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The States Where Americans Don’t Want To Live Anymore (And The Places They’re Flocking To)

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Americans who want a higher quality of life know that if they are not happy in one state, they should move. The population of America is rapidly growing each year, and that growth isn’t spread evenly. As a natural step – people are relocating, and in that process, some states are winners, while others are big losers.

Once favorite places in the States are losing their popularity, people are looking for a better life in other areas. Follow along as we count down the 30 states where Americans don’t want to live anymore and see is your state on the list. If your state made the cute, maybe you should think about relocation.

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30. Rhode Island

Rhode Island is the smallest state with around 1,200 square miles, and the areas still have problems keeping its residents. Approximately 52% of Rhode Island residents decided to try their luck in other areas.

The biggest reason for this colossal rate is that people are looking for jobs elsewhere. Rhode Island is expensive, taxes are high, and the cost of living is high-priced, so if you move here without a well-paid and secure job, be ready to move in just a few months.

29. Mississippi

The birthplace of blues is really blue nowadays. So far, 49.4% of Mississippi residents decide to pack and leave for good. Mississippi is rich in great music, fantastic food, and the most beautiful nature, but the state lacks in what people need the most – jobs.

The unemployment rate is high in the Magnolia State. One of the highest in the nation. Search for better jobs is the main reason why people decide to say, “See y’all later.” Other causes include hot weather, mosquitoes, and biting flies.

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28. Arkansas

The natural state is known for its fantastic natural surroundings, wild areas, college sport, and its wild weather. Recently, Arkansas is one of the leading destinations that people actually decide to leave for good. Outbound moves here are 49.7%.

Home of the famous actor and retail giant Walmart and actor Billy Bob Thornton doesn’t have a well-established job market. So, people usually leave in search of work. The state last year became the first to require Medicaid recipients to hold jobs, and thousands lost their health insurance in the months that followed.

27. Maine

Many envision spending their retirement in Maine, not knowing that the correct outbound moves are 50.6%. Retirees are actually moving from lovely Maine. Actually, 4 in 10 Mainers, decide to spend their retirement somewhere else.

People can’t handle Maine’s climate. As an outcome, they are moving in a more hospitable environment. Even when the weather is beautiful, people can’t control bugs, ticks, mosquitoes, flies, and anything else that could bite.

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26. Missouri

Missourians are heading toward other states and saying St.Louis goodbye. In this state, outbound moves are at high 51%. The main reason for Missourian’s relocation is job-related.

Around 63% of Missourians moved because they wanted better-paid jobs and better job opportunities. Factories around Kansas City have been closing for years, causing that metro area to lose 1.9% of its manufacturing jobs.

25. North Dakota

It turns out that North Dakota is… dull? According to recent research, lifestyle is the main reason why 61% of those who move out of incredible North Dakota.

Although the lifestyle is not that exciting, people love one thing about North Dakota – the fact that they can find a job there. The unemployment rate is low. Also, the weather is never dull. Here you can experience in the same year, 121 degrees Fahrenheit and minus 60.

24. Virginia

Shockingly, but more people are moving out than moving in when it comes to Virginia. The outbound moves here are 56.6%, while the rural areas have even a higher moving rate.

More than half of those who depart leave Virginia for employment reasons, others move so they can be closer to family, and others simply prefer to be somewhere else. However, if you are looking for a state to relocate when you hit retirement, Virginia is the place to go. Low taxes, beaches, and mountains… everything that one needs for a peaceful life.

23. Utah

Utah is officially one of the most beautiful states in the States. National parks and snowcapped mountains are filled with fantastic rock formations – leaving people speechless. Still, Utah residents are not that fascinated with Utah’s nature, so they are leaving the country.

The outbound moved in Utah are astonishing 51.7%. The main reason for relocation is job-related, next to rising housing prices. The median price for a single-family home in Salt Lake City is currently $358,000. If you have a home in a pricey area, you know that you can expect a high mortgage rate.

22. West Virginia

West Virginia is the place to go if you want to experience the wild and wonderful side of nature. However, residents in Virginia can’t take the economy there anymore, especially the younger ones.

So, those who are 44 and younger and heading to new places to find decent work. The state’s opioid crisis is taking a toll on businesses and their ability to add jobs. Moreover, a small West Virginia home improvement company is fighting a legal battle with sever drugmakers because it says its employee health insurance costs are soaring.

21. Nebraska

Did you know that Nebraska is the first home of the world’s known investor Warren Buffett? He moved and made billion,s and today’s residents are doing the same. People are living in Nebraska because of low unemployment primarily.

