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30 Signs Of High Intelligence That Aren’t Always Obvious

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People love to be smart, and they love to share their knowledge with others. After all, everyone knows something on specific topics, right? But what people usually don’t know is that they are generally smarter than they believe to be. People typically don’t know that intelligence can be taught. Yes, it matters if you had music lessons as a child and had regular physical activity through elementary and high school.

A curious mind and emotional intelligence can come naturally, or they can be mastered. Intelligence isn’t something that you should be scared of, because we are all intelligent by different standards. However, in some people, intelligence is obvious, while others should search for intelligence signs that you may not know of! Read on to see where your intelligence fits in the best.

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30. Music Lessons Stimulate Brain

Many times, it has been proven that people who have taken music lessons have a higher IQ than those who have not. Science says that children should be introduced to music between the ages of four and six.

Even today, scientists are searching for the link between music and brain activity. They want to know how exactly music can enhance someone’s intelligence, how it may help people, and if a specific instrument helps more than others.

29. Eldest Siblings Are Highly Intelligent

Older siblings will be thrilled to hear that being an older sibling play’s a huge role in an individual’s intelligence. Interestingly, this has nothing to do with genetics, but it has a lot to do with its surroundings.

While growing up, older siblings receive a lot of attention from adults, they have more responsibilities, and they have a rich experience of interacting with younger siblings. Plus, they are first to experience new things by making many mistakes and setting an example.

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28. Intelligent People Are In Shape

A healthy and robust body keeps the mind in shape. There have been many studies showing how lower BMIs can be a sign of enhanced intelligence. This is also one of the most common reasons why intelligent children might grow up to be more financially successful.

More money usually means fewer worries. Having more money when adult allows people to take better care of their bodies and even afford healthier foods, great gym memberships, and even great healthcare access.

27. Intelligent People Own A Cat

You may be a dog person, but cat lovers will be more than happy to hear that owning a cat can be a sign of higher intelligence. Rumor has it that those who prefer dogs are more outgoing, while the cat owners are more introverts; however, there is no general rule.

According to a 2014 study, “cat people” may display higher levels of cognitive ability. Scientists claim that this is because they spend their time reading and other, more in-house activities.

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26. Intelligent People Are Left-Handed

Yes, the dominant hand has a big effect on intelligence. According to Maria Konnikova, in a 1995 edition of The New Yorker, “Researchers found that the more marked the left-handed preference in a group of males, the better they were at tests of divergent thought…”

According to experts, the majority of the world is right-handed, while only about 10 percent of people worldwide are left-handed. Therefore, it seems fitting to think that being left-handed may indeed affect intelligence.

25. Intelligent People Are Tall

It seems that height can play a significant factor in determining a person’s intelligence. Some studies claim that children’s height may say something about how smart they are, even before they go to school.

Rumor has it that those who were taller as children and into adulthood always perform better on cognitive tests. So, does being tall automatically makes you smarter? No, but it still may have some effect on a person’s intelligence.

24. Intelligent People Are Curious

Intelligent people are curious, and they always want to know more and understand the world better. They are always asking questions about the meaning of life, whether God exists, and other more existential questions.

They know that there isn’t a straight answer, but they enjoy participating and trying to solve their questions. Different theories and philosophies are what keeps them going. This type of surrounding leads them to do more research and satisfy their curiosities.

23. They Started Reading At A Young Age

Those who read at a young age are more likely to have a vivid imagination and deal with problems better. Therefore, those who read at a young age have a huge advantage over those who don’t learn to read until later in life.

Reading is one of the best activities, that one can use to improve their intelligence. A study conducted in 2012, in pairs of identical twins, showed that those who learned to read earlier would score higher in tests of cognitive ability as well as verbal and nonverbal skills.

22. They Are Frequently Anxious

It turns out that those with higher IQs tend to be more anxious than those with lesser intelligence. The truth is that people with a broader mind tend to analyze things more, and often see negative outcomes of various actions.

Simply said, they worry more and are easily troubled with existential questions. They tend to worry about things that are out of their control. Interestingly, those who are anxious perform better in tests of verbal intelligence.

