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Soldier’s Climactic Confrontation With Teenager In A Taco Bell Is Now Going Viral

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Small acts of kindness are everywhere. Thanks to the fast lifestyle, we then to oversee them, and focus on negativity. Or people are sometimes so worried about their own lives that they forget to pay kindness forward.

When an act of kindness happens, it quickly becomes clear just how little critical acts of love are. This is something that Robert Risodn, a soldier, knows the best. One rainy night, at Taco Bell, Robert got to experience first-hand how much of a difference a small act of kindness can make. Read on to see why Robert’s life would never be the same after this single move.

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30. An Ordinary Day

Some days are just simple. You get up, go to work, and you do home. Then, there are those days when unexpected things happen. In those days, the only that you can do is go with the flow.

For Robert Risdon, one ordinary day would be as such. On his way home, Robert realized that he was hungry. Since it was around 9:30 when he pulled to the nearest fast-food restaurant. This single decision would affect a huge number of people and change his life.

29. Taco Bell Time

Robert was really thankful once he spotted an open Taco Bell restaurant. It’s not that uncommon to spot Taco Bell along the way. After all, there are around 7,363 Taco Bell restaurants in 30 different countries.

He slowly walked in and was greeted by the late-dinner rush. That night a heavy rain kicked in, and he was thankful that no one pays attention to his wet appearance. After all, everyone inside looked cold, wet, and not too happy. This was the main reason why the next guest wasn’t greed with a smile.

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28. New Guests

When two soaking wet figures walked in the restaurant, they weren’t welcomed by smiles. Everyone was too busy with their conversations and thought to mind them: everyone but Robert.

Robert watched the duo go from table to table. They looked tired, but they weren’t ready to sit, they just continued mumbling something to each customer. Robert wanted to know what they were saying, and finally, they headed toward Robert’s table.

27. Strangers Were Very Young Boys

Robert looked at two strangers, and he realized that they are just kids. They looked young. One boy was taller than t eh other, and he shoved his hands into his pockets.

However, it was clear that they weren’t here to eat. Not only that, customers were interested in what the young boy was saying, but the cashier looked nervous as well. Still, he knew what he must do.

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26. Empathy Is Contagious

This rainy day really pished Robert back to his most profound memories. He was thinking about how he can’t even count the number of times he was cold, wet, and hungry in the Army. During his stationary time in Saudi Arabia, Robert was no stranger to top hunger or extreme cold.

Simply said, he was no stranger to what the boys were feeling right now. He could see a bit of himself in them. The only difference between him and these boys was that they weren’t in a foreign country.

25. At Home

Robert knew that being in a foreign country comes with a number of difficulties. Still, once you are home, you shouldn’t be going through various obstacles. At home, you should be in your comfort zone.

Based on his life-experience and high intuition, Robert knew that these boys could use some comfort and support. After all, that’s at least what a home should be. Here is what he did next.

24. Robert’s Table

The boys finally reached Robert’s table. They knew that they are about to ask him something, and he was ready to hear them and listen to them. Still, what they have asked him surprised him a lot. This was something that they were asking everyone about.

He couldn’t believe that they are asking him. Their question was so simple, but again so strange. They asked Robert – “Do you want to buy some candy?” Of all the questions that they could have asked, this one was the least expected. This was his answer.

23. They Were Exausted

These boys were exhausted. They have probably spent the entire day asking people the same question. He could see on their faces that they were sad and tired, plus they were probably out for the whole day in the rain.

Plus, everything is harder when there is rain. He was looking at the boys and said the only thing that he could – the truth. “I don’t have any cash,” he said honestly. The duo had only one reaction to his answer.

22. The Expected Reaction

As soon as Robert said to boys that he has no cash on him, they did the only things that they could. They start to walk away… Robert watched them as they leave and asked them a question.

That simple question made them stop, look at him, and nervously smile. Not only that the boys were surprised, but the cashier was caught off guard as well. The question was pretty much direct and clear – “Can you boys finish off ten tacos?”

21. Suprise

Ask any boy if he can finish off ten tacos, and the answer will be positive, especially if he is tired and wet from the rain. These boys were no exception.

So, when Robert asked them the unusual question, they simply nodded. He brought the boys up to counter to buy them whatever they wanted. When he started talking to them, he learned how they ended up soaking wet and selling candy.

20. Raising Funds

Robert was really impressed when the boys shared the plan with him. It turns out that boys were on a mission. They had been trying to raise funds for their local church by walking and selling all the candy they could door to door.

Robert knew that it’s both physically and mentally demanding tasks. He simply knew what his next step should be. He asked the boys is they had eaten, the older boy shook his head.

19. Sincere Admiration

Robert was really moved by boys’ plans and intentions. After all, everyone who works hard must be respected for its efforts and time. Plus, these kids were determined to help others.

Robert had a soft place in his heart, for those who care about others. As a soldier, Robert had been in similar situations. While Robert was talking with boys, he had no idea what was happening in the other part of the restaurant.

18. Unknown Observer

Robert was so focused on the boys and their story, that he didn’t notice anyone around him. Unknown to him, there was a pair of eyes carefully watching his every move.

Jason Gibson was at the dinner when this unusual scene started developing. He knew that he was witnessing a rare good deed at work, and he wasn’t ready to miss a second of it, so he decided to record the entire interaction.

17. Salute Going Viral

The younger boy had a taco in one hand, while the other hand was up in the air, saluting Robert. This was his way of thanking him. The older boy simply said thank you. Gibson filmed every second, and he had plans for the video.

Gibson was so moved by this action, that he decided to share this kindness with the world. He posted the video online, and thousands of people were moved.