Nebraska lacks high-paying jobs. People want to be challenged, and they are tired of having only jobs with minimum wage. So, they are moving. Actually, 70% of Nebraskans are moving searching for a better future.

20. Maryland

Those who cherish rich state history and outdoor life, know-how amazing Maryland is. However, its residents are tired of the high cost of living, above-average health care costs, high taxes, and high home prices. So, they are moving out.

Marylanders are looking for the best job opportunities and affordable retirement outside of lovely Maryland. Moreover, half of the people who left in 2018 were 55 and older. If you are planning to pack and move to Maryland to spend your retirement, think again.

19. Kentucky

Kentucky is currently known for two things: breathtaking landscape and the exciting Kentucky Derby. One thing is missing in Kentucky, and people can’t go over that – jobs.

At the moment, Kentucky has the highest unemployment rates in the state. For the last ten years, Kentucky has been stuck at $7.25 an hour. As a result, people are moving to find a better job somewhere else.

18. Wisconsin

Wisconsin is a state full of charm and beautiful sceneries. However, Wisconsinites are packing their bags and leaving their country. This is not something that is easy for Green Bay Packers for sure, but according to them, it’s mandatory.

Many Wisconsinites can deal with the low cost of living and slow employment growth. In the meantime, housing prices are only going up. On top of that, not everyone is cut for Wisconsin’s long, brutal winters. More than half the people who moved away in 2018 were ages 55 or older – probably looking for warmer areas.

17. Louisiana

Louisiana is globally known for its original cuisine and fantastic music, next to friendly people and rich history. This is also of the most popular destination when it comes to vacation or city break. Still, many choose not to live here.

Job growth is almost unexisting in this state, which is next to high taxes brutal. Over 70.8% of people who left Lousiana in 2018, decided to move because of a better future. They decided to search for better luck outside the Lousiana border for good.

16. California

People aren’t happy living next to fantastic beaches? It seems so because they are leaving the state fast and more and more each year. Beachy, urban and outdoorsy lifestyle is not enough when you have to fight with extremely high living costs.

The top reasons why people move out include jobs, family issues, and retirement. After decades and decades of staying in California, retirees are choosing to move to other states in the Pacific West and Mountain West.

15. Michigan

Did you know that Michigan has nearly 3,300 miles of coastline to explore? Yet, many are done with exploring this state. Their decision to leave this state has a lot to do with the job market in Michigan.

Michigan offers job opportunities in math, management, and computers. However, this created a lot of lower-paying work – such as in food preparation, paying under $20,000 per year. Still, younger and highly educated workers are leaving Michigan for better opportunities.

14. Montana

Montana’s beautiful landscapes are not enough for its residents to stay forever. The state’s once rock-bottom cost of living has gone up, though it’s still much lower than in most other states. Still, housing can be challenging to find, and there are only a few work options in tourism and the oil industry.

Also, Montana is far from America’s major population centers. A massive percent of Montana’s residents simply moved because they wanted to be closer to family. Also, a critical problem in Montana is its shortage of health care, with just 2.3 doctors per 1,000 residents.

13. Iowa

Iowa is growing and developing nicely. Cities are expanding, and the job market is growing – still, people are leaving this beautiful state for good. The reason is pretty simple.

People are leaving Iowa because they are looking for better employment. In Iowa, even in-demand tech jobs are paid less than in another state, while living in Iowa’s most prominent cities is expensive. All in all, living in major cities is unaffordable for many. Many also complain about the state’s weather, weak infrastructure, poorly funded public schools. Some even claim that Iowa is boring.

12. Massachusetts

Historic and charming Massachusetts is a great place to get an education, meet amazing people, and enjoy a wicked fresh lobster roll. Famous Massachusetts charm comes with a price that not everyone is willing to pay. As expected, the insane cost of living makes it challenging for people to repay their student debt and make ends meet.

As a result, people of all ages are leaving, with the 55-and-over crowd leading the pack. Usually, jobs are the number one reason why they’re moving – many companies are moving to warmer and less expensive Texas. Also, many can’t deal anymore with high housing costs and terrible traffic congestion.

11. Ohio

Ohio knows how to live that Midwestern spirit. If you are looking for original and innovative cuisine, you must visit Ohio. But if this state is so dynamic and authentic, why did it make on this list?

The truth is that Ohio suffers due to deficient unemployment and super slow job growth. Also, residents are tired of grey and punishing winters, next to unequal access to good health care. Some are merely searching for better retirement destinations.

