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30 Richest Comedians Alive Net Worths

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Everyone loves a good laugh. Therefore, many visit open-mic nights hoping to find good jokes and amazing delivery from the comedians. Sometimes it happens, and sometimes all you get are bad jokes and awkward applause. Luckily, some are just born for mic and comedy!

Fortunately, people who were good with open-mics moved on to comedy specials, TV, and films. They got a bigger audience, a bigger space for creativity, and lots of cash! Here is the ultimate list of 30 skilled hilarious people and their estimated net worths, ranked. Check who had the last laugh!

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30. Tiffany Haddish

Estimated net worth: $4 million

Tiffany has two qualities that people just adore about her: she is a great comedian and she is a quite down-to-earth lady. Once, when the audience starting walking off from her show, she bombed saying: “This is going to be on TMZ or whatever”

She is building her way up to the top fast line. So far, she is seen in Girls Trip, The Oath, and Nobody’s Fool. She did voice-over work in The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part and in Bob’s Burgers.

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29. Amy Schumer

Estimated net worth: $16 million

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Amy Schumer is everywhere nowadays. She does stand-up tours, televison, theater, film, and has a book to her name (Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo). In addition, she is a full-time mom.

Amy is also visible in gun control activism. Some people are not a fan of her Guardian article where she made a remark about Latina women. So, Amy fired back on Twitter.

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28. John Leguizamo

Stand-up comedy, acting, and even rapping made John famous and lead him to nice wealth. He went a long way from Bogotá, Colombia, through violence and fighting to the red carpet. He even said once that he had to learn how to be funny to avoid being beaten.

Nowadays, he is more into filming than stand-up comedy, and he is doing great. You can see him in Moulin Rouge and hear in Ice Age movies. He is a lovable Sid.

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27. Jimmy Kimmel

Estimated net worth: $35million

Jimmy Kimmel accumulated his wealth through his work mostly linked to television and radio. But, he is also often hired as a voice actor in animated films.

Kimmel started working on the radio while being in high school. He even left college so he can focus on the radio, his true and first love. Soon after he was noticed by an agent and got a spot on the popular ‘Kevin and Bean Show’. It all took off from there.

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26. David Spade

Estimated net worth: $40 million

Spade had a breakthrough on Saturday Night Live. From there on he was in Police Academy 4 and in 1990 started getting recognition, and more serious projects.

He is mostly known for roles in Tommy Boy and TV show Rules of Engagement. Moreover, he is known as ‘a bachelor-era George Clooney of the comedy world’.

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25. Chelsea Handler

Estimated net worth: $40 million

Handler had her late-night show, Chelsea Lately. Unfortunately, it ended in 2014. However, that didn’t’ stop Handler from making money.

Chelsea made an appearance on Girls Behaving Badly, My Wife and Kids, The Practise, and The Bernie Mac Show. She was also a commentator on E!. Nowadays, she is promoting her memoir, “Life Will Be the Death of Me: . . . and you too!”

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24. Dave Chappelle

Estimated net worth: $50 million

Chappelle is known for being a bit harsh in his performances. His Netflix special Sticks and Stones had to be defended from his co-workers. He is simply on a mission to ripping everybody who ever offended anyone.

Offensive jokes are his signature, but it doesn’t stop him from earning some serious money along the way.

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23. Chevy Chase

Estimated net worth: $50 million

Chevy Chase is one of the rare comedians who are originally wealthy. Chase came from a wealthy family with strong ties to Crane Plumbing and Folgers Coffee.

But, Chase had a dream about his own career, which was entertainment. So, he made his way up to Saturday Night Live (SNL) in 1975. Everything just took off from there.

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22. Kevin James

Estimated net worth: $80million

Kevin is a famous, both, for stand-up comedy and acting in successful comedies. His breakthrough came with CBS’s sitcom The King of Queens. He had a lead role.

Before he got a role in King of Queens, he was seen in Everybody Loves Raymond. At the moment he is filming big-budget comedy films and enjoys family life.

