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These Are The Strangest Objects People Have Found Within The Walls of Their Home

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There is no place like home. Home is where you feel safe, where you are happy and surrounded by people you love. Home is where is the cooked food is served and where the best memories are made, unless your home is a place os mystery and scary things. In that case, home can be a disturbing and frightening place. Have you ever discovered something unusual while renovation?

We aren’t talking about extra dust behind the fridge, but about the really unusual things, that can give you goosebumps. Here are some houses that, after specific discovery, people stopped calling homes. You won’t believe what people have found within the walls of their homes. Cash fortunes, nostalgia triggers, and awkward relics, these folks have seen it all. Read on to learn about the most bizarre items that people found inside the walls of their homes.

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25. Early Disney Throwback

Who doesn’t like Disney characters? Just one look on Mickey Mouse or Peter Pan can return you to the happiest childhood memories. This is exactly what happened to a person when he scrapped away some paint from his wall.

While scrapping away the paint from his wall, some familiar faces started showing. As he continued to remove the paint, more and more characters Golden Age appeared. You may expect to see a Disney wallpaper from the 1980s, and you would be right.

24. Did You Love Doing Homework?

At first look, you may assume that this is homework from this year. However, this specific homework spent years within the wall. How many years exactly? A century to be precise.

Reddit user Franklesteinex was doing some renovations when he discovered Millie’s homework. You can see the name at the top left corner, and two vintage lip balms. Wondering if hiding homework was a common practice for Millie, or it was a one-time thing.

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23. Under Cover Murals

Do you have any open space on your wall? People don’t like blank spaces nowadays. You run to IKEA and you buy tons of small things to decorate everything. Placing just one painting gon the wall isn’t enough anymore. However, back in the old days, the practice was different.

Not that long ago a home-decorating was pretty much straightforward. Moreover, walls were used as a painting area. This is exactly one Reddit user discoverer while removing the paint from his home walls. What he discovered dates back to the beginning of the 19th century.

22. You Have Got Mail

This Reddit user literally found a mailbox in his walls. What makes this discovery so unique were the tenant’s names. It was nice to read the names of people who lived here, before him.

No one knows for sure how long those mailboxes have been buried in the wall. Furthermore, we have no idea if he opened the mailboxes and found something interesting. An old letter would help a lot to learn how old these mailboxes are.

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21. Next-Level Retro Toys

Everybody loves their old toys, especially if they are vintage-like, and not easy to found nowadays. Do you remember your first toy? One family discovered more than regular toys while renovating their home.

In 2014, an old toy boat with a string attached, a baby’s left shoe, and a slingshot were discovered. Every item dates back to the 19th century. So far, these items are one of the oldest toys in the world.

20. Beer Behind The Wall

It’s common to find something old behind a demolished wall. Finding something dusty, grime, and even rust is expected. However, there are always some surprises.

Finding soda cans inside the walls can be shocking, especially when you realize that they are from the 1970s. Pepsi can, and Grape Crush can don’t exist anymore. Some probably wouldn’t be too reluctant to taste these old drinks. On the other hand, others may not be so temped, so they would rather capitalize on the big bucks collectors who are willing to pay from these relics.

19. Some Breaking News

Imagine fixing around the house, scraping the wall, and finding a piece fo a real-life history. This is exactly what happened to one Reddit user. On one ordinary day, he was doing some work on the house when he came across a really old newspaper from 1944.

The newspapers from exactly December 21, 1994, during the Battle of the Bulge. Imagine finding something that is decades old and so historically important. We can’t but wonder if they preserved this piece of paper for future generations to see it?

18. Long-Lost Birthday Letter

More than fifty years ago, a boy wrote a letter for his birthday. Decades later, a man found it. The message was pretty much unusual, and definitely not a typical 11th birthday celebration. A kid named Mike celebrated his 11th birthday. He described the day entirely. He recalled helping his dad fix the sink after a guy named Bob sat on it and broke it off the wall. After that, he simply stuck that note into the wall with one last message.