10. Kansas

There’s no place like home in Kansas, Dorothy famously said in The Wizard of Oz. However, many of Kansas’s residents are willing to disagree with this famous line. Moreover, they are eager to leave the state because they firmly believe that there are other (better) places than Kansas.

Despite the Sunflower State’s low-cost, comfy lifestyle and low unemployment, nearly 64% of people who move out are leaving for jobs somewhere else. Also, some people can’t deal with weather and possible tornadoes pretty often. Simply said, Kansas isn’t for everybody.

9. New York

New York City offers so much. There is something for everyone, from big-city living to small-town culture and exciting food. Even if you want a rest from the big city, you can win odd un Central Park and chill. So, why would anyone leave this fantastic place, you may ask?

It turns out that even the most significant New Your fans can keep up with high rent prices, crowded city, crazy high taxes, and lack of jobs. So, NewYorkers are moving to different states for better jobs, a right and safe place to raise the family, or to have a comfortable retirement.

8. Connecticut

Connecticut has tourists all year round, thanks to its beaches and charming and historic towns. As the taxes go up, Connecticut’s residents are packing and leaving for good.

People nearing retirement (ages 55 to 64) are most likely to move out of Connecticut. Many believe that Connecticut housing will be on the rise in the incoming years, so they decide to stay.

7. Illinois

Illinois has a bunch of things to brag about. Fantastic food, farm produce, great colleges, amazing sports, and one of America’s greatest cities – Chicago. As you know, Chicago has the greatest pizza of all.

However, people are willing to switch from pizza to different dishes as long as they can live more comfortably. Illinois has the nation’s second-highest property taxes and a punishing flat household income tax. So, people are moving from Illinois to live better for less.

6. New Jersey

New Jersey offers safe, family-friendly suburbs, great beaches, and lots of football opportunities. Despite all benefits, people are moving out of New Jersey constantly.

Did you know that New Jersey has been one of the top move-out states in each of the last ten years? People are searching for job opportunities outside New Jersey, and unemployment is becoming higher. On top of that, the state has a high cost of living, high taxes, and notoriously bad roads.

5. Hawaii

This may sound unbelievable, but people are saying goodbye to the Aloha state. Why would people leave paradise? Well, as you may guess – any paradise is expensive, and people can’t afford to live in this paradise.

Hawaii does have a strong labor market and low unemployment, but that’s still not enough to keep people in. People have realized that they can actually afford to live better somewhere else, so it’s really hard to convince them to stay.

4. Alaska

Alaska is a state with more acres of land per person than any other state in the US. Simply said, Alaska has a huge space that’s filled with wildlife and breathtaking nature. However, it turns out that people are missing in Alaska as well.

Despite all the space, government support, and various benefits, Alaska saw and has been seeing a slowly declining population. People are searching for warmer and more comfortable areas to live in, with better job opportunities and health support. So, Alaskans are moving to Washington, Arizona, California, Texas, Oregon, and Washington.

3. Wyoming

People love Wyoming. However, this populated state saw a significant decrease in population. To be exact, a -0.27% population decrease. Just recently, around 1,600 residents moved from Wyoming to another state.

Interestingly, Wyoming’s neighbor Idaho is one of the fastest-growing states, while Wyoming is struggling. People from Wyoming are searching for better jobs, and they choose to try their luck in Colorado, Montana. Utah, California, and Texas.

2. Georgia

One of the bigger surprises on this list is Georgia, a state whose inflow is huge, considering the companies running inside its borders. Georgia is home to companies such as Delta, The Home Depot, and even Coca-Cola setting up headquarters in Georgia’s capital city.

However, despite the job growth, people are living in this prosperous state. So, what’s the issue? People want to improve their lifestyle, retire, or simply to be with family. Data from 2019 don’t inspire much for the future.

1. Minnesota

The famous Land of 10,000 Lakes is not that popular, it seems. Its’ residents are choosing to move somewhere else. The Gopher State’s three-year stretch of positive inflow was encouraging, but it seems the state isn’t all it was made out to be.

For once, weather can play a major factor in people’s decisions to move. As you probably know already, Minnesota is one of the coldest states in the country, and many retirees decided to relax in a warmer climate.

Read on to discover 10 states Americans are flocking to!

10 Places Americans Are Flocking To

10. Pennsylvania

Every year Pennsylvania welcomes around 253,520 Americans. The majority of new residents are from nearby states, including New York, Maryland, and New Jersey.

