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Ruth Was Sleeping In Her Car In Front Of Her Home And No One Knew Why – Until They Went Inside The House

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Knowing your neighbors is important. By connecting with people, you are creating a community. After all, when there is an emergency, you will run to your neighbors for help. Simply said, having a good relationship with neighbors matters. Most neighbors understand how communities work and are willing to work on having outstanding neighbor bonds. However, then are those who are unusual, shy, or simply those who don’t want to communicate with others or simply do things that others can’t understand. This is something that Kevin knows well.

One evening he passed by his neighbor’s car and saw her sleeping in the backseat, and he couldn’t stop but wondering why this lady did this instead of living in her own house, which was feet away. He had no idea that this mystery was about to be solved. In the end, he had quite a shock when he got inside the house and quickly called for help. Here is why this house had to be burned down to the ground!

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35. He Didn’t Know His New Neighbor

Kevin could never understand why his neighbor acted the way she did. He didn’t know her well, although they shared the street for years. Still, he never knew her enough to start a conversation.

However, he knew that she was alone and had retired before he moved into that neighborhood. While thinking about the reasons for her behavior, Kevin had no idea how significant a role he is about to play in her life.

34. She Wasn’t Living In Her House

Kevin’s neighbor was named Ruth. He knew her name and where she loved, and that was pretty much it. He also knew that she had a house of her own but didn’t live there.

Ruth spends every night sleeping in her car. It was odd, but it was happening every night. Moreover, he never saw her going into the hose. This was a clear sign that something was off, so he decided to approach her and ask her what was happening.

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33. What Was Wrong?

Kevin was worried that something has happened to Ruth, and he wanted to help. One day, while he was passing by her car, Ruth was awake and started a conversation with her.

With each day, he learned more about this unusual lady. One thing was for sure; this woman actually lived inside her car. Now, he wanted to know what was the reason for that.

32. She Had to Have a Reason

There is a reason for everything in life. No matter how unusual or strange something may seem to you, be sure that there is a good reason for that. Kevin could see that Ruth was embarrassed by the situation as Kevin’s attention was drawn by all the stuff she had in the car.

It looked like she moved her entire home to this car. Kevin believed that Ruth had a good life, but something happened… Here is what he discovered.

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31. What Was Wrong With the House?

Kevin looked at the house. The very first thing that he noticed was that the windows were in excellent condition. As a general rule, when windows are fine, the rest of the house should be in good shape as well.

The blinds were closed, but the house looked neglected. The grass already grew, and everything was left in ruins. Did Ruth need a hand in renovating her house?

30. Years Later

While looking at this house, it was clear that whatever was going on with Ruth, and her house has lasted for years. Maybe the animals took over the house?

While looking at this house, it was clear that whatever was going on with Ruth, and her home lasted for years. Maybe the animals took over the place?

29. Ruth In Tears

One day, as Kevin passed by her car, he heard the woman crying. He asked her what was going on and didn’t get an answer. She was busy looking for something in one of her plastic bags.

After a few minutes, she looked at him and told him that she couldn’t find something that’s of great importance to her. This simple line started one of the unique adventures ever!

28. Ruth’s Life

Ruth’s life was very simple. She was organized and had a real routine. Every morning, she went to the closest gym and used the bathroom to get cleaned up. From there, she would go to a fast food place for a meal and go back to her car.

Right now, Ruth’s car was no longer running, so it was as broken down as her house. On this particular day, she realized that something was missing, and she was scared that it might be inside her home. Then, she heard Kevin…

27. The Day She Left Her Home

The day Ruth decided to move and live in her car, she took only the things she really needed. She carried her most beloved items in plastic bags. The rest was inside her home, which she never wanted to visit again.

Ruth turned around and told Kevin, “in the house,” pointing the finger toward the neglected building in front of them. She stopped fumbling, and with tears in her eyes, she repeated, “I left it in the house!” What was she talking about? At this moment, Kevin was scared and felt sorry for Ruth. What does he need to do to help her?

26. Refusing To Enter Her House

Kevin couldn’t look at Ruth as her despair. She was so affected by her missing objects and so afraid to enter her home, so he did what he could. He just stood there and look at her… Then Ruth turned to him and said: Maybe you can go inside and get it!”

