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What Should Be Your Resume Objectives?

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Having a well-shaped resume should be imperative if you are on the job-hunting mission. However, just having a resume is not enough.

You need to have a resume that represents you and your skills. Therefore, you should know how to shape the main bullets in your resume so you can jump up from the crowd.

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Think About Your Resume Objectives

You need to think carefully once you start working on your resume. First tip: remember that you are writing to someone, not for yourself. That being said, you should know that what may be clear and familiar to you, won’t work the same for someone else. Hence, you should make sure that your resume is original, custom made per each company that you are applying, and has main objectives toward the wanted position in the company. Remember: recruiters get hundreds and hundreds of resumes on a daily level, you need to separate yourself from the rest of the crowd.

But… What Is A Resume Objective?

If you are not sure what resume objectives are, do your homework and explore them. So, simply said, a resume objective is a statement. Now you are probably thinking about what kind of statement is necessary for a resume and why.

This resume ‘statement’ is commonly listed on the top of your resume, and it usually not longer than two sentences. The main purpose of this objective is to sum up your experience and present yourself.

Some industries love seeing resume objective, and some don’t have a specific stand when it comes to resume objectives. However, you should still do your homework and research the company that you are applying for. After all, you should approach job hunting like any other research. You don’t want to work in any company probably, so you should do your homework to find your match.

When To Use A Resume Objective?

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Some career experts think that resume objectives are updated. But, once you put that claim on the side, you will get to realize that resume objective is more than useful. If you want to emphasize that you have the skills for a specific job, or that you are ambitious, you could benefit from this handy trick. A well-written resume objective can help you show that you are well-aware of your skills and moreover the right fit for the job.

Pro tip: You can use resume objective when you are changing career.

Keep Resume Objective And Job Aligned

If you want to be noticed and to find a good job as soon as possible, you need to make a custom approach for each company. Therefore, the most effective resume objectives are those specially designed for the job that you are interested for. You can also show in your resume objective where have you been and where are you heading in your career. It’s always a good idea to link previous experiences and plans.

So…How To Write A Strong Resume Objective?

Understanding why you should have a resume objective is a first step toward writing a good one. Secondly, you need to embrace the custom approach in crafting resume objectives. The more specific you are, the higher are the chances to match for the position you are applying for.
Follow these steps if you want to have an original resume objective:

  1. 1. Focus on particular skills that you can use within the new and potential company.
  2. 2. Match your skills the position you are applying for.
  3. 3. List relevant experience to a new job.
  4. 4. Include important and job-related keywords from the job listing.
  5. 5. State clear career goals that can be found within the company.
  6. 6. Highlight your working achievements.

If you are still not sure how you should craft a good resume objective, check the following real-life example.

Resume Objective Example


Seeking the role of Content Manager at XYZ Com. to make use of my 4 years of content development, social media, and project management experience in knowing the trends, engaging online users and increasing brand awareness through innovative approaches and fast solutions.

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