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States With The Best Public School Systems Listed

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Public education matters. Thanks to a great education, your child can have a safe future and a better lifestyle. After all, knowledge is the ultimate power. So, it comes as no surprise that the quality of a community’s schools is central to any family’s aspirations. Public education is more rigorous than it used to be, pushing public schools to offer more.

The quality of public school systems is so high today that a gap between public and private schools is almost nonexistent. But do you know where public school systems are the best? Do you know which state is the top state for education? Check this list to discover where the best education systems are based and where your children should be going to school if you want them to great future.

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30. Utah

Total Score – 50.99
Quality Rank – 28
Safety Rank – 32

Utah is home to wonderful outdoors, and some great schools. Not that long ago, Utah was pronounced to be one of the best states to live in for the sixth time in a row. In 2017, things started shifting a bit, because business costs in Utah went a bit up and the whole state took a softer economic outlook.

Utah is very pro-business oriented and companies can benefit tremendously from energy costs that are 15% below the national average. Netx to the great business climate, Utah is also famous for its winter activities and tourism that brings the state money every year. Utah is also the most religiously homogeneous state in the States.

29. Missouri

Total Score – 51.20
Quality Rank – 26
Safety Rank – 34

Missouri’s major industries include chemicals, food processing, and aerospace. College graduates can easily find a perfect job within the area of publishing, the beer industry, and even electrical equipment. Monsanto, located in Missouri, and is one of the largest gene companies in the States.

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Missouri has a growing science and biotechnology field and ranks third overall for its incentive offerings and economic development outreach. So, all in Missouri seems like a fitting choice for better life choices.

28. Pennsylvania

Total Score – 51.36
Quality Rank – 30
Safety Rank – 17

Pennsylvania is worth around $793 billion. With that amount, Pennsylvania has the sixth biggest economy in the States. Moreover, Pennsylvania is home to 44 of the 1,000 largest public and private companies in the States, by sales, which isn’t something that could easily be ignored.

Moreover, Pennsylvania is home to top-class schools like Swarthmore, Haverford, and the University of Pennsylvania based in the state. Simply said, companies fight to get to these talents. In the next five years, economical experts expect to see the national third slowest population growth through 2022.

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27. Ohio

Total Score – 51.93
Quality Rank – 29
Safety Rank – 18

Less than a decade ago Ohio was in 38 places on the list regarding best states. However, it did manage to move to 18 spot in 2011. This single move says a lot about Ohio’s economical health. It said that business costs were low and that the economy was up. Ohio ranks second in quality of life metric thanks to low living costs, short and enjoyable commutes, and a wide range of top-rate colleges, and many other cultural and recreational opportunities.

The largest sectors of Ohia were manufacturing and financial services, making 4684 billion gross state products. Ohio is home to 49 of the 1,000 largest public and private companies in the States. It is also home to Procter & Gamble and Kroger.

26. Florida

Total Score – 52.10
Quality Rank – 25
Safety Rank – 22

It was far between 2006 and 2011 when the housing bubble burst off and almost completely crushed Florida’s economy. In no time, state-wide, home prices went up by an astonishing %47, causing many troubles along the way. The beginning of the 2000s catapulted Florida into having a surge of business closures.

So far, Florida’s economy is on the rebound. Moreover, the state’s projected population and income growth are expected to be the second-best in the country over the next five years, with employment gains rank third. When it comes to the Kauffman Foundations Index of Startup Activity, Florida comes first.

25. South Dakota

Total Score – 52.27
Quality Rank – 23
Safety Rank – 24

South Dakota has one of the very best qualities of life in the country. It also has one of the strongest economies and job markets in the States. Finding all of that in one place isn’t easy, but South Dakota has it. Business-wise, South Dakota has the second-lowest business costs in the States – 15% below the national average.

The primary service industries in South Dakota are retail, finance, and healthcare. One of the largest companies in the state is Citibank, founded in 1981, which employs over 3,000 people. South Dakota’s have $3.1 trillion in bank assets which is more than any state in the States. The second-largest employer in the state is Ellsworth Air Force Base, owned by the government.

24. Indiana

Total Score – 52.69
Quality Rank – 22
Safety Rank – 23

The Hoosier State is more and more popular among those who want to relocate to more affordable corners of the States. The state may be the size of Norway, but that didn’t stop it from being voted the best place to live in America in 2017. Indiana has more than a business-friendly climate from a regulatory standpoint.