Mike asked the person who’d discover the note in the future to contact him. Eventually, his note was found, but we don’t know if finally someone reached out and made contact. Today, Mike is probably in his sixties.

17. A Little Present From The Past

With so many tools and easy to buy furniture, renovation or home remodeling is easy and fast. Just a few decades ago, that wasn’t the case, especially int he 1990s when the mentality was completely different. This note proves it.

Someone opened up their wall and found a note with drinks to refresh. The note said, “To whoever finds this note, enjoy! From: Red, Fay, Daryal + Ed. Feb 24 – 1991.” This creative group probably renovated the house and decided to leave a mark. If anything, that probably made the founder laugh.

16. Money For Nothing

Ah, nothing beats that feeling when you find few bucks in an old pocket or lost behind the fridge, at the end of the month, right? Just imagine how happiness can create an old lunch box with money can bring.

While renovating their home, one couple found a strange metal thing hidden int her ceiling. It turns out that the box was actually a lunch box with money inside. The couple found stacks of $20, $50 and $100 dollar bills inside. Despite the money having been minted during the first half of the 20th century. Basically, they could earn some nice money from this surprise. Then they saw something else.

15. Couple’s Second Bizarre Discovery

While exploring the attic, this couple found another surprise. They saw a crawl space they had never seen before. They were reluctant at first, but eventually, they agreed to explore the new area. At the end of the attic, they found a locked door.

It took some time, but they eventually managed to open the door. What they saw inside was a black safe and briefcase. As you may have expected, the envelopes were full of foreign money, while the wooden box contained expensive watches and even some silver ingots. This was definitely their lucky day. And this wasn’t the end.

14. Retro Home Videos

After discovering the secret room, and a briefcase full of money, the young couple really wanted to know who was behind this treasure. They had no idea where to start. However, once they open a vault, they found a stack of old cassette tapes.

Family videos? Well, the note of the cassettes was anything but friendly. One had a label that said, “No, no, no, no, no.” and another had one that said, “Save yourself.” After watching one, they knew what they had to do – to call the police. From there, an investigation was opened.

13. This Dad Would Be Proud

Back in the 1990’s Spice Girls were one of the most popular bands alive. They had a number of successful albums and movies. Even if you wanted to avoid them, you couldn’t do so.

Reddit user Angeb1818 knocked out a wall in her house and discovered this cry for help written on the wall that used to be there. Interestingly, it was a note from her dad, who wrote in 1997. Luckily, Spice Girls aren’t that much of a deal today.

12. Walled-In Beehive

Buzzing in walls? This is possible if bees decide to make a nest in your walls. This is exactly what happened to a Reddit user. One day they heard buzzing in their house. At first, they didn’t put a lot of attention to it, because they were sure its happening outside. Then the buzzing became stronger and stronger.

Plus, they started noticing the hone seeping from the walls. One day, they just accidentally stained and it was clear that they have a problem. Nothing could prepare them for horror inside their walls. The owner discovered 11 giant honeycombs inside the wall. We can only hope that they got some professional help.

11. A Hidden McRelic

The late ’80s and ’90s were great times for McDonald’s. It was a popular brand building the empire it has today. At the same time, McDonald’s become one of the 1988 Olympics’ biggest sponsors.

Looking back over three decades, one would see the Olympics logo on all their cups and bags. Back in the days, there were millions of these cps. Today, they are a rare and perfect collector’s item. Imagine who someone was really surprised by scrapping the wall and discovering the Olympic cup.

10. The Best Hair Of The Fifties

Elvis Presley was the icon of the 1950s. He had the talent, the look, the moves, and that fabulous hair. Guys were never so much into their hair as they were while Elvis rules the scene. There was no home without at least one hair product without the Elvis brand.

This Elvis-branded shampoo came with all the promise of making the average man’s hair as cool as their favorite singer’s. It may be even worked because guys had amazing hairstyles back in the day. So, finding an Elvis shampoo within walls isn’t so unusual. Could it possibly still be used?