At first, Kevin was in shock, but he was determined to help his neighbor. Moreover, he was up for a challenge. Plus, he really wanted to know what inside the house that scared Ruth so much. As soon as he set foot in the house, he realized what was going on…

25. Entering the House

Kevin was ready to bust rumors on this house. He walked bravely towards the front door, and as he was getting closer, he realized the house was in a much worse situation.

Everything was broken, from the roof tiles to the front lawn and the walls. The roof had a huge hole in it, and this was only outside. The Interior was even worse. Here is how it looked inside.

24. Finding a Photo

Ruth was actually searching for a photo of her parents. She thought she had taken it with herself, but it remained inside the house in one of the rooms. How hard can it be for Kevin to find that photo inside?

As soon as he stepped inside, it was obvious that he wasn’t up to an easy task. The entire house was covered in copies of clothes and garbage. The smell was horrible. He began regretting his choice but couldn’t back down now.

23. No One Could Live There

Everyone has a little mess in their home, but no one can or should live in a pile of garbage. It was clear that Ruth’s house is far from being livable. Kevin couldn’t see anyone living here.

It was clear why she preferred staying in her car. Kevin was afraid of what would happen to his health if he spends more than 10 minutes inside. In that first moment of fear, Kevin run out!

22. Back Inside The House

Any other person would turn back and leave for good, but Kevin made a promise. He had to go back inside one more time and find that important photo. Plus, he really wanted to know why Ruth abandoned the house and how it came to be like this.

He was sure that one of many reasons for her to leave her home was the filth inside the house. She indeed had a hoarding problem, but he soon learns the truth behind her behavior…

21. Every Room Was Worse Than The Other

Kevin walked back into the house and took a bit more time to inspect each room before searching for the photo. Every room he stepped in was worse than the one he had entered.

The kitchen was filled with trash, rotten food, and dirty dishes. It must have been months since Ruth had set foot into her own house. He headed toward the living room, or what it seemed to be one. In this room, his worst nightmare came to life.

20. Piles of Magazines and Books

The entire house was covered in magazines and books. Every corner of the home was stacked with paper. Ruth definitely had more space in her car. It would take him hours to go through all the papers and books and find the family photo.

Ruth had definitely gathered all these useless items and trash over the past few years. Kevin pushed many magazines and papers, but he couldn’t find the photo. Then, he spotted an old book. He opened it, and the photo was there.

19. A Box Filled With Memories

The book was set in a box with other and many sentimental objects. There were a diploma and a trophy inside that box. There was the missing photo as well, inside the book.

The faded and yellowed photo revealed Ruth’s parents when they were young. What caught Kevin’s eye was an old bookcase to his right… There Kevin noticed a crack. Could there be a hidden door?

18. Secret Room

He looked carefully, and there was actually a doorway to a hidden room! He never saw a secret room before, so he pushed the shelves to get a better look. He didn’t expect to see this!

Kevin turned on his phone flashlight and what he saw was very similar to a horror movie set. This room was almost trash-free. However, the smell was unbearable. Something was inside this room that rooted for decades, it seemed.

17. One Last Discovery

On the ceiling, there was a thick layer of mold. It was so thick that the paint flaked and fell all around the floor. He was wearing a mask, but he knew that this is dangerous for his health.

Since he found the photo and much more than he wanted, Kevin left the house. He told Ruth that her home was covered in mold. This is where another story has begun.

16. The Expert’s Opinion

Ruth took the photo from Kevin, thanked him, and promised him that she would call the specialist and clean the mold. However, Kevin didn’t share with her his discovery of a hidden room.

An expert shared with Kevin some shocking news. Not only that her home was unlivable, but it was also hazardous to her neighbors. The problem with the mold was so bad that the entire house had to be demolished. Ruth’s house had to go down.

15. The Expert’s Conclusion

The crew’s initial plan was just to clean the mold, but no matter how they tried, that couldn’t be done. They even had t called the fire department.

Ruth’s house had to be demolished in a rather untraditional way. Actually, firefighters were called to help set the house on fire. Yes, the best way to demolish the house without the mold to spread around was to set the whole house on fire.

14. Emptying the Whole House

The first thing they had to do was so empty the house. Kevin and a cleaning crew helped remove all the objects in the house that could be anyhow hazardous or could catch fire. Everything had to go to the dump because it was all covered in mold.

The fire department finally went inside the house to check it out for the last time and get ready for the demolishing phase. What was most shocking here was Ruth’s reactions. She was a bit upset that the house has to go, but she was ready to move on. She had to shake off that hoarding habit.

