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Reasons Why Self-Employed Workers Are Highly Admired In Business

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When one hears the words “self-employed,” a variety of images come to mind. The most common is likely that of the self-made entrepreneur. Others may imagine a freelance photographer or the world’s next great inventor. There isn’t anyone image or definition of a ‘self-employed’ person.

For that reason, QuickBooks Self-employed surveyed 923 people to see what they had in common and what helped them achieve their goals. Here are a couple of things their survey helped them find:

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1. They are Lifelong Learners

It does not matter what industry you are a part of when it comes to pursuing knowledge. When you seek to continually educate yourself, it helps you have an edge on the competition. Although education can benefit people greatly, some might refuse based on the changes that such a task would require.

The survey found the need for constant education a common trait among most survey participants.

2. They Work out of Passion Instead of Necessity

The most common phrase parents will tell their teenager is “you NEED to work.” Part of the problem is how many see working as nothing more than ‘necessary,’ with nothing about the job fulfilling anything.

Self-employed people are driven almost completely by their passion for the work. When asked about their strengths and weakness, a great deal of the groups indicated most of the traits as their strengths.

The lowest ranks skills of the entire group apparently were marketing, technical skills, and networking.

3. They are Willing to Make Sacrifices

Self-employment is not for everyone and the survey might show so. According to the survey conducted, a person has to be driven to gain self-employment. Are you willing to make the sacrifice? Do you really want it? Are you truly passionate about what you are working on?

The most dedicated of people may sleep in their office to get a jump on their work after resting. They sacrifice the comfort of a bed in favor of a flat surface to sleep before getting back to work.

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4. They Value Time Over Money and People Over Profits

Despite their drive to do work and the cash they bring in, they do not value time for the profit potential it has. Out of those asked, the majority claimed to be introverted and valued time greatly in comparison to money.

According to the study “Almost three out of four (72.8%) say they value people over profit – compared to the 27.2% percent that value profits over people.”

5. They Tend to be Jacks-of-all-trades

There’s nothing like learning a set of skills that can be adapted to aid in dealing with multiple situations. Although they spend the bulk of their time learning, they learn a rainbow of skills instead of focusing on just the one.

Some interesting numbers popped up as well. “Almost 71% say they consider themselves to be jacks-of-all-trades, compared to 29.1% who said they were not. This doesn’t mean they lack focus, however with 77.1% saying they prefer to push themselves to do the impossible, compared to 22.9% who admit they would sooner give up than chase the unattainable.”

6. They Aren’t Afraid to Work with People Smarter Than They Are

Some may not work with others of a higher intelligence because they feel intimidated on some level. Those who go the direction of self-employment are aware of what an asset someone more intelligent is. Whatever ideas you come up with, they can enhance in some way or give you an honest answer to how something should work.

The survey found a surprisingly sloped percentage in the group. 79.2% were always excited to work with someone more intelligent. For 20.8% of the group surveyed, the simple thought of working with someone smarter was too much for them.

7. They Tend to Be More Cautious Than Risk-taking

When it came to surveying the group’s caution and penchant for taking risks, about 53% of participants claimed to be cautious by nature, while 47% considered themselves risk-takers.

Regardless of your caution or risk-taker mentality, there’s one thing self-employed people share in common. The survey asked participants what the biggest surprise was and the consensus: underestimating the work it would take to be successful.

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They also thought the job would be lonelier and that starting would be very easy. Finding out the cost of starting a business was no easy pill to swallow either.

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