21. They Have A Good Sense Of Humor

This shouldn’t come as a big surprise, right? After all, people who can make us laugh are highly aware of their surroundings, they are good with words, and they can read other emotions. Having a good sense of humor is a common sign that a person has above-average intelligence.

A study collected 400 psychology students to see how their verbal intelligence is organized to prove this theory. The students were asked to come up with captions for New Yorker cartoons. An independent group rated the captions. The final result showed that those with the funniest responses are the ones with higher levels of intelligence.

20. Intelligent People Are Constantly Curious

Curious people tend to keep their brains and mind busy. Someone with higher intelligence can never be satisfied by merely knowing things; they need to understand them completely and ask more.

According to Tomas-Prezumi, a business psychology professor, “[Curiosity] leads to higher levels of intellectual investment and knowledge acquisition over time, especially in formal domains of education, such as science and art.” Basically, people who are curious always try their best to get the right answers. By doing their research, they acquire more knowledge.

19. Intelligent People Are Disorganized

Have you ever heard that line – Don’t touch my mess, I keep it organized? Well, it turns out that those people might be right. You may expect intelligent people to be organized, but the truth is that that’s not always the case.

Many brilliant people tend to have a messy and even messy desk and even living area. Even famous Albert Einstein was known for being messy. Being surrounded by a mess doesn’t necessarily mean that someone is lazy or even flustered, but it rather means that they don’t see the organization as relevant.

18. Intelligent People Don’t Believe In Luck

The concept of luck may vary from person to person, and it turns out that intelligent people don’t believe in the concept of luck. The main reason for this is because they understand how the world works.

Intelligent people don’t see luck as a real thing. For them, luck doesn’t exist and any ‘luck’ is actually a result of hard work, har preparation, planning, and coincidence. For example, a person who wants to start a business doesn’t wait for an idea to fall down from the sky, but go out there and search for inspiration. Simply said, intelligent people, create their own luck.

17. They Were Breastfed As A Baby

Amazingly, but how we are fed as babies can significantly affect our intelligence. It turns out that babies whoa re breastfed are more likely to have a higher IQ than babies that weren’t.

This was proven in a 2007 study in which children who were breastfed scored about seven points higher in an IQ test than children who were not. Yet, these results apply only to those who had one version of the FADS2 gene.

16. They’re Night Owls

You may love to sleep longer and be in your bed before midnight, but it turns out that intelligent people have different routines. Researchers claim that those who stay up late and sleep in later are more likely to be smarter than others.

Researchers also believe that intelligent people enjoy being awake at night. This way, they have an opportunity to be alone with their own thoughts and distraction-free.

15. They Can Be Viewed As Lazy

Can intelligence and laziness go hand by hand? It turns out that they can. Intelligent people often choose to be lazy because they know that they can solve the problem fast.

Intelligent people can solve a problem or get something done without exerting more energy than they need. This is the main reason why intelligent people are often unorganized.

14. Intelligent People Are Focused

If you prefer to be focused, and nothing can distract you, it may be a sign of intelligence. According to the 2013 journal Current Biology, Frank Zhu claims that “People who can focus for long stretches at a time and tune out distractions” are highly intelligent.”

Intelligent people choose to focus on one thing only on time. To get the job done, they stay focused at one thing, until the job is done properly. They don’t bother with other things until their primary job is 100% complete.

13. They Admit What They Don’t Know

There is no shame in not knowing something, and this is something that intelligent people know. They also know that the only way to get knowledge is to ask for it. Therefore, intelligent people will always admit when they don’t know something.

According to the academic Jim Winer “Intelligent people “are not afraid to say: ‘I don’t know.’ If they don’t know it, they can learn it”. That; ‘s what separates solution-oriented people from those who are waiting to have delivered solutions.

12. They’re The Silent Type

Intelligent people are often described as socially awkward and extremely introvert. In some cases, this may be the truth, while it’s not always the case. Not all silent people are smart, not all smart people are silent.

The truth is that intelligent people may address the situation carefully. They tend to start out quietly to access the situation and make their response. There is no harm in something different, right?

11. They Love Challenges

Intelligent people embrace challenges and thinking outside the box. They aren’t scared of different, and they are sure not o blink in front of a challenge. Plus, they refuse to settle with less.

