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The Rudest Cities in the US, Ranked by Americans

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Looking for a friendly place to live? Or just exploring your retirement options? If you love to follow the rules, have a long history with cities where everyone stops on the red light or knowing your neighbors is normal, you should avoid rude cities.

Big, loud cities aren’t exactly known for their calm, well-mannered citizens. In urban areas, people are frequently on the move and usually exhausted, leading to all-day grumpiness. All in, if you want to live in a nice city with polite neighbors, you should avoid these cities, or at least think twice about living there. Read on to see what cities have the rudest residents.

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20. Miami, Florida

In 2016, Miami was officially named one of the rudest U.S. cities. You may expect to hear about rude people, banding rules, and disturbing neighbors all night long, right? Well, that’s not the case with Miami. This famous city is popular for a flattering reason.

“They’re multilingual, beautiful, and wealthy,” Florida-based travel blogger Christine Austin said. “For regular folks, visiting here can feel like stumbling into a nightclub full of supermodels while you’re wearing yoga pants.”

19. Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale is a great place to live in, at least according to locals. The truth is that city doesn’t offer an overly-welcome atmosphere for visitors, but again, locals love it.

The Phoenix/Scottsdale area is often seen as one of the rudest cities in the States. The Phoenix/Scottsdale area was ranked 15th in 2016, which is surprising knowing just how much Scottsdale residents love the city’s area, weekends full of great music, and fantastic food.

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18. Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte is a busy city with a lot of stress among its residents, according to many. If you travel there, you may expect to be welcomed by stress as soon as you put your foot at Charlotte airport.

According to many, Charlotte Douglas Internation Airport is the place you want to avoid in the summer. It turns out that the heat can make people extra nervous, especially when the flight is delayed.

17. Phoenix, Arizona

If you have a dog and you are heading toward Phoenix, Arizona, double-check the local rules. And don’t forget to clean after your dog. Otherwise, you may expect some public shaming.

In 2017, a video went viral when a Phoenix local got tired with someone allowing a dog to poop on his lawn and then not picking it up. As a result and a teachable moment, he recorded a video and posted it online. The person was embarrassed for sure after seeing this video.

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16. Providence, Rhode Island

Providence, Rhode Island is often described as being “bookishly aloof,” whatever that means. No one is sure what that means, but it has undoubtedly affected the city’s popularity because, in 2016, Providence was ranked the 13th rudest city.

On the other hand, this city is extremely popular when it comes to attractive architecture and unique attractions. Providence offers excellent activities during the summer and winter as well.

15. Las Vegas, Nevada

When it comes to popular cities that are often run by tourists, you need to double-check every information. With so many people roaming around the city, it’s hard to know who is local and who is just passing by.

Still, Las Vegas is often described as a city of rude people. Even Elton John can confirm these rumors. In March 2018, Elton had a performance in Las Vegas that pushed him to walk offstage. According to him, the fan was putting his hands on the piano, tried to take photos, and eventually pushed John to call for security and remove the fan from the room.

14. Detroit, Michigan

Detroit, Michigan, really had a few bumpy years. Luckily, the economy is recovering, and Detroit is on the rise as a travel destination. However, the fact that Detroit is often named one of the rudest cities won’t help its tourism.

Detroit is going through a boutique hotel boom, with dozens of new restaurants and an attractive new riverfront park. Detroit residents may be called rude, but they can’t say anything bad on Detroit’s pizza and music scene.

13. Ann Arbor, Michigan

There is definitely a strange link with Michigan and being polite. Another city that is often described for having rude citizens is Ann Arbor, Michigan. This may be true, but there is something that visitors adore about Ann Arbor’s residents – they are hip and intelligent.

This city is also packed with hundreds of students, which makes the city alive and vivid. Seeing people wearing a U of M sweatshirt is pretty common.

12. Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado is usually known for its breathtaking nature, great indoor and outdoor content, and overall superb cultural offering. So, seeing Colorado on this list may seem like a shock.

Colorado has a rich cultural history and great theater offerings and free attraction. Simply sad, there is something for everyone. So, what may be the issue? According to many, there is a lof to “rude douchebags.”