16. Going Viral

People loved how kind Robert was to the boys. Furthermore, they loved how happy boys were. The happiness was all over their faces. Of course, not everyone had the impulse Robert had to help the boys.

Robert shared that he was inspired by this action, because of the way he was raised. Family and closest surroundings had so much to do with upbringing, and Robert is a true example of it.

15. Childhood Is Important

According to Robert, his childhood is what has shaped him to become the person he is today. He also shared that during his childhood, when he was surrounded by people who taught him, there’s more to life than taking care of yourself.

Now that he is a father, Robert tried to transmit that same value. Simply said, he is doing his best to raise the kid with the same mentality.

14. Kindness Should Be Normal

According to Robert, kindness should be an everyday thing. Moreover, Robert strongly believes that being kind and helpful is in everyone’s nature.

He also adds that “I’m kinda embarrassed and humbled by the praise.” This sounds logical to someone who strongly believes that an act of kindness should be second nature to everyone.

13. Small Gesture

Robert also add that “It seemed like a very small gesture I could do for two kids that were trying to make some money in the rain on a school night.”

He is also full of wisdom and ready to share a piece of advice with anyone who is ready to listen. That’s why he had a piece of advice for young boys. Here is what he shared with them.

12. The Real Advice

It seems that Robert really likes the pay it forward system. His advice was so simple, but yet so effective. He said to young boys “When you’re older and you’re in a position to help someone out — don’t pass it up.”

Now, Robert was the one helping the young boys. Still, the boys touched Robert’s heart in a way he didn’t expect. This is why Robert was so inspired.

11. A True Inspiration

Robert was so happy that he could help boys a bit. He also said, “They inspire me as much as I may have made them feel good by just filling their bellies a little bit.”

You may think that it isn’t easy to inspire a soldier, especially a soldier like Robert is. However, if you can guess the person’s values you can do a lot.

10. Respect And Gratitude

Robert and two boys are a living reminder that it pays off to be kind, and forward it. One of the most emotional lines Robert said is “I am a believer that we live in the best country in the world with the best people, and that acts of kindness happen every day.”

It turns out that Robert is no stranger to kindness. Due to his work, he has experienced a number of different situations where kindness was given freely. Plus, he was surrounded by people who acted like him and believed in similar things.

9. Luis Ocampo

Over the years, Robert saw many of his fellow soldiers being kind to total strangers. Kindness was an everyday thing for him. Still, he was amazed when he heard of the kindness and love surrounding Army medic Luis Ocampo.

Charlotte, North Carolina was home to Luis, Kailey Finch, and their son Lucian. Luis served in the North Carolina National Guard, and in September 2018, duty called him into action.

8. Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence can only be described as a Category 1 storm. Residents of New Bern know how destructive this hurricane is and what are the consequences behind it.

When this powerful hurricane hit a small town, Lusi and other soldiers were responsible for navigating the storm’s aftermath. Their task was easy – they had to help anyone who needed food, water, and so on. While Luis had to help others, his wife and kid searched for a place to stay safe.

7. Parent’s House Shelter

Kailey took her son to Luis’s parents’ house so she wouldn’t be alone for days. She left the family dog at home, where she checked in on him periodically.

For a few days family lives like that, separated, and away from home. On September 21, Luis returned home from his brief stint in New Bern. He expected a heroic welcome once he gets home, but that wasn’t the case.

6. Alone Left Alone

Instead of being welcomed bu his wife, son, and dog, Luis was only greeter by the family dog, who’d been home all by himself. The poor dog was running around in the front yard.

This was an unusual sight, especially that the back door had been left wide open. So, either the dog learned a new trick or someone who should not have opened that back door.

5. Open Window

Luis waws even more confused when he saw that the window in his son’s bedroom was completely open. It was clear, someone busted the lock with a nearby shovel and crawled into the home.

Could they still be inside the home? Luis entered his house, look around, and saw that no one is still inside the home. Yet, he was about to see some unusual things.

4. A Real Mess

Luis saw clothes everywhere across the house. Even the fridge was empty, and every single piece of food was gone. The thieves took a box of coins Luis’s grandmother collected from around the world — a piece old 24 years.

Once he discovers the damage, he could only sit and weep. This is how Kailey found her soldier, once she got home. She knew that she has to do something. So, she wrote a Facebook status that she didn’t know would eventually change their lives.

3. Real Campaign

She reached out to her online community of friends and ask people to help if they know-how. A friend of Kailey’s, Mary Elise Capron, saw the post, and decide to help. So she set up a GoFundMe.

Mary set a fundraising goal of $5,000. That sum would be enough to replace a firearm, laptop, and repair broken window… What happened next was unexpected.

2. Eleven Days Later

In just eleven days, the GoFundMe raised thousands for the couple, who eventually asked Mary to shut down the fundraiser. The reason? They were making too much money, and they didn’t want to abuse people’s generosity.

Surprisingly, people asked Mary to re-open the fundraiser. This made Luis really uncomfortable, so he and Mary worked out another plan. They decided to pass it forward.

1. Pay It Forward

Luis, Kailey, and Mary redirected new donations to Soldiers and Airmen Assistance Fund, which helps local Guardsmen facing hardships. The couple even gave some of the donation money – almost $15,000 – to a soldier who’d been living in a hotel after a Hurricane Florence brought a tree down on his home.

This is how Kailer and Luis manage to turn a disaster into a positive moment. Luis said, “A big part of wanting to give the donations comes from seeing how generous people have been, and I wanted to pay that back to someone else who needed help.”

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