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What Is Servant Leadership And Why You Should Know About It

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Being a leader is important for anyone that wants to start a business. The qualities of knowing how to prioritize, handle a stressful situation, take responsibility and guide others to reach your business goals represent just a small part of a set of traits a leader should have. Needless to say, if you want to make it in the entrepreneurial world, all of these traits will come in quite handy.

Whether you have a business that only counts 2 employees or a group of 10 employees, being a good leader will definitely help you kickstart your success much better and faster than it would be in case you were just a “boss” that doesn’t care much of social interactions at work and the overall wellbeing in the office. There are more and more people that are realizing this and are researching ways to improve the connections at work by working on leadership. Thanks to new movements in how to properly lead a team, people across the world are slowly shifting to new forms of leadership that will benefit their business on both a short-term and long-term basis.

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Leadership is nothing new. Mankind has been fascinated by the power of a good leader for centuries and millennia. In fact, the concept of today’s “Servant Leadership” has its roots in history and can be read about in the works of plenty of ancient philosophers. However, we are going to talk about it through a present lens.

So, What exactly is servant leadership?

What Is Servant Leadership?

What distinguishes servant leadership from other types of leadership is that it focuses on the employee. The concept introduces employees as the primary aim for growth and development. Although the term “servant leadership” might be seen as an oxymoron, actually it’s not.

The entire concept is based on the idea that being a coach and a mentor to your employees gives much better results than being a leader who’s primarily focused on “leading”. So, in servant leadership, leader-first becomes employee-first. The aim is to help employees grow and reach their full potential. The research also showed that when leaders put emphasis on their employees and their needs, the employees give their best at work and are more productive.

The idea is that the person that is humble enough to be a servant of today (helping others thrive) is actually paving its way slowly of becoming a great leader tomorrow. Servant leadership embraces the approach in which leaders support greater goods even at the cost of sacrificing their ideas and time. This way of leading helps to build a strong community connection inside the business and allows businesses to reach their full potential.

Servant leadership is about focusing on what your employees need before thinking of things that directly benefit yourself. It is a philanthropic way of approaching business and team leadership.

How To Be A Servant Leader?

In order to be a servant leader, you first have to set up your mindset right. First, think about how each employee in your business contributes to your work and start thinking about how investing your energy and time to make each of your employees satisfied is actually the best way to motivate them to give their best at work.

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A good Servant Leader is someone who is results-oriented, a fast thinker and an extremely humble person. However, being humble doesn’t mean that if you want to follow the servant leadership movement, you need to undervalue your profit. On the contrary, you are still aiming to increase your profit and achieve excellence through your employees’ hard work and great performance, but you’re just leading the entire process in another way.

Instead of setting up the goals by yourself and dividing all the tasks among your employees, you would first listen to them and do your best to support them in things they are good at, as well as fixing issues that you’re capable of fixing.

Knowing how your employees see their job and your company will give you a great insight into what you might be doing wrong. Also, instead of being a detached boss that doesn’t know what each employee does on a daily basis, as a servant leader you will know all important details that would otherwise remain unknown to you. Getting feedback from an employee is highly valuable and can help a business grow faster.

This approach won’t only help your employees have a great mentor that will be always ready to help them and guide them in the right way, but you could also benefit from building this kind of relations with your employees. For example, while receiving feedback from a worker, you might discover that you might be doing something wrong and your worker might actually know something more about this specific thing and help you look at things in a new perspective.

If you’re interested in this kind of leadership, look up servant leadership consultants that will set you and your team on the right track.

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