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Safest Countries to Retire to in Latin America

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Latin Countries For Retirement

Some people that have travelled a lot have fallen in love with Latin America. Indeed, this continent has plenty of countries that offer heavenly landscapes and ideal weather. Plus, Latin America is also known to be quite economical respect to the U.S. which is why a lot of people are trying to move abroad and enjoy all the goods these Latin American countries are giving.

Therefore, it’s no wonder that some people might also think about retiring in some of these beautiful countries. But, knowing that these countries are often shaken by political or economical crisis is normal to research safety conditions in each of them.

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Whatever you might have heard on the news, there are plenty of Latin American countries that are considered as more or less peaceful according to the scores on the Global Peace Index 2018. All 162 nations worldwide were measured for domestic and international conflict, societal safety and security (including crime rates), and militarization.

We’re giving you an insight to the safest Latin countries listed in order of their Global Peace Index rankings.

1. Chile

Global Peace Index Rank: 28/162

The most peaceful country of Latin America is Chile. This coastal country is spread from north to south along the South America’s west coast. It is very diverse in nature and offers plenty of islands, lakes, forests, volcanoes and even deserts. Chile has a high standard of living and a reasonable cost of living which makes it a perfect destination for a lot of expats.

2. Uruguay

Global Peace Index Rank: 37/162

Uruguay is a small South American country known for his beautiful nature and amazing wildlife. You can see plenty of sea lions, seals, penguins and sometimes even whales. This country will surprise you with its natural attractions and its stable economy too. Healthcare is quite affordable in Uruguay and this country’s infrastructure is developed and well-functioning.

3. Costa Rica

Global Peace Index Rank: 40/162

Costa Rica is the third safest country of Latin America. Not only it is the closest one of all the top three to the U.S., but it is very attractive to new retirees for other reasons too. The country is rich in beautiful beach towns, rainforests, volcanoes and has an amazing wildlife that is actually often very friendly to humans too. Costa Rica is a paradise for outdoorsy retirees because it offers plenty of adventure activities in the nature, and it also has a low cost of living.

4. Panama

Global Peace Index Rank: 50/162

You probably know that Panama is quite popular among retirement expats because of the retirement visa program (Pensionado Visa). Panama is definitely one of the top retirement havens you can choose because of its low cost of living, affordable healthcare and plenty of discounts that you can get through the retirement visa program. Panama is quite safe too, and its capital resembles a lot of other U.S. and European cities.

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5. Argentina

Global Peace Index Rank: 66/162

When it comes to safety conditions, the fifth South American country on this list is Argentina. Similarly to Chile, Argentina will provide you with a big diversity of sceneries: from rich plains, steep mountains, to jungles and breathtaking waterfalls and coastlines. Their culture is also often compared to Europe because of their architecture, art, music and literature. You can get a little bit of “Latin Europe” for a much lower cost of living.

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