. Age is just a number, and you shouldn’t let a number define you.

4. Job Shinning

How much do you love your job? Do you still have a purpose when it comes to job duties? If not, you are in trouble. Losing passion for your job usually means that the vibe is gone and that you need a bigger challenge.

In some cases, you might even need a new job. So, can you relate to this sign? If the answer is yes, you should know that it’s up to you to change your routine. Or even your job.

3. Bad Days

Some days are just bad. No matter how much you try to fix certain moments, all that happens is negative. When something goes down the hill you should just let it, and that’s when this sign makes the most logic.

How often did you wanted to say something, but ended up missing words? Thats the curse of modern time when we used to use short forms to communicate.

2. The Journey

How often do you dream? Did you know that when you believe in something, you should write it down and take action toward them? Thats how you will get the results? It’s simple as that.

However, it’s not always easy to remain positive or continue working on your dreams. Soem days are just bad. So, when you get up with a lack of energy, know that your journey will change.

1. Taco Love

People tend to think little of themself, and they usually do not dare to dream big. This is a big mistake because the world is made of great actions.

You should look at the world as you look at food – like it is a taco. So, when in need of massive motivation or inspiration think about this taco sign.

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