In Indiana, the cost of living is 5% below the national average. Indianapolis-based pharmaceutical giant, Eli Lilly, is the States largest private employer. Simply said, anyone with a pharmaceutical degree can easily find a job in Indiana after graduation.

23. Montana

Total Score – 52.78
Quality Rank – 18
Safety Rank – 37

Montana has a success formula. Ever since the crisis started slowly appearing during 2019 its economic side remained strong. Agriculture plays a massive role in Montana’s economical wealth, up to two-thirds of the total land area dedicated to farmland or agriculture.

The startup scene is also strong, with the Kauffman Foundation rating it the fourth-best among smaller states by population. High school facilities rank third highest in the States. On top of this Montana is the fourth shortest commute time of any state, with a median of 18 minutes.

22. New York

Total Score – 53.36
Quality Rank – 24
Safety Rank – 12

New York City is an expensive place to live in, even when you are a student and have a scholarship. However, the great side is that it will all eventaully pay it off. This is the city to be in if you are interested in new technology, media, global commerce, finance, media, and art.

It seems that everything works in NYC. The Big Apple is an important center for international affairs and is often described as the global capital of the world. Did you know that in NYC you can hear up to 800 different languages? If this doesn’t say diversity… NYC has a lot to offer in cultural and outdoor contexts as well.

21. Illinois

Total Score – 54.20
Quality Rank – 15
Safety Rank – 40

Currently, Illinois is home to 69 of the 1,000 biggest companies in the States. As a general rule, huge companies are located next to areas where talent-poll is significant. Sadly, not even major brands such as Boeing, Caterpillar, and Kraft Foods can keep net migration in balance.

The net migration rate out of the state remains high, and projected population growth is negative. Just like many other states, Illinois needs to fight these negative sides and find a positive outcome. However, when it comes to the educational side, you cannot go wrong by choosing Illinois public school system.

20. Kentucky

Total Score – 54.34
Quality Rank – 20
Safety Rank – 19

There is so much to Kentucky next to horse racing, bourbon distilleries, and tobacco. There is also serious college basketball and strong automobile manufacturing. Did you know that Kentucky earns every year up to $74 billion only from racing? Thats serious business – Kentucky Derby Run for the Roses generates more than $400 million annually.

So far, Kentucky has over 500 motor vehicle-related facilities with more than 100,000 workers. Kentucky produces the third most cars of any state in the States, so anything automobile-related will pays off.

19. Delaware

Total Score – 54.36
Quality Rank – 31
Safety Rank – 3

Surprisingly, Delaware’s economy has improved over the last 12 months. Inside the business world, Delaware is known for its business-friendly corporate law. This is also the main reason why over 50% of U.S. publicly traded companies are incorporated in Delaware.

Delaware’s economical and industrial development is closely tied to the Du Pont family, which founded EI du Pont de Nemours, one of the world’s largest chemical companies. Sometimes a single business can skyrocket the state’s economical well-being. On top of that, business costs are 25% below the U.S. average per Moody’s. Furthermore, Delaware is the lowest among states thanks to the lowest labor costs based on labor compensation relative to production.

18. Washington

Total Score – 54.58
Quality Rank – 17
Safety Rank – 10

To many, Washington state presents the perfect mix of amazing nature, high quality of life, and many diverse opportunities. Add to that thriving economy, and Washington is a paradise on Earth. Washington is also a cradle for innovation, and a birthplace for numerous companies, such as Microsoft, Amazon, Costco, and many more.

In another word, Washington is the home of venture capitalists who pour money into various businesses. Just between 2014 and 2016, this city saw $4.6 billion of investments. Washington does not collect personal or corporate income taxes, the business and occupation tax (B & O) affects most businesses. This is a great place to learn and evolve professionally, so going to school here is only a plus.

17. Rhode Island

Total Score – 54.78
Quality Rank – 19
Safety Rank – 14

Rhode Island has a very high net migration. Net migration is the difference between the number of immigrants and the number of emigrants, and Rhode Island doesn’t balance well here. However, that doesn’t stop its citizens to search for highly qualified jobs somewhere else.

However, since 2016 Rhode Island did manage to improve its labor supply and economic outlook. Plus, there is a high percentage of Millenials that serve as trainable labor.

16. Iowa

Total Score – 55.33
Quality Rank – 13
Safety Rank – 35

Iowa’s strongest point was its agriculture. For over 50 years, Iowa built its economy on agriculture. Now, Iowa’s economy evolved and it’s heavily based, besides agriculture, on a wide range of industries, including food processing, financial services, and biotechnology.