All in, Pennsylvania offers a high-quality of life. Pennsylvania is home to some of the best universities in the world. On top of that, this state provides high-quality health institutions and has four beautiful seasons. Plus, it’s rich in history, offering something for everyone. Furthermore, Pennsylvania is known for its low cost of living. For example, the rent prices are about 50% lower and real estate prices around 70% lower than in NYC.

9. Oregon

History-fans know how Oregon is rich in history. Plus, Oregon has one of the most beautiful nature in the States and incredible weather. When you add to that a high quality of life, what’s there not to like?!

Oregon gains the most residents from California. On average, 39,320 Californians move to Oregon annually. Interestingly, every year around 20,000 Oregonians decide to move and go more south. Did you know that there’s no sales tax on purchase in Oregon? Next to this, Oregon has a strong economy.

8. Tennessee

Tennessee mostly welcomes residents from California and the East Coast. According to official reports, people can’t handle high living prices anymore and are moving to friendly Tennessee. Plus, Tennessee is listed as the number one state to retire.

There are no personal taxes in Tennessee, the cost of living is low, and the housing is average. Plus, those who love being surrounded by water will enjoy this state. Tennessee is a true water-lovers paradise. Nashville is cool for young people, the weather is excellent, and the economy is almost recession-proof since healthcare, government, and higher education are three of our biggest employers.

7. Alabama

Alabama ranks 30th in size and 23rd in the U.S. population in the U.S., and each year this state welcomes more and more residents. So far, Alabama is home to more than 4 million people. According to new residents, Alabama is the perfect place to call home.

Alabama has a great history, friendly people, great neighbors, and beautiful scenery. Plus, compared to many other states, Alabama has a low cost of living, and so are real estate prices. Taxes are low, and so is the crime rate, which makes Alabama a great place to raise a family. Alabama has a moderate climate, which is excellent for those who want to spend a lot of time exploring outdoors.

6. Idaho

Those who love great nature and a robust economy are moving to Idaho. Idaho welcomes new residents who are ready to leave behind high-density and big-city living. If your dream is to own a home and spend a lot of time outdoors, Idaho is for you.

Did you know that Idaho has over 30 state parks? Not only that the scenery is divine, but the cost of living is low in this state. People also love Idaho’s low medical expenses, tax benefits for seniors, and a mild climate with four seasons.

5. Washington

To many, Washington is a perfect mix of ultra high-quality life and the great outdoors. Washington is home to over 100 mountains, making it a paradise for the outdoor enthusiast that adores hiking, climbing, or mountain biking.

Washington is one of the top five most environmentally-friendly states. Plus, infrastructure is great, public safety is excellent, and residents have many job opportunities. Washington was named the best state overall.

4. Arizona

Until recently, Arizona was known as the home for retirees. However, in recent years residents from California and Texas are searching for a better life within Arizona borders. These two countries sent more residents to the state than any others in 2018.

There are some perks about Arizona that Americans adore. This state has excellent weather, amazing nature, breathtaking landscape, and endless activities. Plus, Arizona’s economy is strong, while the cost of living is low. All in, Arizona seems like a natural choice for young professionals or retirees looking to settle down.

3. North Carolina

Florida residents choose to move to Florida, than any other state. In a year, North Carolina welcomes around 318,681 new residents. The city of Raleigh is especially popular among newcomers.

Between 2010 and 2018 this city grew more than 16%. It turns out that North Carolina has a thriving business climate, low cost of living, and amazing landscapes across the state. To some, this is enough to live happily ever after. With a population of over 10 million, North Carolina is the tenth largest state in the U.S., and it continues to grow. People are coming to NC to work, live, go to school, or retiree.

2. Texas

Although a significant number of residents decide to tell Texas goodbye, there are still more of those running toward this state. In 2018, Texas was the most significant contributor of out-of-state migrants to California. Still, more Californians (86,164) moved to Texas than residents of any other state.

Did you know that in Texas, you won’t have to pay state income tax? This is appealing to many, next to texas’s low cost of living and affordable cities. This lack of state income tax enables Texans to save their hard-earned money for vacations, school tuition, buying real estate, saving for retirement, and other expenses.

1. Florida

Florida is one of the most popular metropolitan areas in the States. Many love its professional opportunities, while others love retirement options. All in, Florida was the top destination in 2018 for out-of-state movers.

New York (63,033), Georgia (35,350), and Pennsylvania (31,712) sent more residents to Florida than any other state. The significant factor here plays the weather as well. People are increasingly considering the weather and the cost of living in their relocation decision. Next to that, people care about education and employment possibilities. As Boomers retire, they choose to leave expensive housing and change cold weather to warmer notes. So, Florida seems like a logical step.

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