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7 Great Jobs For Retirees Who Want To Go Back To Work

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At some point in life, all roads lead to retirement after so many years of working as an employee for an organization or public institution.

Many retire in their 50s or 60s depending on the “age limit”. The vast majority of people look forward to retiring until the time comes and they feel restless because they were used to the 8 or 9 to 5 pm kind of day jobs.

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It dawns on them they have nothing to do besides traveling, staying at home with their spouse and play with their grandkids when they come over to visit.

Work provides many of us with purpose, a sense of belonging and an opportunity to use and develop our skills.

That is why, after a few years or months of retirement, many of them resort to keeping themselves busy with what they loved best or something to keep them busy.

Here are the top best jobs or trade that retirees prefer to do.

1. Consultancy

One of the best jobs that is highly rewarding, flexible and one can work from home is consultancy.

Experts advise that it is best to pass on years of knowledge, expertise, and know-how to firms that really need it to dovetail them to greater heights.

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Most retired persons in the service industry, more so in the army and the likes, become security advisors and contract security personnel.

With the so many networks gathered all through the years, one can easily get offered consultancy services because of the reputation that precedes them.

2. Tutoring

Teachers who have been teaching for most of their years as their professional job have great knowledge in the industry.

They are the best to tutor and guide students to excel in their education in their respective subjects where they find it hard.

Retirees who have an array of tricks under their sleeves can help them improve their grades. It is flexible enough because the tutor picks the days that are convenient for him or her.

3. Librarian

Most retirees who are conversant with bookkeeping and are academicians settle for post-retirement jobs as librarians.

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They have the knowledge of many trades and can also guide one when looking for a certain book.

Apart from that, they can also do shelving of books, keeping records of borrowed books and giving/renewal of membership cards. It is less involving and is a good fete to retirees.

4. Handyman

Some people are craftsmen from birth. Others start by learning the art, develop it and become masters.

It is not rocket science. With the proper set of tools, it can never go wrong for retirees that have the zeal to keep busy and create something for themselves or for business. Handyman jobs go beyond woodwork.

Electrical installations, cable installations, plumbing, and the likes. Some go ahead and start their own companies and become less tasking.

5. Child and Elderly Care Services

After retirement, for those residing alone or have distant family members, it becomes a bit lonely. Child care services and elderly care services would do great in this set-up.

Retirees who worked in the health sector are a good fit to offer services of taking care of the elderly.

Giving them their prescribed medication in due time and the normal non-tasking activities such as feeding and bathing them.

Retirees also love the energy of children and pass over knowledge to them.

6. Coach

Sports retirees or retirees who have had a fair share of interest in the world of sports can become coaches.

Football personalities like Zinedine Zidane and Frank Lampard who retired from playing football are now football managers in their former teams that they played in.

Retirees with the capability of shaping up-coming talent can definitely become great coaches and inspire the future sports personalities of all time.

7. Pet Sitter

Pets are the ultimate human best friends. They show nothing but compassion and love to its owners or caregivers without asking for something in return.

Retirees can earn a bit from this as well and still get some company while at it.

Pet sitting does not require a lot other than feeding it, walking it for a bit and to avoid it to litter the house. How fun is that?

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