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21. Chris Rock

Estimated net worth: $100 million

Chris Rock started his career during the 1990s. His first major appearance was on Saturday Night Live. From there he walked toward Hollywood.

His big-screen debut was in 1987’s Beverly Hills Cop II. Until now he had many movie roles and he is set for a big come back with Netflix’s comedy special.

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20. Ray Romano

Estimated net worth: $130 million

Before his big break, Romano was deep into stand-up comedy. His biggest project, Everybody Loves Raymond, was born after he appeared on Letterman.

Romano is a native New Yorker, and before hit show, he was seen in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, The Office, Funny People, Grilled, and many more. He also won an Emmy.

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19. Rowan Atkinson

Estimated net worth: $130 million

During his career, Rowan had so many different roles. However, he will be forever known as the strange Mr. Bean. He developed this odd character at a sketch comedy show. At the time he was studying electrical engineering at Oxford.

Rowan is known for his talent for facial expressions. Thats’ what made MR. Bean so popular globally – there was no need for translation. He is also seen in Johny English.

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18. Sacha Baron Cohen

Estimated net worth: $130 million

Cohen loves playing characters that are weird, or even better eccentric, such as Ali G and Borat. It seems that he loves to make people mad. While he makes people angry, he actually earns a lot of money.

Cohen also has a really serious side. He was recently seen with politician Roy Moore in a defamation suit for lampooning him in Who Is America? He is also known for saying no to projects if they don’t meet his vision. That happened with Bohemian Rapsody and his role as Freddie Mercury.

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17. Bill Murray

Estimated net worth: $140 million

Did you know that Bill Murray once crashed a college party, drink with students, and even washed their dishes? Yeah, no one is sure if that really happened. But what we know for sure is his net worth.

So far, Murray managed to accumulate enormous wealth by acting, doing shows, and a lot more. Hell, he is not retired yet! So, we except his wealth to grow.

NEXT: He became an American citizen in 2004

16. Jim Carrey

Estimated net worth: $150 million

Carrey is known and loved for his eccentric humor. For his role in The Cable Guy, he was paid astonishing $20 million at the time. Before that moment, it was unthinkable for a comedian to get so much money.

Carrey is not only a comedian. He also showed his serious side in Kidding, Man on the Moon, and in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

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15. Joan Rivers

Estimated net worth: $150 million

Late Joan Rivers deserved to be on this list because of her amazing decades-long-work and the amount of money it brought her.

During her career, she was known for her insult comedy and rather sneaky remarks. This was best seen during her time as a co-host on Fashion Police. She also published 13 books and worked until her death. Rivers died from complications from a procedure on her vocal cords. She was 81.

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14. Drew Carey

Estimated net worth: $165 million

The Price Is Right got everybody’s blood pumping. Once Bob Barker decided to retire, Carey took over. That was in 2007.

Before The Price Is Right, Drew had two major comedy shows – Whose Line Is It Anyway? and The Drew Carey Show. Before his comedy career, he was in the military.

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13. Dan Aykroyd

Estimated net worth: $180 million

Dan Aykroyd started his career in TV shows like SNL and Home Improvement. From TC shows he moved to act in movies such as Ghostbusters and The Blues Brothers. He is also a comedy writer: he works on writing The Blues Brothers together with John Landis.

Dan co-financed the House of Blues, together with the late John Belushi. After Belushi passed, Jim Belushi (John’s brother) filled in as a Blues Brother to attend opening House of Blues, with Dan.

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12. Steve Harvey

Estimated net worth: $180 million

No one ever will forget the pain that Steve had on his face when we said to say live – “I have to apologize,” and take the crown of Miss Universe from Miss Colombia.

This was a major mistake and made Steve even more famous. However, he is known for his impressive comedian career and hosting shows for years.

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11. Kevin Hart

Estimated net worth: $200 million

This is a comedian that everyone loves! He is original, passionate about his work, and extremely funny! So far, he earned millions in endorsements, from touring and acting.