9. The Beginning of An Epic Journey

When a house is over a century old, you never know for sure if the home is without any secrets. Plus, you can never know what can be found in the wall, in the attic, or even in its foundations. This is why one Reddit user was to find something unusual.

While doing renovations, this Reddit user discovered possibly one of the coolest hidden treasures out there: an old sword right there in his home. We don’t know what did he eventually did with the sword, but placing it above the fireplace would be a nice touch.

8. The World’s Oldest Calculator

Having a calculator nowadays isn’t a big thing. After all, every smartphone has an integrated calculator. Back in the days, you had to go to the store and buy a calculator and take it with you to the schools.

So, just imagine how this Reddit user was surprised when he discovered this interesting tool within his walls. Back in the pre-cellphone days, having a calculator on your table was common, but n walls were not so much. A simple house cleaning turned to significant discovery when this ancient piece of technology was discovered.

7. Ditching Those Candy Wrappers

What’s better, Milky Way or Mini Milky Way? Or maybe Snickers? You may have a problem deciding on your favorite candy, but this home wonder knew exactly his sweet-tooth preferences.

The little wrapper of the Mini Milky Way was probably dropped while no one was looking, and that \’s how it ended up in a wall. This small surprise waited to be discovered for 60 long years. The lucky founder searched for the date and noticed that is was produced in the far 1961.

6. Before The Internet

Before the Internet took over the world, we couldn’t watch certain movies without going to the video store first. It turns out that many homes actually hold these precious possessions even today.

A Reddit user found an old adult video simply hanging mysteriously on a pillar in their garage. Findit isn’t unusual, but owning it back int he days was a pretty big deal.

5. Hiding The Evidence

Wait… Finding a pair of vintage underwear inside the wall must be weird, at least, right? If anything, there is probably an interesting story behind it.

So, what is the story behind this discovery? Unfortunately, we don’t know for sure. Still, the chances are that a lazy teenager just throws them away while cleaning the room. Does it make sense?

4. So Much For The Sanctity of Marriage

Walking down the aisle is the dream coming true for some people. Regardless of marriage being or not your thing, you must admit that’s still a huge milestone in someone’s life. Plus, you get the certificate and the wedding photos, making everything super official.

Now, the thing is that people keep these worthy items on a table or on the walls. It’s rare to keep the best memories within the walls, right? However, this couple waws really laid back when it comes to preserving their memories. From the looks of the certificate, it had been on that wall for a very long time. Hopefully, this couple treated their marriage with a lot more care than that.

3. A Look at Medical History

This Instagram user had a real shock upon discovering some vintage medicine within the walls. Based on the look of those bottles, they are date at least to the 1960s. And you know just how much the medicine has changed ever since.

All in, it seems like regular medicine. There are nose drops, so maybe the owner had allergies or problems breathing through the nose? These bottles are almost a century old. So, perhaps they should be sold to a private collector or places in the museum.

2. Hangers Once Had Style

Hangers are so practical. They don’t take a lot of space, it keeps your clothes organized, plus it can help you make your wardrobe look better. They come in different sizes, various colors, and some of them can even be personalized. One thing is also sure with hangers – you don’t see a lot of them in walls.

This one specific hanger was found inside the wall and it was unusual. If you went back five or six decades ago, however, you’d find that hangers looked much different, and this vintage hanger reflects that. First, a Reddit user who found this hanger wasn’t sure what it was. After another look, he realized that it was a hanger. Maybe he used it afterward?

1. Those Darn Reds

If you keep on things for decades, they do get on the value. This Reddit user found an amazing piece of history folded and tucked away in his wall. We can only imagine his surprise when he found the newspapers with a headline containing the word Soviet. Instant travel to the past.

These days the Soviet Union only pops up in history books today, it wasn’t too long ago when it was a trending topic. Older people remember this time when Russia and the United States had their rockets pointed at each other and any slip-up could mean a nuclear disaster.

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