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Signs You Should Leave Retirement

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Getting into the workforce young, one hopes to achieve enough success to land a lifelong career with a company that will keep them for a number of years. As we age, the goal becomes saving enough for when we retire. But what if we finally get to the age most typically retire, and it still doesn’t feel right?

If you experience or have shown any of the following signs, you should probably leave retirement:

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1. You’re Having Trouble Making Ends Meet

Despite the help available, it is still tough in this day and age to save properly for retirement. If you don’t pay enough into Social Security or into your respective retirement plan, you may not be able to live too grand a life.

Social Security isn’t designed to help with much more than utilities and the occasional grocery trip.

Really, the best thing to do is to work a couple of years more. A year spent working is a year spent not worrying about how much you have saved and can use in retirement.

There are a couple of online courses that teach people how to manage and save money for retirement. It’s a great idea if you plan on retiring with a substantial nest egg.

2. You’re Becoming Too Sedentary

It is said that an active body and a stimulated mind can ensure a person maintains a level of good health. The medical journal Occupational and Environmental Medicines says there might be something to the saying “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

When you are not up and moving, you are actually far more susceptible to illness than someone with a regular full-time job.

Those who enter retirement often find it a struggle to transition from working to doing what used to be leisure activities after a shift.

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3. You Just Can’t Adjust to Your New Life

A great majority of people look forward to retirement from their first official day of work. Those of us with a variety of interests might choose hobbies like building model airplanes/ships, learn a new language, or visit locations you’ve been aching to see.

As fun as 24/7 freedom sounds, there is still a large number of people who do not feel complete without a proper work schedule. If that sounds like you, see if you can find at least a part-time job to break up the monotony of having nothing to do.

4. You’ve Lost Social Connections

A handful of us still talk to adult we went to school with as kids, but as we get older our place of work becomes the best place to make friends. When you are finally retired, you very seldom see other people on a given day.

The crazy part is that remaining isolated and developing feelings of extreme loneliness can actually shorten an older person’s lifespan. Isolation can also screw with your blood pressure and bring on undue stress.

5. You Love Being in the Workplace

The only thing harder than not getting tired of work is getting used to not working once you’re retired. Perhaps you felt the most joy when you were busy helping customers find grocery item, or maybe you weren’t satisfied until you fixed that clicking in a garage customer’s engine.

If you loved working and feeling like you can keep going for a few more years, don’t hesitate to get back to it. But I’d recommend seeing a doctor before doing anything that demands physical activity.

6. You’re Ready to Start Over in the Workplace

The only thing harder than applying for work before you’ve had experience is applying when you’re already at retirement age. Older people are often discriminated against for their age, hiring managers often think that some potential candidates are ‘too old to handle it.’

If you’ve been retired for at least five years, you’ll have to explain that. Economist Eric Tyson recommends something along the lines of “I missed working so much, I had to come out of retirement.”

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Being a retiree can be very beneficial, especially if you possess skills that younger employees are sorely lacking in.

7. You Have a Great Idea for a New Business

At one point or another, we all have a dream to own a business and ensure its rousing success. If an epiphany for a new product or local business, pay no mind to the fact that you’re retired.

Not working a regular job just means you’ll be able to dedicate all your time to the business.

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