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10 Signs You Have A Job In A Toxic Workplace

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Starting a new job is a whole host of work on its own. You are in a new place with new faces and it’s important to get familiar with the ins and outs as soon as possible. Even if you work yourself to the bone, that alone cannot prevent toxicity from spreading through the office.

If you view constant drama at work or the atmosphere can consistently be described as “thick,” you may be employed in a toxic working environment. If you’re not sure, here are a few ways to determine if your place of work can be described as “toxic”:

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1. Nobody likes it

A glaring sign of a toxic working environment is when employees participate in discussing which manager they hate the most. People are also always talking about how much they hate the job and the duties they have been tasked with.

At a previous job of mine as a fast food employee, this appeared to be a regular occurrence from training level to well after the 90-day probation period.

2. The hunt is on

Even if people are in an assistant manager position, they may be looking for other work themselves. You might hear of someone having a job interview more than twice a day every day.

I worked in previous positions where the highest-level managers were having to job hunt, which was very eye-opening and changed my opinion of the company completely.

3. Pass phrase

When people meditate, the often adopt a “mantra” or phrase they repeat to themselves to ‘enhance their calm.’ Has the stress of your job ever become so great, so stressful that you repeat a secret phrase when things become too much to handle?

Perhaps you state to yourself “this is fine” when you see your lack of hours on the schedule or “Yep, supposed to happen.” Whatever your secret phrase, the fact that it is even necessary to get through the day shows a toxic environment.

4. Can’t complain

A sign of a good company is when an employee can approach the HR department without fear of repercussion. If you are afraid to discuss your lack of hours or the fact that you have to work with a certain person, you are certainly working somewhere toxic.

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HR is supposed to employ the concept of conflict resolution and if the department of your employer is questionable, it’s time to find someone where else to work.

5. No sense of leadership

CEOs often have a personal leadership philosophy, “a set of beliefs and principles they use to evaluate information and respond to people and situations. It allows who hears it to gain an understanding of their values, priorities, approach to decision making, and what they expects from themselves and others.”

Are you certain the CEO of your company has any such thing? Many times manager succumb to megalomania, asserting their authority over others as a result of fear they feel themselves.

6. Meetings aren’t productive

When a manager calls a meeting, it allows them to discuss possible improvement with the team and allows employees to air their grievances. A great deal of the time, people will stay quiet and say absolutely nothing.

Do you co-workers only speak the truth when the manager is not within earshot? Though I was not management, I was privy to the meeting in a previous position as I worked in the front. I often saw meetings that devolved into nothing more than shouting matches and resulted in management cutting the meeting short.

7. Unfair treatment

You may feel singled out or even that your manager is never honest with you about the schedule. Have you caught your manager in a lie more than once? The lies may have become so great, you just expect it to be part of every shift.

8. Instinct

It may hit you at a dinner date or at a nephew’s birthday party, but there may be a time where instinct screams at you, “What the hell are you even doing here? How can you work in a place like this?”

Don’t let yourself get stuck in a career coma because you feel nervous about the job change.

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9. It’s about this, not that

Maybe your company’s greatest concern is the positive number, their focus targets goals and production. It’s all about respecting the ‘chain of command.’ For the company things like teamwork, trust, and collaboration are the furthest thing from their minds.

10. Input unnecessary

You may be aware of an employee survey that your team never gets to fill out. Who gets the survey may be connected what they are worried those employees might say.

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