Kevin Hart had a rough time lately. He survived a tough car accident and his ex-wife is going on tour to tell her story about their divorce.

NEXT: He is also a pianist and singer

10. Seth MacFarlane

Estimated net worth: $250 million

MacFarlane is a strong believer that if you do what makes you happy you will earn money. Moreover, he lives by that principle. Accordingly, he created a real entertainment empire.

Seth is mostly known for creating Family Guy and American Dad!, and much more. He is also an actor.

NEXT: He sold his car to help hurricane victims

9. Jay Leno

Estimated net worth: $400 million

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno was everyone’s favorite show for years. But his wealth comes from many different sources. He even did some investing before he hit retirement.

His first major appearance was in 1977 in The Tonight Show. At the time, Johny Carson was the host. NOwadays, Leno is busy with his Jay Leno’s Garage.

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8. Byron Allen

Estimated net worth: $400 million

Byron Allen started his comedy career as an 18-years-old high-school graduate. Since then, he went a long way of becoming one of the biggest business moguls ever. Rumor has it that he is into the movie business now.

He was the youngest comedian to appear ever on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Currently, he owns several TV channels, like Pets.TV and Cars.TV.

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7. David Letterman

Estimated net worth: $400 million

The David Letterman Show is the most known work of this comedian and host. However, although he had many other projects, he retired from the late-night world, as one of the richest comedians ever.

But, the retirement from the late-night shows doesn’t mean the retirement from entertainment. He runs multiple projects, including My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman on Netflix. Letterman’s first guest? Mr. Barack Obama.

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6. Larry David

Estimated net worth: $400 million

Larry David is one of the creators of the iconic ‘show about nothing’ also known as Seinfeld. As a true New Yorker, from Brooklyn, he started his carer in ‘big apple’.

Larry left Seinfeld in 1996, to work on other projects such as SNL and Curb Your Enthusiasm. However, he did step in for Seinfeld finale.

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5. Ellen DeGeneres

Estimated net worth: $490 million

Ellen started as a stand-up comedian, and ever since hse had two different shows, voice acting, and film acting. Currently, she hosts Ellen DeGeneres show since 2003.

To a younger audience, she is known as the fish Dory in Finding Nemo. She is not active as a stand-up comedian anymore, but she did release a Netflix special in 2018.

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4. Matt Stone

Estimated net worth: $500 million

Matt Stone is the co-creator of award-winning animated series South Park. He decides to do a show about teenagers in Colorade, who are everything but regular children.

Together with his partner, also comedian, Trey Parker, he worked on various projects before South Park, all from the entertainment industry.

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3. Trey Parker

Estimated net worth: $500 million

Trey Parker is the guy that you hear every time you watch South Park. He is actually many voices. Parker voices four of the show’s main characters: Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh, Mr. Garrison, and Randy Marsh.

Parker worked on Book of Mormon, That’s My Bush!, and Team America: World Police, but his work on South Park brought him the real wealth. Interestingly, Parker has a taekwondo black belt.

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2. Matt Groening

Estimated net worth: $600 million

Matt is the best known as the guy behind the legendary animated series The Simpsons. As a child, he loved drawing, but he never thought about it as a career, until he reached Los Angeles after his graduation.

While searching for a job, he started drawing a comic. So, as soon as he started working at The Los Angeles Reader he convinced the Reader to publish his comic – Life in Hell. It all took off from there.

NEXT: His most famous project is a ‘show about nothing’

1. Jerry Seinfeld

Estimated net worth: $950 million

That ‘show about nothing’, next to Larry David, made Jett Seinfeld the richest comedian ever. He started in ‘Seinfeld’ and actually showcased the fictional version of himself. People loved him and his awkward friends.

This ‘show about nothing’ made a lot of money for every actor, but for Seinfeld especially. After the show he had major stand-up comedy tours which paid of nicely. For his work, he was rewarded nicely.

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