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If You’re Doing One Of These 7 Things, You Might Have A Spending Problem

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There is nothing wrong with setting aside a day of the month to go for a mini shopping spree. It’s a good way to pass the time and just relax with a couple of close friends. Maybe you just need to have a solo walk through the aisles of your local superstore.

Anything from the start of a school year to an approaching holiday may motivate you to visit a store. For most, that is a good reason to spend. Here are a few ways to check if you have any problems spending:

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1. Enjoying “The Rush”

People who participate in extreme sports usually do so for the “rush” of adrenaline triggered by unusually dangerous activities. A handful of people may experience the same thing on a day out shopping. Buying things one could do without simply thrills them for some odd reason.

Scientists explain that a hormone called pleasure-associated chemical dopamine is released when a person makes a purchase. The rush can come from buying anything from a car to a box of donuts at your local bakery.

2. Feeling Remorseful

Perhaps you were simply looking for a good bargain. Or maybe you have a bunch of coupons you cannot wait to spend at the local grocery store or even at a fast food place like McDonald’s or Popeye’s.

It is completely fine to shop for a bargain when the time is right. But those coupons you’re shelling out may give you tunnel vision. You might end up completely losing track of how much you’ve spent on those “bargains.”

You can save coupons, but spend with them on occasion and avoid an all-in-one bargain trip.

3. Hiding Your Purchases

It is not hard to tell when someone is displaying signs of alcoholism. When you find cans of beer hiding under the sink or a bottle of brandy behind a trash can, you know they are developing a problem.

The same goes for those who love getting in all the shopping they can. Suppose you put your stuff away as soon as you come home and dispose of the bags in the outside trash. If you have ever done this, you most definitely have a spending problem.

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4. Feeling Nervous on Days You Don’t Buy Something

Where I live, there is a gas station less than a mile from my house. My favorite item from there is the 44-ounce fountain drink. If I’m ever asked by my family to go and pick something up, I feel an anxiousness when I don’t buy that drink.

Have you felt so bogged down by the lack of a purchase it affects your entire day? If you get that same feeling I do when I don’t get that ridiculously large soda, it may be a sign of a spending problem.

5. Credit Card Debts are Piling Up

These days it is pretty common to be asked if you’d like to invest in a specific store’s credit card. At times, these store specific cards can help out a lot with fees you may not have seen coming.

Get too many of these cards and you may end up under a mountain of debt that sends what you owe to a collection agency to manage. Depending on how bad your debt gets with a given amount of card, you and/or your partner may need to file for bankruptcy.

Both my parents and I had the misfortune of experiencing credit card debts we couldn’t pay off.

Save yourself the headache and financial hit to your credit and simply avoid the cards like the plague.

6. Buying Things You Don’t Need

Have you ever gotten an itch to collect a specific type of item? Did you ever buy a set of dining room chairs when you already had a good six? Just because the furniture is on sale does not mean it needs to come home with you.

To help you avoid buying what you don’t need, ask yourself this question: “do I absolutely need this or do I simply ‘want’ to buy it?”

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7. Shopping When Upset

At times a person may simply go shopping to blow off some steam. A supermarket or place like Target might be the last place you want to go when you’re upset. You may buy something you had intended to save up for, leaving you with a large sum of money missing from your wallet.

Taking some drastic measures like this may affect the relationship that you are in.

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