Intelligent people know that better life comes with proper solutions. If you know how to solve problems, you will live better. So, to make their life easier, they prioritize problems and solve them. This way, they keep stress level low and let people focus on what’s really important.

10. They Are Surrounded By Smart People

Many claim that we are the average of people that we spend the most time with. So, with whom you spend every day with matters. Simply said intelligent people spend time with intelligent people.

Intelligence comes in many forms, and as such, isn’t limited to only book smart. For example, if one of your friends is a fantastic artist, then they’re probably pretty smart. The same applies to any other area of interest.

9. They Are Perfectionists

Some people are perfect. They are so into order, and they aren’t smarty pants in general. They just like order and see a higher sense of keeping things in line.

Perfectionists tend to make little changes to reach their ultimate goal. The main thing with perfectionism is that you never stop trying. You try and try until something is perfect. This trait is what pushed scientists to believe that highly intelligent people are in fact, perfectionists.

8. They Constantly Question Themselves

Intelligent people know that they need to progress all day. Therefore, not only that, they need to question the world, but they should question themselves and their decisions as well.

We aren’t talking about self-esteem, but rather about confidence, by asking yourself the right questions. Questioning yourself means that you are able to recognize your own faults as a person and are willing to work on them.

7. They Stay Up To Date With The News

Intelligent people know that information is valuable, especially in today; ‘s world, when everything moves fast. So, they choose to stay up to date with the news. Why? This way, they will know about any major changes, and they will know what to do next.

Plus, they like to stay informed. Staying informed helps intelligent people learn new things that will make their lives easier and better. With so many things to learn, staying on top of the news helps them stay organized.

6. They Have Several Projects

Intelligent people love to be busy. Since they believe in themself, they are comfortable with multitasking. As a result, they can balance several projects at once.

Sometimes, it may seem as if they are doing nothing, but in fact, they are solving different multi problems all at the same time. These projects can range from learning a new dance to building a new bookshelf – the sky’s the limit.

5. They Don’t Think They Are Smart

Do you know what a Dunning-Kruger effect is? It says that people with lower intelligence tend to think highly of themselves. On the other hand, those who are smart usually think of themselves as ordinary people.

However, although intelligence can be hidden, it cannot be taken away. A smart person is an intelligent person. If you are humble and don’t brag around on how intelligent you are, the chances are that you are brilliant.

4. They Use Less Electronics

Is it possible to use fewer electronics in the digital world? It turns out that it is as long as you are want to live electronics-free. Intelligent people tend to control how much information they receive; therefore, they tend to use fewer electronic devices in their lives.

This doesn’t mean that they don’t own electronic devices; it just means that they don’t use them all the time. Even Hewlett Packard conducted a study on electronic use that concluded that workers who were overloaded on information were less productive and more easily distracted at work. The study showed that workers had to put way too much energy in checking emails than working.

3. Intelligent People Love Facts

Intelligent people aren’t fast to summing-up. They love to research, talk with experts, think about topics carefully, and then conclude. They love being well-informed, and their opinion is always based on facts.

Even when they want to convince you in something, they will present you the facts, and never subjective thoughts. This kind of thinking leads to long-term growth and high adaptability.

2. Intelligent People Are Highly Empathetic

Intelligent people are empathetic. Empathy is a crucial trait of intelligence that shows how well a person can manage with others, how well they can lead a team, and how well they can work with people from different backgrounds.

What having empathy actually means? It means that you genuinely care about the way others around you feel. If someone in your surroundings is happy or sad, you can feel that, and you can find the right way to approach that person and help. So, people with high empathy understand why and how of people.

1. Intelligent People Are More Internet Savvy

Living on a click-away from a knowledge doesn’t mean that we are, as a civilization, smarter. It just means that we have more opportunities to be more educated, and it’s up to us to choose, or not, to reach that knowledge.

Studies show that people who spend to much time on the internet are in lack of thinking skills. Therefore, more intelligent people tend to be more internet savvy. They spend less time online because they know how to get to the right information. The less time they spend looking up information, the more time they will have for working on their projects.

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