13. Staying Silent

Kevin was shocked by his discovery, and he wanted to share with Ruth his knowledge about the secret room, but he chooses not to. Some strange voice inside him told him to be quiet on this matter.

He had this unusual feeling that Ruth knows about the secret room. Could it be? Could the room be the reason why she stayed away from her home? He was about to discover.

12. Losing Her Home For Good

There is a certain sadness when a person is losing a home. After all, people spend years saving money for their forever home, only to live long enough to see it being destroyed.

Any person would cry, talk about house memories with sadness, or simply remember the better days. However, Ruth was silent. Kevin was staring why. Was she hiding something?

11. Burning Down The House

Owning a house isn’t cheap, so telling someone that the house has to be burn is difficult. However, some things, no matter how hard they might be mandatory. This is why experts insisted on burning down Ruth’s house.

It couldn’t be saved, and the damage was too big. Even non-toxic molds can cause problems when burned, which is why experts and firefighters had to join their forces and complete this task safely.

10. Can The Fire Department Burn Down My House?

You, as a regular person, cannot burn down the house. At least you can’t do this legally; only official bodies can perform this action and with a valid cause.

Once the house is pronounced as dangerous or it has outlived its use, the fire department will begin the final process of burning the house down while limiting damage to any surrounding areas. In most cases, homeowners can watch this process from a safe distance. This is exactly what Ruth got to experience.

9. Telling The Truth

Ruth felt devastated inside, but she knew that the time has come to start a new life chapter. For years she neglected her own physical and mental health and did nothing to make it better but providing regular hygiene.

Now, the time has come to leave her ugly past behind. She knew that Kevin probably saw the secret room, and she was ready to tell him the truth.

8. Final Goodbye

The time has come for Ruth to say goodbye to her home. She thanked everyone for pushing her to rethink her decisions and start a new life. The lawn was covered in things that she has been collecting for years. Thank she told Kevin about the secret room.

As the fire engulfed the house, Ruth and Kevin watched from a safe distance when Ruth turned to Kevin and told him, “That room was where my husband passed away.”

7. The Fire Raged On

She continued, “I didn’t have the heart to go in there after he was gone.” The firefighters had to stay the whole night to control the fire and make sure no one got hurt.

After this night, Ruth talked openly about her pain and hoarding habits and how it started once her husband died. Now, she had to find a new way to lead a better life.

6. Losing A Partner

It’s never easy to lose a beloved one. No matter how hard you try to continue with your life, it’s difficult. So strong events always leave you heartbroken and with less desire to live, at least for some time.

Even scientific research claims that the elderly can go downhill after the loss of their partner. They are physically weakened in the period of grief, and their immune system finds it hard to fight off lethal infections. This is mostly seen in people older than 65.

5. A New Life

Kevin and Ruth’s friends helped Rut. They knew that she needs extra help to manage everything. They couldn’t leave here on her own. After all, she has suffered alone long enough.

Interestingly enough, Ruth seemed excited about her new life chapter. She enjoyed Kevin’s company, and she was so grateful to others for their time and help. She didn’t want to disturb anyone, so she knew what the next logical step was.

4. From Worse to Better

A nearby Ruth’s neighborhood was a small community center for senior citizens. There, they had well-organized and clean rooms, enough outdoor space, and the care they needed.

At first, Ruth couldn’t believe just how many people her age were there. Not only that they looked so happy and satisfied with their community, but they were all on their feet, being active all day long.

3. Getting The Right Care

Getting the right care is everything once you reach your senior years. In a way, ruth was always afraid of the unknown and if she will be in good hands.

Seniors worry a lot about the health system and what will happen to them once they are left alone. This is why finding a good community center should always be imperative.

2. Happily Ever After

Luckily, through every step, she had Kevin’s support. He helped her settle in, meet the employees, and get familiar with the place. Having Kevinaround meant so much to Ruth.

She was getting more exercise, ate better food, and made new friends. Kevin visits her regularly to make sure she gets the right nutrition, exerciser, and happy. And she is.

1. Helping Neighbors

Ruth had enough luck to run into Kevin and get the right support system from him. There are many seniors across the country living alone and barely coping day by day.

When possible, check on your neighbors and see how they are doing. They might need help, but they don’t know how to ask for one. Be a good neighbor and offer some comfort.

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