11. Dallas, Texas

When you think about Texas, you probably think first about great city bars and barbecue, right? You might expect some southern charm as well, but it turns out that you might get there in a small percentage.

Up to 6.9% of Dallas residents have poor manners, and at least one person is fighting rude behavior in Dallas. Even a young rapper named Michael Smith, who goes by “Lil’ Money Mike,” released a song called “Bully Proof,” on YouTube asking people to start being kind.

10. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is a big city, and as such, it is home to many people. For decades, Boston has been known as a city with rude residents, and it maybe has something to do with line-cutters.

In a Boston Herald column by Grace Curley, published earlier this year, she wrote that many locals are perpetrators of the “chat and cut.” This is when you pretend to be familiar with someone else who is already in line.

9. Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah is globally-popular for its stunning nature. Salt Lake City is an excellent choice for ski trips and great hiking tours. Overall, Salt Lake City is known for tho things: cleanliness and its incredibly rude residents.

In 2018, Salt Lake City got called out for its rudeness by actor Joseph Morales, during the touring production of “Hamilton.” It turns out that Salt Lake City residents refuse to put their phones away. They refuse to do so even in theaters.

8. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The City of Brotherly Love isn’t known anymore merely by its hugs and tenderness. Today, this fantastic city is known for its rudeness as well. Some may even explain this poor trend.

In 2016, this city was ranked sixth in Travel + Leisure’s Rudest Cities in America List, which isn’t something that can be easily ignored. Philadelphia is also knowns for its passionate Eagles fans, who did some rude things over the years, so maybe this is something that people aren’t crazy about?

7. Los Angeles, California

Sunny skies, nice weather, and great beaches aren’t enough for L.A. to lose its reputation of a rude city. Some would even describe it as unfriendly.

If you want to visit L.A., but you want to avoid affable Angelenos, avoid overrated places, and seek more classic places, such as world-class museums, such as new Broad.

6. New York City, New York

Ok, Newyorkers definitely aren’t among the most polite people in the world. This is probably a globally known fact. Still, the Big Apple improved its reputation recently, dropping from the number one spot.

Others have a rather interesting view of New York, including bloggers. One of them, a blogger Marlon, told Travel + Leisure that with New Yorkers, you “get what you give.” “Most New Yorkers were courteous, and I’ve chatted with them on the subway,” he said. “But as a tourist, I say ‘Hi’ first, and a big smile goes a long way. You get back what you give.”

5. Phoenix, Arizona

The capital of the Grand Canyon State keeps on showing on the list. Phoenix doesn’t seem to be getting more hospitable toward visitors. This is hard for many to believe, but its the case.

Phoenix always gets high scores for many quality of life” factors, including good drivers and affordability. However, on the other side, Phoenix is a common entry of the rudest city in America.

4. Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia made Travel + Leisure’s rudest cities list in 2011, coming in at number seven. This may come as a shock, considering just how Atlant is popular.

According to many encounters, things in Atlanta can escalate fast. In July 2019, a rude exchange happened at the grocery store that gained national attention. People got into a verbal fight over a line and the number of items. The video went viral, confirming that people in Atlant love order.

3. San Francisco, California

There is something about California that makes people love it or hate it. As a major city, San Francisco is open to thousands of new people every day, and as such, people have less time and energy to be polite.

According to an opinion piece in the San Francisco Chronicle, cyclists in the Sausalito area are rude in the city. “At breakneck speeds, they careen down Alexander Avenue and enter the Hurricane Gulch neighborhood like an invading army,” Mike Kirner wrote.

2. Baltimore, Maryland

In 2011, Baltimore was listed as ninth on Travel + Leisure’s list of rudest cities. Interestingly, that same year, Baltimore made a cut on the list of cities where travelers felt unsafe.

It turns out that Baltimore has many locals trying to prank strangers, and no one likes to be roasted. People even got arrested because of this. So, harassment is a real thing in the Maryland area.

1. Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh is maybe one of the best places to live in North Carolina because of its urban-suburban mix feel. However, when it comes to its resident’s feelings are mixed.

Various studies show that 1.4% of Raleigh inhabitants are rude. In reality, this is a tiny percentage, although many claim that tensions between certain race groups are always on the rise.

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