Des Moines is now a massive financial services hub, with significant employers like Principal Financial and Wells Fargo. Iowa’s current unemployment rank is among the lowest ones in the States, so they are doing some great things, obviously, with their educational system.

15. Kansas

Total Score – 55.55
Quality Rank – 21
Safety Rank – 6

When it comes to education Kansas is usually in the top third of the country. It has a strong and dedicated education program. Only 8.6% of citizens get less than a high school education.

Kansas is home to many large aircraft corporations operating out of Kansas, including Boeing, Cessna, Learjet, and Spirit AeroSystems. Simply said, Kansas’s economy is heavily influenced by the aerospace industry. To those who have an entrepreneurial mindset, Kansas offers great business incentive packages of programs in the country. On top of that, Kansas offers an amazing pro-business regulatory climate, which is top in the nation.

14. Nebraska

Total Score – 56.42
Quality Rank – 12
Safety Rank – 28

Nebraska ranks among the top five states if you want to run a successful business. It has low business costs and a business-friendly regulatory climate, which is a great background for a strong start. Lincoln is the state capital, but Omaha stands as a true leader. After all, Omaha is the largest city and economic center.

Omaha is also home to Berkshire Hathaway, whose CEO and founder, Warren Buffett, is the third richest person in the world. In Omaha, you may also find, Mutual of Omaha, ConAgra, and InfoUSA. The unemployment rate is low, and overall Nebraska is fruitful ground for the future labor force.

13. Maine

Total Score – 56.82
Quality Rank – 16
Safety Rank – 5

Maine came a long way from losing its economic growth to being the economical leader in the States. Still, Maine is heavily burdened with high corporate tax, but that doesn’t stop them from creating the great labor force that welcomes across the States and beyond.

Maine should reach its peak in 2022, since major companies are moving to Maine, finally. So far, Maine isn’t home to any of the 1,000 major USA companies that operate globally.

12. Wyoming

Total Score – 57.02
Quality Rank – 8
Safety Rank – 37

Wyoming’s economy is one of a kind. It’s not enough to say thats Wyoming’s economy is unique, because it’s different from most states with mineral extraction and tourism comprising major industry sectors. In Wyoming, the federal government owns half of the state’s landmass, which isn’t something thats common.

Wyoming is also a hoem to many tourist attractions, including Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and Independence Rock. Just in 2017, the Yellowstone welcomed around 4.1 million visitors. Wyoming is the least populous state in the States, which enables focus on quality rather than quantity in every area, including education.

11. North Dakota

Total Score – 57.03
Quality Rank – 11
Safety Rank – 29

The development of the Bakken oil shale fields contributes a lot to the stability of North Dakota and its popularity. Still, North Dakota has a robust economy that has been dinged by the fall in energy prices though with the economy shrinking in 2015 and 2016.

In the past three years, North Dakota dropped 19 spots, but household incomes are forecasted to grow over the next five years. A strong public school system should only contribute to overall growth.

10. Colorado

Total Score – 57.45
Quality Rank – 14
Safety Rank – 8

Colorado is globally known for its breathtaking nature, while domestically this state is known for nurturing young professionals and entrepreneurial spirit. Colorado has a high young labor supply and a strong migration population that keeps the economy at the desirable top. Plus, there are countless outdoor recreational opportunities.

Around 41%, Colorado adults have the second-highest level of college attainment, while the percent of the population age 25-34 is also second highest in the U.S. According to economical experts, it expects Colorado to have the second-fastest job growth over the next five years.

9. Wisconsin

Total Score – 57.59
Quality Rank – 9
Safety Rank – 26

According to many sources, Wisconsin is a great place to live and study. Plus, Wisconsin is cheaper than the US average. It also has great schools, affordable big cities, great outdoors, and famous midwestern hospitality that makes everyone more than welcome.

Wisconsin’s economy is driven by healthcare, agriculture, and manufacturing. On top of that, Wisconsin is the nations leading producer of cheese. The high school attainment rate is seventh-best in the U.S. Great cheese, amazing outdoors, and a high-quality education system go hand in hand.

8. Maryland

Total Score – 57.82
Quality Rank – 10
Safety Rank – 20

We all know that labor costs are high. However, employers are willing to pay extra for quality. Therefore, it’s common for Maryland employers to pay for the finest labor force thats located within the state of Maryland. After all, Maryland has one of the most educated workforces in the States. The college attainment rate is third-highest among states at 40%.

According to many, Maryland benefits from being the home of Johns Hopkins University, one of the top research institutions in the country. On top of that, Maryland has the second-lowest poverty rate in the country (New Hampshire is first), which makes it enjoyable to live in.

7. Minnesota

Total Score – 60.34
Quality Rank – 6
Safety Rank – 27

Minnesota is often known for its strong current economic climate, high-quality life, and labor supply. The Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area is home to 65% of the state’s population, which is a significant percent. Minnesota also serves as an economic hub, thanks to major companies that are located there, including Target, U.S. Bancorp, General Mills, 3M, and Medtronic.

Did you know that Minnesota has the highest percentage of adults with a high school degree at 93%? It’s obvious that schools in Minnesotas are above average and that they know what they are doing. When not studying and preparing for the competitive market, students can enjoy the outdoors and many recreation and leisure options.

6. Virginia

Total Score – 63.03
Quality Rank – 7
Safety Rank – 2

Back in 2013, Virginia was ranked as the best state for business. However, over time, higher business costs and a declining economic climate have pushed it lower. Virginia has a diverse economy that includes many different areas, such as the military, farming, and manufacturing.

The year 2018 was a massive one for Virginia when Amazon announced plans to locate one of its new headquarters in Arlington County’s Crystal City neighborhoods. This single move should bring in 25,000 jobs. You must admit that having a giant like Amazon, nearby after college, is a big plus.

5. Vermont

Total Score – 63.18
Quality Rank – 5
Safety Rank – 4

Vermont has the smallest economy in the States, but people still describe it as a place to live a high quality of life on a small scale. Vermont suffers from business costs that are 12% above the national average. The economic outlook is also weak, but that doesn’t stop this state to provide some of the best experts in many industries.

Did you know that Vermont is the leading producer of maple syrup in the country? As of 2020, Vermont is focusing on bringing in remote workers, that they are willing to cover up to $10,000 of relocation expenses. So, if you are planning to have a full-remote career, Vermont is the place to study and live.

4. New Hampshire

Total Score – 65.11
Quality Rank – 4
Safety Rank – 7

Did you know that New Hampshire is one of the safest states to live in the country? The crime rate here is below the national average, making it almost nonexistent. This applies to major cities as well. It’s known that New Hampshire suffers from high labor and energy costs. So what’s their biggest advantage? Its neighbors.

Thanks to its neighbors, New Hampshire keeps its taxes 23% below the national average. Plus, New Hampshire officially has the lowest poverty rate in the U.S. and its unemployment rate has averaged 3.7% over the past five years, making it sixth in the country.

3. Connecticut

Total Score – 66.93
Quality Rank – 2
Safety Rank – 11

Connecticut is known for its huge income inequality. The income differences are so drastic that people often think that statistical data is wrong. In Connecticut, the business costs are 10% higher than the national average, due in part to energy costs that are 62% higher.

On the other hand, Connecticut is a safe place to live in. Connecticut is home to low crime and poverty rates, a healthy population, and strong schools. If you don’t have issues with the regulatory climate and poor fiscal health, you will love Connecticut.

2. New Jersey

Total Score – 67.09
Quality Rank – 3
Safety Rank – 9

Those who love stability, great infrastructure, and a nice neighborhood, know that New Jersey is the place to live. New Jersey’s economy is strong, mostly because it is centered on pharmaceuticals, financial services, telecommunications, food processing, and tourism. In a way, it also benefits as bedroom communities for both New York and Philadelphia. All in, New Jersey enjoys a great location.

Business and living costs in New Jersey are among the highest in the State, but New Jersey compensates it by having world-class labor forces. There are only a few places in the States with so skilled labor force, and New Jersey is one of those special places where talent and power are. However, New Jersey scores poorly for its regulatory climate and fiscal health. Did you know that New Jersey has the third-highest median household income in the country? Check who has the best public system in the States.

1. Massachusetts

Total Score – 74.16
Quality Rank – 1
Safety Rank – 1

Too many Massachusetts is a costly place. It’s a business cost, living costs, labor, energy, and taxes are the highest of the 48 contiguous states. Only Hawaii is higher at 19% above the national average.

On top of that, the climate isn’t for everyone. However, Massachusetts benefits tremendously from being home to top-notch universities dumping thousands of experts into the labor market each year. Plus, Massachusetts is home to too many startups and world-class companies that are global leaders in their area. So, investing in Massachusetts’s school system is a sure ticket to a better future.

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